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Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher Series 4 $691 (+ Bonus $80 Store Credit) @ The Good Guys


This is the basic series 4 Bosch Dishwasher model, it has been highly rated on reviews (over 4.5/5 in most websites)
Combined with 10% Cashback from Shopback / Cashrewards brings down to $628.18
with $80 TGG Store credits


Another advance version of Series 4 model is also on discount
https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/bosch-stainless-steel-freesta... $898
Cashback brings down to $816.36 + $80 TGG store credits

Original Store Credit Deal
Original Cashback Deal

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  • +5

    I've got one of these.. Quietest dishwasher I've ever owned.. Love it.

    • Do you find the handle has “rubbed” and has a matte finish now?

    • Really? Spec says 50dB which is pretty poor. We had a Blanco that was rated at 39dB but unfortunately it got killed by a power surge. Replaced it with a Bosch 6 series rated at 43 dB and you can notice that the Bosch is louder. I don't think I could live with 50dB?

  • Mines fine.. But I purchased the white model.. Not the stainless

  • Can someone explain to me what a $300 dishwasher lacks to not warrant 800$ price tag compared to high end dishwashers or vice versa?

    • +13

      noise, efficiency, wash modes, quality, consistency in washing and drying etc (obviously different for each one).

      if you look at Choice most of the really cheap ones score poorly on how well they wash the dishes and REALLY poorly on how well they dry them.

      • genuinely curious - how many people use different wash modes on the d/w? ours never changes!

        • I got the series 6 bosch. must admit so far we only used 3 modes. Auto intensive usually, sometimes glass wash for the more delicate glassware and rarely auto wash when the load isn't particularly dirty.

    • +4

      Things off the top of my head that make coffee machines (my field) more expensive compared to cheaper ones that also would apply to dishwashers:
      - The quality of pumps
      - The use of stainless steel braided hosing inside instead of just silicone
      - More stainless steel components over plastic moulded ones
      - A stainless steel frame, rather than a galvanised steel
      - Better quality control on the heating elements
      - Gaskets made of more expensive materials and more precisely manufactured
      - More electronics and sensors to indicate problems

    • +1

      Usually quality, features, reliability, longevity and aesthetics. YMMV.

    • +1

      Nowadays I feel like $1000 dishwashers last just as long as the el cheap $300 ones, usually replaced in 5 years.

      • 5 years? What are you doing with your machines?

        My old house, lived there 10 years and it worked flawless from when we moved in (was already there) to when we moved out.

        My current house, the dishwasher that was there when we moved in started to have some issues last year and it didn't seem worthwhile repairing it given it was installed in 2009 - so again 10 years old, so we replaced it.

        If you aren't getting much closer to 10 years out of it, you either have horrible luck or are doing something wrong.

        • +2

          I've heard countless stories of water leaks or blown motors just out of the 3 year warranty. You must have been one of the lucky ones 🤷‍♂️

          • @Tempri: Just replaced my dishwasher earlier this year (old one was 15 years old). You will generally only hear about the bad stories and people that are happy don't usually comment. Personally I am not aware of anyone that I know that has had a major problem early in the life of a dishwasher. sounds like you are the unlucky one if you know lots of people personally this has happened to.

            • @gromit: Smeg: went under warranty and got fixed free, went again the same way outside of warranty, smeg wanted $800 to fix it and provide 3 months warranty only on that part, 3rd party people said they would fix it for $380 (part only, labour another hour) but again bugger all warranty.

              Was a blown control board, meant that it didn't go through all the cycles. Person bought a bosch series 6 like this one for $580 and never looked back

              • @Jackson: yep, not suggesting they don't fail. Just be careful of relying on review information to guess reliability. plenty of good independent reviews on which brands are reliable and which brands aren't (hence why I bought the bosch after lots of research). Incidentally my old whirlpool that was 15 years old still worked but seals were started to deteriorate, dented front and the damn detergent container had broken, could have probably kept it going with relatively minor repairs but at that age I figured time to move on and nice to not have a dented appliance.

        • agree… our machine currently 10+ yrs old. just replaced motor pump otherwise still going strong

    • Can I refer you to my comment on a $300 Belini?


    • It's only a minor feature, but an expensive dishwasher can have both drawers open while fully loaded because of a counterweight in the base.

      $50 of steel that serves no other purpose is the first thing to go

      Cheap ones don't have this, so if you open both drawers at once they tip.

      It's a small feature, but important.

  • +11

    Hate to be that guy but cashback doesn't actually take 10% off the price you see on screen but the GST-excluded price instead. 10% cashback on a $691 item would bring the price down to $628.18, not $621.90

    • +1

      Dang, totally unaware of the cashback when buying my air con and range hood yesterday. Ah well, win some, lose some.

  • Important:
    Net price = Stated deal price + ~ $55 delivery charges.

    • +3

      You can pick up to save the delivery charge

  • Freestanding vs under-bench?

    I presume if I have a 610mm x 880mm cavity currently housing an dying old Dyshlex, that I can use either a Freestanding or Under-bench model with no implications one way or the other as far as electrical, plumbing and installation, so long as it's specs fit within the available space?

    • +2

      Probably would be fine. I just installed my freestanding unit under the bench a few months ago, fun little project for an afternoon.

  • +3

    Doesn't have a top cutlery tray. I didn't think I'd need one but couldn't go back to a dishwasher without one.

  • +2

    Good price for a Bosch dishwasher but note that this model is made in Turkey and does not have a stainless steel interior.

  • +1

    Argh! We just bought a Miele for $1.1k. The Bosch we replaced was an excellent machine, but we paid the value of the machine in service costs over 6 years

  • +3

    Just beware that the series 4 has a plastic tub inside - I personally found the smell very strong, even after weeks worth of washing. I eventually swapped to a series 6, which has a stainless steel tub, and didn't have this problem.

    • Did you also find that the Series 6 had considerably better drying?

      Many complain that the Series 4 doesn't have a hot air dryer so does not rate as well for drying.

      No opinion myself, just weighing up between a 4, 6 and 8 series for best bang for buck…

      • Series 8 is not necessary unless you cook like a maniac with strong spices and grease.

      • Got the series 6. Dad chose it and all I could say is that he spend ages comparing all the series 6's

        End up with the 1A version

        • +1

          Same compared everything today went with the 1A

      • not very good at drying.. My dishes are always wet.. not using the rinsing aid though

      • +1

        No real point of comparison, but I have a Series 6 and providing I use the Extra Day function, the end result is pretty good. Get a little bit of pooling on top of mugs and stuff occasionally, but otherwise no dramas

  • +1

    Great Dishwasher bought this in August 2019 at TGG eBay sale for $595

    • +1

      Yea, I found that they have increased the price this year, not sure if it relates to the COVID19 crisis

      • Prices have increased, I've been looking at the series 6 and they have increased by a few hundred dollars.

        Last year around this time you could have secured a series 6 SMS66MI02A for around $855.20 which is a far better model


        • Ridiculous price rises, I was waiting for a series 6 to break under $900 pre covid. Best was about $965. Now @ $1300. 18th June 2019,$798.40 @ goodguys.

          • @turpulator: Just wondering how long you intend on waiting for to get a series 6? I'm in the same boat and it's really difficult to justify purchasing a dishwasher right now given how much the prices have increased. I want the series 6 but I'm not sure if the mrs will wait another 6+ months for the prices to come down. I'm not prepared to pay $1300 for the series 6 so really comes down to waiting or getting the series 4 in my case. I read awhile ago that the Bosch factory in Germany was running at reduced output due to Covid and they discontinued a a lot of products to make up for the shortfall.

  • +2

    I got the Series 4 - SMS46KI02A for $898 from Good Guys last week…before they had the $80 store credit promo.
    Been eyeing the Series 4 that had the cutlery tray which I feel makes a worlds difference in space. Appliances Online had this model for just under $1k so this is a pretty a good price from Good Guys. I also managed to take off extra 5% with Rewards Gateway via my employer benefits but even at $898 I'd be happy with my purchase.
    Quiet operation at 46db, except for when the water drains which sounds like someone let out a massive burp. Cleans really well and haven't had much drying issues - just gotta add the rinse aid which actually came with the dishwasher (2x Finish tablets, 1x Finish Rinse-Aid liquid). There's also an Extra Dry function which seems to work really well so far.

  • -3

    I once remembered cheap dishwashers have that weight because inside is concrete concealed inside the plastic……

    • +5

      My cat's breath smells like cat food…

  • I have the series 4 SMS46K102A as well and there is an odour coming from the tub but I don’t find it overpowering it’s quiet and I got it for 867 when it was on sale about six weeks ago.

  • are these wired/ or do i need to buy a cord and screw in 3 wires? do i need to get an electrician to do this? lol

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