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Google Nest Wi-Fi 3 Pack - 1 Base & 2 Points $449 + Free Delivery @ Google Store ($426.55 via Officeworks Price Beat)


Google Nest WIFI 3 Pack (1 Base & 2 Points) - Save $100 down to $449

ABB recommended router for their new 1 Gigabit Plans

Get extra 5% off at OW with Price Beat Guarantee - $426.55

Tech Specs: https://store.google.com/au/product/nest_wifi_specs

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    Bloody hell, good price. I just purchased a week ago from OW for $498. Damn!

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      Me too

      • I'm thinking about returning tomorrow and walking out with the same item as a price beat

    • return and buy again

      • Or if you've already used the item then buy again then return new item with old receipt.

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        Just successfully returned and repurchased at $426.55 😁

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          Haha awesome

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    If you prefer from bricks and mortar, it’s also $449 C&C at Bing Lee with cashback (either 2.5% cashback or 0.8% depending which category it falls in):

    Edit - Officeworks price beat would be better while it lasts.

    • Got it price matched from Officeworks but the Bing Lee website had no stock so $6 delivery fee got added for a total of $432.25.

  • Did the price beat yesterday in OfficeWorks for $226.55

    • $226?

    • My OW didn't do the price beat - they said Same price no price beat. Was it higher than 449 at OW when you matched?

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        Yeah OW price was $498 a week ago.

  • my bad $426.55

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    would recommend. Easy to set up for noobs like me

  • Aside from brand names is there a major difference between this and the TP-Link Deco?

    • Which Deco are you comparing Nest wifi with?

      • The M5 which seems to be the most popular one


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          This Nest wifi pack comes with 1 LAN port, wifi only on the Nest wifi points, a built in Nest mini, WPA3 encryption for wifi and free parental controls.

          M5 comes with 3 LAN ports, WPA2 encryption for wifi and a 3 year free trial of parental controls.

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            @Twix: Thanks. I think the Deco wins

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      This may not allow vlan tagging for RSP/ISP.

      I was looking into it for FTTC, requires vlan tag my RSP.
      Bought DECO instead

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        Yeah Nest wifi can't do VLAN tag 802.1q. I'm looking at you TPG!

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        Is it safe to say that if I don’t understand what you said, I don’t ‘need’ this?

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          It means you can't use this with some internet providers

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          It's not safe to assume. Tell me your ISP and type of NBN you have? FTTN, FTTP, FTTB, FTTC or HFC?

          • @Twix: iiNet, fttc

            • @Trishool: Yeah to the Deco and no to Nest wifi with iiNet FTTC. Is moving ISP an option or are you locked in a contract?

              • @Twix: Not in a contact with iiNet, however I did purchase their modern router from them (TP-LINK Archer VR1600v) so not sure if that will end up being redundant if I move to another ISP.

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                  @Trishool: The Archer can be used with another ISP but if you get the Deco or Nest wifi the Archer becomes redundant. If you want the Nest wifi churn to Aussie Broadband, Telstra or Superloop.

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                    @Twix: Thank you!

                  • @Twix: hi, will the deco work just fine when connected straight to the NCD? Or does it need to be connected to Archer? & Archer set on bridge mode?

                    • @plal: Yeah the Deco works fine connected straight to the NCD and the Archer is not used at all.

                      • @Twix: Thanks, also will the landline still work if deco is connected to NCD?

                        • @plal: Who provides the service for your landline?

                          • @Twix: TPG, FTTC

                            • @plal: To use the landline you do NCD —-> Archer —-> Deco. Configure the Deco as an access point in the TP-Link app.

                              • @Twix: Dang ok. I'm guessing Archer needs to be in bridge mode/WiFi disabled?

                                • @plal: Configure the Archer as a router (it's probably already setup like this) and turn off the wifi. Don't configure bridge mode. Is going mobile only an option?

                                  • @Twix: Ahk. I believe not, as overseas calls is included with my bundle so I'd like to keep the landline.
                                    Also, do u think there's a way to replicate the VoIP configuration from Archer to Deco, in order to eliminate the use of Archer altogether?
                                    Since Deco is capable of VLAN tagging (not sure if relevant for VoIP)

                                    • @plal: TPG have hidden the VoIP config but you can find it online. When you find the TPG VoIP config get a VoIP ATA device. NCD —-> Deco —-> VoIP ATA device —-> landline phone.

                                      • @Twix: Alrighty. & using Deco as AP's will make VoIP work fine, yes?

                                        • @plal: Yeah that's fine. The Archer is being used as a router and VoIP and the Deco does the wireless network.

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                                            @Twix: I think i'll go with that setup, instead of stuffing around with the config. Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

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                                              @plal: Yeah much easier to setup that way.

                              • @Twix: hi, wondering if I use this setup but instead of configuring Deco as APs, can I just use it as router and disable WiFi on Archer. Will my landline still work with this setup?

                                • @plal: Yeah you can but as long as your aware that setup will be running a double NAT. This happens when you run 2 routers on the same network. If you do online gaming or port forwarding this setup can mess things up and is not recommended.

                                  • @Twix: Thats what I was afraid of. Is there a way to make the Deco the only router & Archer for only VoIP service?

                                    • @plal: Without double NAT nope. If you want to have the Deco as a router another way to go is to sign up for VoIP Service Provider (VSP) that is independent from TPG and connect the VoIP ATA device to the Deco.

                                      NCD —-> Deco (TPG) —-> VoIP ATA device (independent VSP) —-> landline phone.

                                      • +1

                                        @Twix: Dang it! Will go with AP setup.
                                        Thanks for ur response :)

                                        • @plal: Yeah TPG make it difficult :-)

                                          • @Twix: Hi again, I cannot agree more.
                                            wondering, does the 2nd deco node need to be connected via ethernet as well?
                                            I do have an ethernet port upstairs; will this benefit me with backhaul? Even though they configured as APs

                                            • @plal: Nah plugging in any additional Deco is optional and all Deco communicate to each other over wifi.

                                              Yeah if you can plug in all Deco with ethernet that would be the best solution.

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                    @Twix: Thanks for information. I have internode adsl and use nest with an Archer VR600v1. I was thinking about taking on their nbn but thanks to your information I will now consider aussie BB

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                      @mouseman99: Yeah Internode use VLAN tag 802.1q on the NBN. Change ISPs.

                  • @Twix: i'm moving out to a premise with FTTP, which ISP will support the nest or deco?

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                      @pippohippo: Deco working with all ISPs.

                      Nest wifi working with Telstra, Aussie Broadband, Launtel, Belong, Superloop and Vodafone. There's more but these are the main ones.

                      • @Twix: @Twix. hi i'm new to NBN and mesh. just wondering if i get NBN with Vodafone. would you recommend that i get their router that comes with a plan or BYO router?

                        If BYO router, would you have any recommendation please? house we are moving to will have 5-6 adults and two kids. hoping to buy mesh router (possibly the google mesh from this deal) thanks

                        • @smash13: What type of NBN? FTTN, FTTP, FTTB, FTTC or HFC?

              • @Twix: I have TPG FTTB via iiNet. Do they use VLAN tag 802.1q or is that only in their NBN services?

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                  @clx: Yeah iiNet ultra FTTB use VLAN tag 802.1q. Don't get Nest wifi. If you want an alternative mesh wifi router let me know.

                  • +1

                    @Twix: Thanks Twix! I think I'll stick with my existing set up then. I already have a router and a Google Home Wifi so I will skip the upgrade. No real reason to change as the existing set up works fine for me. I was just itching to check out the 2nd gen.

                    • @clx: Yeah wait for a Nest wifi with wifi 6.

          • @Twix: Telstra HFC,
            and Telstra FTTC

            • @almostfrench: Also have Telstra HFC and looking for confirmation that it works with Telstra.

              • +2

                @Nebargains: Deco & Nest wifi works with Telstra on HFC.

                • +1

                  @Twix: Cheers, suspected as much as the only complaints I could find online related to some other ISPs like iiNet/TPG.

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              @almostfrench: Deco & Nest wifi works with Telstra on HFC and FTTC.

          • @Twix: Will this work with TPG on HFC?
            Otherwise I'm switching ISPs immediately.

            • +2

              @Yummy500: Deco yeah. Nest wifi nope. ISP list for Nest wifi

              • @Twix: Ah cheers. I think I'll be alright if I use the TPG provided intermediary router and then connect the nest to that.

                • +1

                  @Yummy500: How many Nest wifi do you want to use? Do you game online or port forward?

                  • @Twix: 3 total (1 router and 2 points).

                    Nah this is for my partner's place that gets dead spots in some places. No gaming or port forwarding there.

                    Currently theres another router connected to the TPG supplied router anyway but it's still not strong enough to cover the whole house. Disabled wifi on the TPG router.

                    • +2

                      @Yummy500: As long as your aware that setup will be running a double NAT. Personally just churn ISP, no double NAT problems and 1 less unnecessary TPG router taking up space.

                      Do Google Nest Wifi and Google Wifi support Bridge mode?

                      Yes, but Bridge mode will only work if you’re using a single Wi-Fi device. If you’re creating a mesh network with multiple devices, your router or primary Wifi point cannot be in Bridge mode.

                      • +2

                        @Twix: Yep all good, I'm not using the TPG router for anything except giving me internet access. All the devices in the house run off the second router (which will be replaced by Google Nest wifi), so there shouldn't be any double NAT problems.

                        Thanks again for all the advice. I will definitely consider switching ISPs for this setup though. Personally I'm on AussieBB FTTC at my place.

                        • @Yummy500: If you end up churning ISP Nest wifi and Aussie BB are a good match. Aussie BB support and sell Nest wifi (this deal is better), Nest wifi goes into the NBN HFC connection device and no double NAT.

          • @Twix: Hi Twix, my area finally have NBN ready, it is FTTB NBN, I wanted to use the Google Nest Wifi, which ISP you recommended?

            Reading your comments seems TPG will not work with mine? What does VLAN tag do? So confusing. Thanks

            • +1

              @OZGE: Purchase a FTTB VDSL2 modem and bridge it to Nest wifi. Aussie BB support Nest wifi if you get stuck and here is a ISP list for Nest wifi with no troubles.

              In Australia every ISP uses the IPoE or PPPoE protocol. TPG take it a step further and use PPPoE with VLAN tag 802.1q and Nest wifi doesn't support it.

              • @Twix: Thanks, so there is NO chance Nest wifi will work for TPG NBN plans correct? TPG NBN plans seems cheaper than Aussie BB, they also provided free modem router if I sign up 1.5 years.

                Can I still use my existing ADSL modem (Model Netgear D6200 Modem router) with NBN?

                Or which FTTB VDSL2 modem you recommend? Aussie BB charge $120 for one. Thanks

                • +1

                  @OZGE: One Nest wifi on TPG is ok and using more than two of the Nest wifi on TPG you will run into problems.

                  You end up paying for the free modem one way or another and if you leave early you have to pay the remaining modem cost. Aussie BB charge for the modem when you sign up and that's it and your not stuck in a lengthy contract.

                  Nope the Netgear is not suitable for a FTTB modem. The Aussie BB modem is suitable for FTTB and Nest wifi.

    • +1

      Neither Nest nor Deco allow manual channel selection.
      If clashes with your neighbour's router, you're stuck with bad WiFi.

  • I’ve been waiting for a special on the Orbi. The Orbi seems better than the Nest Wifi however this price point has me interested. Anyone have any recommendations either way?

    • +1

      It is better for actual speed/coverage.

      I've used both, but I needed extra points (4).so Google became the better option. I don't mind the whole google complete setup with Android TV's and speakers etc etc too…

    • +3

      Orbi comes with LAN ports on each satellite. This Nest wifi pack comes with 1 LAN port, wifi only on the Nest wifi points and a built in Nest mini.

    • +1

      I kept flipping between the Nest Wifi and Orbi as well for the past week trying to work out which one was better. I ended up getting the Orbi RBR20 for around $150 for my apartment. Don't need the satellites at this point in time. I think with either one you can't go wrong. I really like the Orbi.

    • Haven't tried the nest wifi but have the orbi with one satellite and it's great. I get close to the same speed in corners of the house that gets covered by the satellite.

      The app is pretty sweet too. Got mine from goodguys commercial for a good discount. :)

      • When did you buy yours from commerical?

        Ordered my 3 pack RBK23 a couple of weeks ago through commercial but no stock anywhere and they don't have an ETA on new stock. Don't know whether to stick with the order and wait or look at something else.

        • I got the RBR20 which was 1 router and 1 satellite, that is not even listed anymore on TGGC. The RBK23 is listed but is out of stock everywhere near me. I got mine more than 6 weeks ago.

        • Did they contact you with any updates? Thinking of getting a set of the RBK23 from TGGC for my parents.

          • +1

            @unco: No word from TGGC yet BUT the JB site is now showing delivery from 17 June so hopefully stock isn't too far off.

            • +1

              @Slave1: Thanks I will give it a shot and see.
              I'd been keeping an eye on their stock and just noticed they just listed the RBS20 back available on TGGC so maybe stock is trickling in now.

        • +1

          I just purchased the RBK23 from TGG delivered for $499 + delivery.

          They have a special until the 17th June, you get $80 store credit. On top of that, can stack with cashrewards for extra 5%. So comes down to around $400.

          I chose the Orbi over the Nest because the satellites have LAN ports and the fact that the satellites 4 antennas capable of AC2200 unlike the Nest points that are only rated at AC1200 which is different to the Nest router at AC2200. So I suspect the Orbi will have better transfer rates from the Satellite points further away as you daisy chain.

    • Yeah another reason for orbi is the ease of turning off 5GHZ frequency to allow 2.4GHZ only smart products to connect. It seems quite a hassle to set these devices up with the nest WiFi.

      • Has Netgear added a 5Ghz off/on toggle for Orbi?

      • +1

        I don't get this - why do you need to turn off 5GHz to get 2.4GHz devices to connect?
        My non-mesh router has 2.4 & 5 and doesn't have this issue.

        • I had an issue with my telstra router having the same name for 2.4 and 5ghz. I couldn't set up a bunch of smart devices as my phone would auto 5ghz and the app required 2.4ghz connection to set up the device. Was easy enough to fix by going into router settings and giving the two frequencies different names.

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            @Name: @Name: Turn off band steering and it'll separate the two.

        • +2

          Just based on the experience I had with my dads google WiFi and trying to get some smart bulbs and plugs connected. As far as I could tell by troubleshooting there isn't a way to separate the bands or turn off band steering with google WiFi. So you had to try and move your phone far enough way until it connects to the 2.4ghz band allowing you to connect the devices. The alternative method I found was using the guest WiFi which only uses 2.4ghz. All up it was just a hassle so I decided I'd prefer netgear orbi.