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Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-CH700N $100 (RRP $239) @ Target (Selected Stores)


Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-CH700N $100

Saw this at Target Carindale (Qld). Not sure if it's nationwide or just at this store.

Mod: Stock levels here, thanks NGPriest. Please note that accuracy is not guaranteed.

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    No way this thing cost $239.

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      Yes, no way it costs, it priced.

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      I know, but that's the old price tag. It says save $139. Maybe that's why Target is going bankrupt. ;)

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        JB says the regular price is $199 (they have it for $149 right now) so it's not far off - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-wh-ch700n-wireless-n.... They only saw a price drop when the newer version came out but they were originally a lot more than $239.

        For $100 these are a steal, I'd grab a pair. The new version, the ch710n, is $349 and they shrunk the driver from 40mm to 30mm (although it has some kind of new fancy AI noise cancelling software, but I can't find a decent review saying how much better it is).

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      It cost more than 239 lol.

      Do the research. It was around 300, then came down to about 250, then now a lot of discounts.

      It is no longer new.

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      Not sure why I was downvoted, it was priced at $298 in Harvey Norman in July 2018.

      Or don't we use RRP as the benchmark anymore?

      Its general RRP was $200 USD (approx $250 AUD) in 2018.

      It is priced for age.

    • IT used to cost around this much in 2018…

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    WH-CH700 $100 @ Target Mount Ommaney, Brisbane on 11/6

    Was moved to Insufficient Quantity Deals

    • Seems mine should be moved to Insufficient Quantity Deals too. Does anyone know how to move it there?

      • report the thread using the 'Report' button.

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        No! Your Deal suggests it is more available than Mods thought.

        Someone must have Reported other Deal when they couldn't find it in their store.

        So this Deal should remain!
        Link to Mount Ommaney Deal supports this & is handy for those in that area. Likely in other stores.

        Good find👍 Upvoted as Carindale is my local store.

        • Thanks neighbour ;). I keep it then.

          • @M3hdi: And supported by another local NGPriest - our specialist in Target stock availability👍
            See you at the shops😉

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    Battery life (34-hour)
    Comfortable and portable
    Google Assistant and Siri integration
    aptX HD

    Dubious durability
    ANC is just ok

    These over-ear headphones are a middle-ground option for consumers considering the WH-1000XM3 but may not have the money to stretch for it. What the Sony WH-CH700N lacks in noise cancelling performance and comfort, it makes up for in weight—or lack thereof—and price. Additionally, since these support aptX HD, they’re a great option for traveling audiophiles who don’t want to choose between sound quality and convenience.

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      ANC is just ok

      The rtings review goes further:

      • ANC doesn't work well and they won't block out much background noise
      • Bad noise cancellation
      • they didn't provide any isolation in the bass range, which means they'll let in all the thump and rumble of airplane and bus engines
      • their isolation performance is sub-par and the [ANC] feature barely does anything

      Even if you ignore the ANC, it still sounds like a good deal for a pair of decent-sounding, over-ear, closed-back, wireless headphones with excellent battery life.

      And two more positives:

      • Supports the Sony Headphones Connect app, which lets you tailor/EQ the sound
      • Comes with an audio cable so you can use it wired
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    I have these. Personally I think they are very good. Comfortable and battery lasts ages.

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    Correct as of: 14/06/2020 13:01
    Low Stock: 33

    Low Stock

    Bankstown, NSW Cairns Central, QLD Kadina, SA Chadstone, VIC Broome, WA
    Bondi, NSW Indooroopilly, QLD Reynella, SA (Sold out 14/6 9pm) Melbourne, VIC Carousel, WA
    Broadway, NSW Ipswich, QLD Sefton Park, SA Point Cook, VIC Perth, WA
    Carlingford, NSW Rockhampton, QLD Tea Tree Plaza, SA Southland, VIC Rockingham, WA
    Chatswood, NSW Strathpine, QLD Whyalla, SA Waurn Ponds, VIC
    Dubbo, NSW The Willows, QLD
    Lithgow, NSW
    Macquarie, NSW
    Merrylands, NSW
    Miranda, NSW
    Rouse Hill, NSW
    Tuggerah, NSW
    Warringah Mall, NSW

    • Good work again👍
      Of course stock systems are never accurate for low stock items.
      3 QLD stores these have been spotted in aren't on the list.

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        I'm using a random number/word generator…

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          Sometimes I think I'm just a random number/word generator…😉

      • No ACT stores?

        • Contact a store & ask them to check availability.

        • NGPriest is lazy… :S

    • Data inaccurate

      There is at least 2 left in Mitchelton QLD

      • I hid it, since my family works there and can buy out all the stock before you get to it…

        Too bad today is Sunday and you beat me to my secret stash… :S

        • Hahaha excuse for everything lol

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    Have been cheaper $79 @Aldi 14 months back.

  • Target Springwood had a pair also for $100 cannot guarantee they are still there

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    Just came here to say these headphones are just amazing sound. ANC is not that great but sound and comfort is excellent. Each to their own but IMO $100 is just AWESOME.

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    Agree. Don't expect the world of the ANC but these are fine for $100.

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    Got the last Carindale pair. Thx op

  • I've got a pair of these. Easily worth $100.

  • Got these as a secondary use pair from WHXM3. Stands up pretty goos for the flagship given the price. Battery is much better than most within this range as well.

  • Once upon a time, this model was $70 something at Aldi if anyone remembers

  • its 150 at jbhifi, 230 lol

    • $149

    • It's old lol. This is not a new headphone. When it came out, it was about $300.

  • This or the 458BT for $150 at JB?

  • I got one point cook and still few available

  • +1

    I own these. Amazing price. Bought for $165 from the Good Guys Commercial store a couple of years back. Excellent mid-range headphones, great clean sound with decent bass and the battery life seems eternal. The NC won't amaze you but that's not the focus of the WH-CH700N. If you can live without touch/gesture controls and average NC, you can't do better for $100. https://imgur.com/a/2LCA8vO

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    I can confirm Coomera, QLD Westfield - Target has 2 left

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    I have these.
    They sound great. Wireless works great. Battery life is insane.
    Don't expect too much from the noise cancelling, they aren't the best. However, given their fit over the ear they naturally block most of the noise out.

    Good price. I purchased mine for $149 couple of months back.

  • Got the last one from Brookside (QLD). They had 2 earlier today. Hoping they are better than the no name brand 50-80 range ones. Any feedback on microphone? Also what is the difference between CH700N and CH700NB?
    Edit - haven't opened mine yet so asking for microphone feedback from those who are using it.

    • Did you grab in the glass cabinet?

      There is actually one more behind entertainment check out

      • Oh good. I was told this was the last one (she knew about these headphones) so took her word for it :)

  • +3

    The price has come down due to its age, but at $100 it is a steal.

    It is priced for age not for quality IMO.

    I don't know if the prices of headphones have just overall decreased in the past 12 months, but this headphone is worth at least $200 IMO

    I have had it for about 2 years, and I would recommend it to anyone at this price.

    Has very good battery life, sound quality is very good, bass is very good, comfort is good enough (does get warmer, but I don't notice it anymore), only thing I have noticed of late is that it feels even tighter on my head than it did when I first bought it (strange), but I have a VERY big head.

    The biggest thing you could question about this headphone is its noise cancellation, which at best is a 3 or a 2.5 out of 5. It is ok at cancelling mechanical noises, but very bad at cancelling voices etc.

    I have listened to a lot of headphones in my time…and this is definitely not a $100 headphone. To put it in perspective, I would take these over the Audio Technica M50x.

    Basically anything you would complain about is what you would find fixed in a much much higher priced headphone! I have bought $80 Sennheiser headphones that do not sound 20% as good as this.

    I like this headphone so much that I even wanted to buy another one, just because I think it is priced low.

    • +1

      Your feedback on the headphones is insightful., thank you.
      FWIW, "It is ok at cancelling mechanical noises, but very bad at cancelling voices etc" - happens to be the flaw of every noise cancelling headphone (so far).
      They are not very good with variable sounds such as talking, as they are unable to match the modulation, but are really good at matching within a small range (aircraft, rain on the roof, vacuum cleaner, etc).

  • I got sick of waiting for these to comedown, so I purchased the Denon ones advertosed on here a few weeks back at $279.

  • -1

    Cant believe I fell for this and bought the last one from Reynella. Am still looking for Bose700 and might gift this to someone, not opened the cover yet.

    • +1

      I just sold my Bose 700 I had for 6 months, didn't like the connection with my apple gear and the app is terrible. Just won a brand new pair Beats Studio 3 navy blue off eBay for $250, hopefully with the W1 chip will be better like my AirPods. For that price worth a try. $450 retail.
      I'm no audiophile mainly Netflix etc.

    • Can I buy them of you? Is it still sealed and do you have the receipt?

      • Still thinking about it. Will let you know.

        • Ok no worries

    • I am still awaiting for a deal on wh-1000xm3

  • On top of box these say - "Made for iphone/ipod". Not sure if this means anything or just a marketing gimmick. Any thoughts from experts?

  • 3 let at Tuggerah, NSW as of 1700.
    I grabbed a pair to replace my duct taped 2 year old Bauhns, they seem great so far. My hearing is shit house, but they're comfy and loud, thanks OP for the heads up!

  • At least 1 pair left at Roselands NSW this afternoon.
    In a cabinet at the back of the store near the entertainment area

  • +2

    For those who missed out this Target deal, they are available for $149 at The Good Guys and also comes with a $20 store credit (so effective price $129). Not available for delivery so check for stock in your local stores.
    Also available on their ebay store (hope there is a % off coming up for their ebay store).

  • 1000xm4 coming out soon may be the reason

  • These or Tao Tronics 55's?

  • The price in Harvey norman today is AU$298.
    Sony WHCH700N Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - WHCH700NB 4548736070400 (Black Colour)
    Ref: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/sony-whch700nb-wireless-over...

  • +1

    Bought a pair for the wife about 12-18 months ago when they were on sale at Aldi for $149. Honestly, not that impressed when I tested them. Construction feels cheap, the headband is uncomfortable on top of my head after an hour, and my ears get super sweaty in the ear cups. My daily over ears for work are Plantronics Voyager 8200's and they are a world apart from these (admittedly in a different price bracket) but if you want to wear these for extended periods I wouldn't recommend them.

  • $100 is a good deal!

  • I bought this at Eastland, VIC (called up, last one and was a display box one) and they’re okay. I can see how after a while they can feel uncomfortable, but they’re just fine. I wouldn’t pay anymore than $100 for them though.

  • Found these JBL ones at Target on sale https://www.target.com.au/p/jbl-wireless-noise-cancelling-he..., does anyone know if they are good quality?

    • dont work with zoom or MS teams meetings. average overall for $109

  • Is this available online or just in store ?

  • I just picked up a pair for the girlfriend from Cannington Carousel shopping centre in Perth. Only one pair left there now. Both Perth and Innaloo stores said that they had no stock left when I called.

    Compared to my 3 year old HyperX Cloud Alpha (now $129 in some stores) they are definitely not as comfortable and feel a little bit cheaper. It would feel like a big step down comfort wise as the HyperX are super comfortable even for 6+ hour, beer infused gaming sessions. I wouldn't recommend them for serious gamers but for a bit of gaming and general, casual use they seem to be a bargain at $100. Being wireless is the obvious advantage.

    • +1

      I picked up the last one from Carousel a couple hours ago

  • I wonder why everyone is still buying it if it looks cheap, clunky and not really comfortable headphone ? Wouldn't we better spend it at another headphone ?

    • Basically because they are great at the discounted price. You won't get a better set of wireless headphones for $100 and anything comparable would be $150+

  • Anyone knows if the battery is replaceable?

  • +2

    My gf got me these for about $220 AUD in Hong Kong. I did some research and apparently they were going for about $100 a month earlier. The worst thing is she brought these using my money. Actually the worst part is I was eyeing a pair of AKG K701 for nearly a decade but was too frugal to justify spending more than $200 on a pair of headphones.

  • I picked up a pair from the Ipswich store. They had 2 more pairs at close of business today, Monday.

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    Correct as of: 28/06/2020 22:36
    Low Stock: 5

    Low Stock

    Broadway, NSW Sefton Park, SA Highpoint, VIC Broome, WA
    Dubbo, NSW

  • Any updates on stock levels in sydney

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