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Sonos One Pair $484, One SL Pair $420 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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    has something happened to Sonos integration with the release of the Sonos Arc ?

    found answer here https://www.afr.com/technology/sonos-arc-breaks-with-traditi...

  • Ikea Symfonisk (Sonos compatible) speakers are currently $149 each, so a saving of $120 over these. Most reviews seem to think the Sonos One sounds better but wondering if they are $120 (140%) better?

  • They were selling the Sonos One for $220 delivered in Dec ($215 with a strange discount), the dollar has since appreciated marginally. Good one Amazon.

  • if you were only ever gonna have 1 speaker, like a desk speaker, is there much point to get sono?

    • integration aside, they sound pretty good. though should check out Bose vs Sonos reviews

    • Yep

      The sound quality on a stand-alone speaker is more than sufficient for office/small room

      But would suggest you get a pair.

      I have one now I need a second to make it surround sound with the arc

  • Same promotion is now available at The Good Guys when adding 2 to cart ($498 for 2). Then can stack 10% cashback and $80 store credit also.

  • any deal on sonos beam?

  • Anyone know how amazon considers these products for cashrewards?
    Like is this home entertainment which would be 4.00% cashback right now? Or is it Electronics which would be 0.00% cashback?

    Is there anywhere to check this?


    • Bit hard to check, but for comparison I ordered a Yamaha Soundbar and it tracked at 4%, so I believe these would be the same as they're both under "Electronics›Hi-Fi & Home Audio›Speakers›Speaker Systems"

      • just ordered this and cashback is not tracking. I have a check on other sellers like catch.com.au and I think it's considered as electronics, but not really sure on Amazon.

  • very new to this wireless speaker setup. Is it worth investing in two or just buy one. I only plan to use it in the bedroom for music, and some podcast/audio books.

    • Depends on future plans really. I would start with 1 if I were you especially if its only in 1 room for that purpose. I have a single sonos 1 in the bedroom for white noise, podcasts and music, its perfect for the space

      I have a play 5 in the spare lounge room which is amaxing, though would be overkill for a bedroom

      • Thanks. That helps. Even though the promotional price is good, if my needs are addressed with 1, don't want to spend that extra $. I already have YAS-108 soundbar for my TV. Happy with it :)