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[NSW] Sony WH-CH700N Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones $79 @ ALDI, Lidcombe


As cheap as Aldi's truffle chips, which is sold out this arvo, dang it.

Plenty of stocks. Must be unwanted leftovers.

Previously $149

Lowest was $131 refurb. Naaaah, this is better.

10 words yet?

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  • They must have moved all the stock to Lidcombe.

    Appears to be 20+

    Also that's a lot of iPhone 6S (Refurbished) left…

    • Top shelf has 4 deep rows. XD

      I say right around 50. Never seen an Aldi stocks that many.

  • Anyone got the receipt so i can price march with ow?

  • Good Price for a good set of headhones, noise cancelling is non existent though

    • I bought these an NC is quite good. I have compared them to Bose QC3 and the 1000v3 sony. Bose is slight better NC and he 1000v3 are even better… But they are also literally the best NC But both are $320+ and this is co paring them to a $150 or now $79 headphone.

      Excellent NC for the price. Want better youll have to put your hand a little deeper into your pocket:)

      • I bought these late last year for $175 and now they're ridiculously cheap. I agree the NC is very good, but if you want the best NC then you'll be paying over $300 for it. These are a great stocking filler at this price!


        Bose QC25s go for $200 regularly now, and can be had for as low as $160ish on eBay sales.

        They have the same NC as the QC35s, so they’re a good buy too if NC is your main concern.

      • How is the sound quality compare to them ?

  • Nice work on the picture

  • Terrible quality - pathetic headphones. Bought two at the last aldi sale and returned them both.

    • Completely disagree. I can't find any noticeably sound quality difference compared to Bose QC 35 or Sony 1000v3.

      If I was to criticize these I would say the buttons are not as nicely designed/places as the other much more e naive models. NC is good but not as good. That's all you're paying extra for in my analysis.

      • I think these are pretty good. Wouldnt go so far as MrNobody with the Sony1000 comparison but great for wearing at the office…

      • QC35 & 100v3 sound bad to begin with, the only selling point of them is the ANC, if that's not a requirement plenty and i mean plenty of headphones which are far superior for the price.

    • What was wrong with them exactly?

  • Great price Yummy. This is buy them even though you don’t need them price.
    Disclaimer: I discourage buying things you do not need or will put to use.

    • that's so marge simpson

    • Do you reckon i can resell this?

      • If you really wanted to go through the trouble of doing it keep in mind you will be investing energy/time, petrol costs, postage costs and the whole process of listing them then arranging and getting them to those who bought them from you. It’s your life do what you need to do.

        From my part I think it is a hobby for most people and the gains of playing the ‘reseller’ for a market that already works are minimal.
        If you want to become a pro buy from wholesalers or watch those YouTube scalpers they do it with serious intention (They target limited edition products often for kids and are happy to take everything and selling at huge mark-up leaving some very upset). And there is always the chance you will be sitting in a room full of junk that nobody wants to buy.

        Edit: comments are saying they were popular among the staff & there’s ‘some’ left.

  • i got some logitech ue9000s, how would they compare?

  • I bought them for 129 like 2 weeks ago damn

  • This or the XM3? 😉

  • Where to test one of these headset in-store?

  • Confirm no stock in Oxford st

  • Will go check it out tomorrow

  • Are these the same as the 300$ Sony i bought from thegoodguys for 300$ 5 months ago!?

    • +3 votes

      no my dude, you probably have the WH-1000XM3's and made the right choice
      these are cheap but if you're going to wear them everyday for hours at a time everyday for a year, 2, 5 years then don't cheap out on them
      unless you're buying these for your kid who breaks their electronics often then you should definitely saddle them up with this until they learn how to take care of their shit

  • Just buying one, and there still seems to be some stock left.

  • There are loads of electric bikes and 40 inch ($199) non-smart FHD TV's if anyone is still looking for those.

    • And the infamous rocking chair. None sold out this time lol.

    • How much are the bikes?

      • They are not marked down, price is as usual $799

        Other stuff:

        Bauhn 40 inch 1080p LCDTV no Android built (not smart) with integrated DVD - $199
        AVA rocking chair $99 (down from $169)

        the robot vacs are at normal price but those are gone kinda quick
        half dozen mountain bikes for $89, also ordinary pricing

  • anyone know if ALDI in VIC sell them too?

    • same question here…any aldi store in south eastern melbourne region selling at this price?

  • How much stock left at lidcombe I might swing by there tomorrow?

    • They had quite a few till around an hour ago, but seemed to be quite popular among the staff there. Bought a pair.

  • still plenty of stock here..
    i have taotronics bh22 how does tjis compare to that ? im not satisfied with tao..coz it cant evem cancel machine sounds completely

  • Someone else on another forum had posted there's about 20 of them left.

  • Is the iPhone in the back of the photo a good deal?

  • This or Bauhn Bluetooth Headphones at Aldi for $39.99? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/443674

  • Will definitely be going to Aldi Lidcombe early in the morning to check this out

  • If anyone from the Hills is going to pickup a pair tomorrow, let me know please - happy to pay something on top for your trouble of picking up an extra pair for me.

  • Went there 9am. Already sold out unbelievable. Someone bust have bought all

  • Yep can confirm. Sold out.

    If anyone has an extra or won't be using the one they bought, happy to buy it from you and pickup.

  • All out in aldi..
    Saw the culprit in the parking lot, had about 10-15 boxes with him.. good on him

    • Must have gone to ebay lol.

      Last night I was contemplating to get 2 or 3 units and resell a couple of it to recoup the loses. But then again I don't need another headphones. So not worth the hassle.

  • Ugggh! Shelf cleared. Asked a guy staff and he walked passed me saying "all gone".

  • Got one this morning 9am. Not enough for everyone. Last night I dropped by at Aldi Wentworthville, the guy said they are coming this Saturday.

  • Can't find individual aldi stores phone number on website & google. Where can i find it to check the stock?

    • They don’t seem to have individual store numbers. Try to call the customer service: ALDI Customer Service Number:
      13 ALDI (13 25 34)

  • Just been to aldi chullora, geltleman there told all stock sold out at all stores :( better luck next time!!!


      Hey buddy, sorry I was really busy that day. I have searched the system to see which stores have them left.
      Edgecliffe :1
      Wtherhill park: 6
      Bankstown central :1
      Albion Park: 3
      Drummoyne: 2
      Merrylands: 1
      Macquarie Park: 1
      Top ryde: 1
      Brook vale: 1
      Frenchs forest: 2
      If you’re interested in still getting them, reply which store you would like me to call to double check if they physically got the stock, and to see if they would price match or not. Thanks

      • Just went to the wetherill park store, they wouldn’t pricematch but was selling for $99.99


          I called them yesterday, the store manager wasn’t there and the manager on duty felt like he had no authority to reduce products. I’ll call the store manager tomorrow and try my luck, and update you

      • No problem mate!! Much appreciated for checking stocks, I will be visiting Bankstown Central today. Would you call to double check if they still got one in stock and price? Cheers

  • After buying these for $150 when Aldi released them and using them at home for a few work from home days, I must say there is a big difference between these and the flagship headphone models. I use a Plantronics Voyager 8200UC Headset at work for music and handsfree on my mobile (up to 5 hours of wear per day) and the comfort difference between the Plantronics and Sony is night and day after a couple of hours. The Sony has way less headband padding, smaller ear cups and cheaper finishing, I end up with sweaty ears and a sore head after two hours or so. NC isn't as good either, but that I kind of expected for the price.

    At the end of the day, at $79 they are a bargain for people looking for cheap NC headphones, but they aren't a competitor to class leaders like the QC35's and the WH-1000's.

    • I read and watched many reviews on this headphone, apart of the deficiency in the NC, it was rated well.

  • Central Coast ALDI stores have stock, but refusing to sell for $79. D'oh!

  • I went to ALDI Wentworthville n they didn’t have it. Some staff just don’t value their words.

  • ALDI Mt Druitt have some stock. Bought 2 this morning. Had to speak to the manager to get the price down to $79 i showed them the pic at lidcombe store.

  • Wooh the last store in vic with stock price matched once i showed them the pic!
    Thanks op!

  • Has anyone managed to get any of these somewhere in Sydney within the past day or two? Please let me know, cheers

  • +1 vote

    for those still looking for stock, this is an updated list of which Sydney store have them.
    Edgecliffe :1
    Wtherhill park: 6
    Bankstown central :1
    Albion Park: 3
    Drummoyne: 2
    Merrylands: 1
    Macquarie Park: 1
    Top ryde: 1
    Brook vale: 1
    Frenchs forest: 2

  • Well Pakenham, Vic have stock, but refuse to price match other stores. :(