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[eBay Plus] Oppo Find X2 Pro $1359.15 Shipped @ Allphones eBay


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The new oppo find x2 pro, probably not as good as the telstra port deal but seems to be the best price so far for outright purchase. I think the back-order only applies to the orange but may be wrong.

Listing says AU stock with 24 months of warranty.

Listing for the black one says its in stock (at time of posting): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OPPO-Find-X2-Pro-5G-In-Stock-Now...

I think the biggest downfall of this compared to s20 ultra or oneplus 8+ is the lack of wireless charging/reverse wireless charging. But if you're in Australia, I personally think it probably beats both the s20 ultra and the oneplus 8+. Beats the Samsung Ultra+ because it's actually a snapdragon 865 and not the inferior enoxys chip. Beats the Oneplus 8+ because the IN2020 version (which is price comparable) doesn't have band 28 for 4g.

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  • Two phone for that price is pretty good, I guess.

  • Bruh I've been living under a rock this retails for like $1600 tf O_o

    • iPhones already went over the $2k mark so the budget brands are taking over the $1k category now.

  • Tempted…but will I regret not waiting for iphone 12…

  • Compared to the $500 Reno x10 Zoom it has:

    • 5G
    • 120hz screen
    • next CPU up (865 vs 855)
    • Better/bigger screen
    • Less battery life
    • IP68
    • No SD slot
    • Wifi 6
    • Bluetooth 5.1 vs 5.0
    • Better camera specs

    So its a big upgrade, definitely a high end phone. But for most people the $500 reno is much better value.

  • No, you can't have wireless charging, or a headphone jack. Who would want them anyways!
    But hey you can have Vegan Leather, I am sure you want vegan leather. Vegan Leather!
    I guess.

      • They never need charging, stay packed until needed and work immediately, switch instantly between dvices, work in aeroplane mode, do not drop out at the most inconvenient times, do not cut out when the microwave is running and bonus prize for making the FM radio work.
        But how good is vegan leather.

      • Hi.
        - Simplicity and backwards-compatibility with consumer audio equipment dating back to the 1950s.
        - Ease of use for less-abled, hearing impaired and vision-impaired users. (EG: Airpods, Galaxy and other wireless buds notoriously limiting volume output levels below standard TRS/TRRS equivalant)
        - Not having to carry around a $35 adapter for the occasion where I'd like to charge my phone and listen to music.
        - No market for hi-fi styled wireless earbuds, mainly silicone and in-ear and airpod styles.
        - Some prefer in-line microphones over touch and gesture.

    • I rarely look at the bottom of my phone, and if I did and saw it had a hole there, it would be more relatable and human-esque.

  • Thank you, I bought an orange one. Can't wait to chew on that vegan leather.

  • i got one the other day… amazing bit of kit.

  • got one other day from optus. From my experience, i like the camera, the battery charging speed which is insane and video enhance function which i thought would be a gimmick really gives your video a boost which is notable.

  • Better deal here and you get free express shipping included https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133438957215

    • The allphones deal comes with free express shipping too. Link you posted only has 1 phone and it seems like a private seller but if you're super keen on the orange and don't mind buying from a private seller, seems like a good deal for one individual.

  • I've had this phone now for a few days. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Best phone I've ever owned and I'm very much into my phones.

    The software isn't as good as Samsung for example, but it does the job. I'd recommend you use a 3rd party launcher because the stock launcher is pretty bad.

    The amazing camera, the lightning fast charging, the speakers, the 120HZ butter smooth display, the QHD+, the proper HDR, very long battery life even with 120hz and QHD+ on all day!!!, the responsiveness… There is literally no downside to this phone other than the UI not being amazing but it's a very minor detail.

    Highly recommended!!!

    • I bought the oppo reno which runs the same coloros 7, I actually quite like the UI, its a mix of stock android and IOS, and it certainly feels much more fluent than the one ui on Samsung's phones

      • Yeah I don't like iOS so maybe that's part of the reason lol. It's not terrible but I just found coming from a Samsung UI that it's just not as good. Some simple things I took for granted are not there or there but is just different and not in an easier way.

        • I am also a samsung user , can you please tell what things you didn't like as compared to samsung and what's missing?

          • @Mkm: I didn't say I don't like Samsung ui, but I have used the S10 plus in the past and the oppo reno feel a bit smoother, maybe because the UI is a bit lighter, but Samsung ui have more functions

  • 65w fast charger is included in the box. I was quite impressed with the charge times!

  • Just came to post this deal myself as I just bought one from this seller at this price but I was beaten by a mere 7 days. Oh well, hope the phone is as good as the reviews make out to be. Looking forward to seeing how 5g is.

  • My Orange one just shipped.

  • I just started getting a green tint hue on screen, anyone else have this problem? after 3 days of use it shows on low light, in dark and on grey backgrounds.