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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB 64GB $346.75 | 6GB 128GB $379.05 Delivered @ Tobydeals (HK)


$27.38 cheaper than previous deal. OP received his within 2 weeks of ordering, pretty good considering the current postal delays and being shipped from HK.

Phone has NFC & B28.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB 64GB - Tropical Green $346.75

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  • Anyone reckon this one or redmi note 8T? Need nfc and b28.

  • I always hear mixed things about this website.

    Some people say it's good, others say it's a scam.

    The price is really good but I'm not sure who to believe.

    • Not so much a scam, just woeful delivery and patchy customer support. Shows in stock and you may buy it, but then you might find yourself in the same position as others who have reported 2 or more months of waiting for the product to arrive.

      I purchased my phone from them and it arrived 2 weeks later than expected, but considering I paid $200 less than what you could get it here I was prepared to take the risk. I guess it's how much you're prepared to wait, because they don't seem to manage expectations very well.

    • First time buyer from Toby from the last deal and I bought this having heard of woeful delivery/customer service. I received the phone maybe 2 weeks after putting my order through. I never had to reach out to customer support as the tracking number they gave me was reliable so YMMV.

  • Tobydeals - the home of "no warranty". If you have a problem, yep they'll take it back with no delivery fee, then charge you $20 inspection fee and $50 return fee. Had to use PayPal to get a refund on a phone that was demonstrably faulty, kept video footage of its issues.

    So the alternative Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S 128GB/6GB in various colours $361 including GST at My Mobile. Had a warranty issue with a Mi Mix 2S (sigh great phone), they couldn't fix it so offered a credit on a Mi 9T Pro instead.

    The main difference between the 9S and the Pro is the camera - however suggest GCam on a 48Mp shooter will do a very good job, not sure how 64MP can significantly improve things…

    GST refund of around $32.82 if you're using for business purposes. Won't mention TRS(!)…

  • 209 grams


  • Umidigi S5 pro is better.

    Can either buy from overseas or wait for official AU eBay store to have stock.

    Official website they use to sell their phones is on AliExpress.

    • Why is it better?

    • looks nice. i like that Umidigi S5 pro has a clean android experience and offers a 6GB/256GB version versus all the MIUI bloat and spyware. I opted for the Redmi Note 9 Pro because:
      1. I prefer qualcomm chipset even though it gets a slightly slower antutu score. 2. I have found custom firmware developers on xda-forums seem to provide better support for xiaomi devices & 3. brand loyalty (this will be my fifth xiaomi phone). 4. not really a fan of the pop up selfie camera.

  • Thanks @adr8. ordered a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/128GB Dual Sim - Tropical Green. I have been using a xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro since 2016 and it is still going strong running custom firmware CrDroid. Looking forward to having NFC.

    Remember shopback for 1.5% cashback

  • Ordered on June 1st and still 'processing'.

  • Just an update, order placed on Jun 6 and arrived June 22.

    For what I use my phone for, this phone is terrific. Day 2 and the battery is still going! It comes with a thin clear case which should keep you going. lots of more cases and screen protectors on ebay/aliexpress.

    Here is my tracking info:

    22 Jun 2020
    11:54 AM
    Out for Delivery
    Perth - AUSTRALIA

    22 Jun 2020
    08:48 AM
    In Transit to Destination
    Perth - Australia

    22 Jun 2020
    05:54 AM
    Arrived Hub
    Perth - Australia

    22 Jun 2020
    05:45 AM
    In Transit to Destination

    18 Jun 2020
    03:00 PM

    17 Jun 2020
    06:01 PM

    17 Jun 2020
    05:24 PM
    Arrived Hub

    17 Jun 2020
    05:15 PM
    Documentation Prepared

    16 Jun 2020
    04:25 PM
    Shipment Finalised

    06 June 2020 - Order placed.

  • bit late but I just ordered and my order was updated to ''packing'' On same night, so hopefully they send it on Monday.
    Seems fast? I hope lol

  • The only thing stopping me from buying one of these is lack of wireless charging. I got my GF a Note8T when she broke her iphone and she doesn't want to go back. I get jealous when I use her phone because some stuff is better than my iphoneX.