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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 64GB $375.13 | 128GB $391.51 (Inc. GST) Delivered @ AliExpress


Pretty good price for the Global version of this phone, and it comes from the Xiaomi Official Store

Has NFC and B28, seems to tick all the right boxes

Not sure if codes from this deal will stack, but if so then it's even better.
Apparently codes don't stack unfortunately.
Codes do stack

Link for 128GB version

CPU: Snapdragon 720G
Storage: 64GB/128GB
NFC: Yes
Screen Size: 6.67"
Resolution: 2400x1080
Battery: 5020mAh

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    Battery: 5020mAh

    Now that's a battery

  • Lol yeah add GST on at checkout, for the real price.. Aliexpress dont collect GST on expensive items $1000 plus, which you get hit with on arrival by customs. Everything else GST is charged when you checkout.

    Aliexpress doesn't stack coupons with discounts so the link to previous deal won't work.

    As to Aliexpress shipping lol I got stuff from February that still hasn't made it onto plane yet.. thanks to covid19 bugger all flights to Australia, been lucky with small items by epacket nuffin else

    • All valid points and my experience also . I wont be buying anything from Aliexpress for the foreseeable future . I have had a good run with AE but they keep extending my buyer protection well past 90 days .

    • Edited the description and price now, thanks for the heads up 👍

  • This or Pixel 3XL


      Depends if you want to use the phone this year or not :-0

  • Any carrier support VoLTE on this device. I have great WiFi and 4g but almost zero 3g so need VoLTE / VoWifi.

  • My mi 5s plus has kept me going for 3 long years now I cracked my screen time to buy a new Xiaomi.

    Mi 10
    Poco F2
    Redmi Note 9

    This seems like the best phone bang for your buck. But if I want another phone to last me 3 years should I go the F2….

    You need to change the price to include GST dude.

  • Snapdragon 720G has a Cat 15 LTE modem for downloads and Cat 13 for uploads. This thing can be blisteringly fast when it comes to download speeds when used as a USB LTE modem. Not many people realise this.

    • Yeah I saw that, but people seem to have very mixed opinions about that site.

      This one is coming from the official Xiaomi store so seems a lot more reliable.

      • Im one one of them. Bought one of these 8 days ago and the phone, even if 'In stock' hasn't even shipped yet. They used to be reliable before the pandemic and got items within 8 days as advertised. Im starting to get annoyed but i would be pissed if i bought this at aliexpress and got the item after 60 days with freight delays.

        • Yeah that's pretty fair, feel bad that they started popping up more often during the pandemic so just a bit of bad timing, but aside from that they seem to be pretty legit.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542092

    Cheaper on that link like @johnnybravo624 said