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LEGO 42109 Technic App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car $139.40 Delivered (30% off RRP) @ Amazon AU


30% off of RRP, cheapest it's ever been (that I know of!)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP!

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  • Thanks OP.

    Might use the parts as motorized turntable display stand. :D

  • How long do the batteries/charge last?

  • Any limitations on phone compatibility?

    Looking at buying this for dad. He has a smartphone, no idea what it is though, I assume fairly basic.

    • As per Lego's compatibility requirements for the Technic Control+ app, you need:

      • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer.
      • iOS 11 or newer.

      Virtually all Apple/Android phones released in the last 5-6 years should meet those requirements quite easily and will be upgradeable to those minimum OS versions.

      • Thanks. I hadn't made it back yet to post.


        *Bluetooth 4.1
        *1.5 GB ram
        *Dual core 1.4 ghz
        *5” display or larger
        *Android 6+

        Display size may also be an issue!

        • Those hardware requirements are not hard and fast rules. The app does have some animated graphics and does need to send large chunks of data to and from your RC vehicle, but it's not that demanding even compared to fancy mobile games.

          The screen size recommendation is really more for ergonomics and optimal UI scaling. Think of any mobile racing games' control schemes (virtual joysticks and tap/touch button areas) and that's pretty much how the controls in the Technic Control+ App work, hence a bigger screen really makes things a lot easier and more precise to control, especially if you have larger fingers.

  • This thing is still in stock. I must say it seems odd to be at such a discount and not selling well. Is it due to the low piece count?

    The other cars running on old power functions parts go down to $90. Given this is the new motors, $140 seems reasonable (say $20-30 of the price difference might be licensing, not good but not horrific).

    $200 was laughable of course.

  • $164 now