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EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB XC GAMING AUD $914.75 Delivered @ Newegg (USA)


Bought this from Amazon US last week @ $863 - need to wait for almost a month to restock tho.

Got price alert from PCPartPicker, seems to be a pretty good price given the current situation. Bear in mind this is import from US.

Spec from the website:
- Real Boost Clock: 1800 MHz; Memory Detail: 8192MB GDDR6.
- Real-Time RAY TRACING in games for cutting-edge, hyper-realistic graphics.
- Dual HDB Fans offer higher performance cooling and much quieter acoustic noise.
- All-Metal Backplate & Adjustable RGB.

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  • How does RMA go with Newegg?

    • I remember someone telling me EVGA got the best international warranty.
      So maybe you have to talk to EVGA in this case.

      • Bypass retailer?

        What do you usually do locally, if bought from mwave for example?

        • All they would do is package and send it off to manufacturers, they got to legally but most of thr time they just tell the customer to call the manufacturer and send it off. Evga has got thr best international warranty tho so if not buy local get Evga

          • @Dezeption: The return shipping to Taiwan is a pain in the air. I recently have to give up my PSU as it costs more to send it to EVGA than buy another one.
            Corsair is better, they will send dhl to pickup the bad ones.

        • I had WD hard drive RMA experience with ShoppingExpress - they were acting as a middleman sending things to the manufacturer. They said I can send to manufacturer directly as well. But It was cheaper for me to send to the them. he whole process took 6 weeks or so.

          • @SickDmith: Seagate direct warranty is far simpler. You ship the faulty drive to an address in Sydney, and they ship you back a replacement drive as soon as they receive the old unit.

            The process normally takes ~7-10 days for me from Perth.

            • @xuqi: Which is the way it should be if the product needs to be RMA'ed within the warranty period, for all Manufacturers.

              No point having warranty if you need to send a PSU back to Taiwan and you are asked to pay $50+ to get it there.

  • Better get this one as it’s for GAMING, so it must be better, right?

    • In this case yes it is. A GPU made for gaming actually is better than a GPU made for compute work (unless you're doing compute work), or a GPU made to be a basic display adapter. And that's better for everyone not just people who play games, since GPUs made to be basic graphics adapters are very weak and GPUs made for compute work are incredibly expensive and don't benefit the vast majority of people.

      • I'm pretty sure it was a tongue-in-cheek joke about 'GAMING' = RGB lighting. All GTX/RTX cards are intended for gaming anyway and not CUDA focused compute which are the Titan/Tesla/Quadro/Jetson line of cards.

  • shows $909.70 now with free shipping

    • Go through checkout, the price changes as Newegg do weird things with calculating GST compared to what they estimate. The price shown is correct.

  • You're better off getting the 5700 XT, cheaper and on par performance. Better yet, best to wait a few months for prices to start crashing.


      The next gen cards are set to be far more expensive than before COVID or no COVID.


      This is the worst time to be a PC gamer, mining boom especially caused price risings.

      4 year old mid range RX 480 and GTX 1060 cards still cost almost $400. This is the no incentive for NVIDIA and AMD to drop prices of old cards even when new ones come.

      • Where are you seeing those? for $400 you can get a 5500XT or 1650S new or a 1070ti/1080 second hand.

  • Is it a sale? Almost 1k for this? Nope


      Yeah, it sucks to be a PC gamer since the mining boom of recent years. NVIDIA and AMD have increased prices drastically. And I have no hope of affording next gen cards.

      Ozbargain mostly have RTX 2070, 2060 and 2080 or 5600xt on sale, which are still unaffordable for the average gamer even on discount.

      No sub $350 at the moment and it sucks. Waiting for 1660 Supers MSI to get that low.

  • 799…$114 cheaper.


    Common guys… let's post bargains!!!

  • ~$900 for a 70 series card, yikes.