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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Desk Lamp $53.56 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Pretty good price for this desk lamp.

Code: PMON20

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ABN 60 615 962 500

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    this seems like a different store from gearbite.

  • The Taotronics TT-DL13 light is approximately the same price all the time on Amazon, and has far superior features IMHO

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      How is the TT-DL13 better?

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      I've got both the Xiaomi and TT-DL13 and they are completely different products.
      Yes the TaoTronics has extra features but it is fugly compared to the Xiaomi.
      Also the touch controls on the TaoTroniccs are fiddly.

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        The Tao Tronics touch controls - agree they are fiddly.

        To be honest the Tao Tronics has been a disappoint to me. It is not particularly good as a desk light. My old generic GU10 bulb light was better. I have now installed a couple of overhead ceiling LED lights above the desk to do the job properly.

        • I have 2 of the Taotronics TTDL13 desk lights. Although I like the type of light it provides, it is clunky when swiveling it around and the buttons fiddly. You have to hold your finger directly on the part of the touch pad where the power symbol is for a few seconds before it will turn on or off. I would much prefer a physical switch/button. As such I have reverted to using my 20 yr old Kambrook light with the one on/off switch. I can’t comment on this Xiaomi light but might be worth considering as I am not impressed overall with my Taotronics one.

  • Pay a couple extra bucks for the 1s.

    • Link please

      • From what I can tell, the 1S is $99 on eBay Xiaomi Store. Using the PMON20 code you can buy it for ~$80. So that's just shy of $30 more than the older model. For me, the original should be bright enough on a desk. I wouldn't be working in total darkness to start with. Also, the reviews for the original do not seem to suggest that it is lacking brightness. I't just technology progressing where LEDs become more efficient over time. The next model will be even brighter. So the bottom line is, you can buy this one for $54 (6 watt), or add 50% to the price to get the 1S (9 watt) for $80. I bought the $54 version.

        • The 1s does add Siri and HomeKit support (in addition to the lumens bump).

          I have the 1 and have been happy with my integration with Google Assistant. I don't think the extra features are worth the extra bucks.

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    Yes agreed, this model isn't very bright at all…..the 1s is 75% brighter.

    Even better is the xiaomi desk lamp pro…. My favourite xiaomi product to date, but pricy.


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    From an affordable brand to an expensive MF.

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    Very good, have one for a year now

  • I have the 1s and can vouch for this ;p

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    Look at this deal for the 1S

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