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[eBay Plus] 20% off Eligible Items @ eBay


The second 20% off sale for this year.

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on 15th June and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 28th June (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. The offer entitles eBay Plus Members to a 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items listed on, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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    Here we go again;)

  • Can't find the link to.the deal. Is it live?

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    Is there a list of sellers included somewhere?

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    Hope they are doing the site wide discount as well this year
    Not only selected sellers / products

  • +29

    Its almost like playing Where's Waldo, looking for the elusive "eligible items"

    • -1

      Wheres Jack more like it.

    • +8

      You must be American. He's known as Where's Wally here in Oz :)

  • +14

    And as usual everything is jacked up 20% already

    • +12

      More than 20% on some things. eBay sales are so shit, what's the point?

    • Yep. Checked a few items which I have been following and can see some jacked items.

  • +12

    lol the markup is hilarious. The Ryzen 3600 is up for $379. With their extremely generous 20% is still comes out to $303 ……

    • +7

      Yep i was looking at a Blue Yeti or the nano, both going for exactly 20% over RRP

      • +1

        I was looking for Blue snowball ICE usb microphone. After 20% discount is still above $100.
        Unbelievable. I can get it from Amazon for $85

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    Works out about $250 after cashback for Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB SSD at shopping express which is pretty good.

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    This very popular deal on Merino quilts is back:

    • +2

      Post it as a deal!

      • +1

        Done :)

    • They don’t jack their prices. Good quilts. Agree with dealbot, should post as deal

  • Always price jacked but always upvoted. Time to go browsing for outrage again.

  • +27

    As expected, everything's been pricejacked - another pointless "sale" by ebay.

  • +3

    Funny how R5 2600 jumped up by $30
    Fk this man i'm out

  • +2

    For anyone after any Eufy gear, we’ve lucked out.

  • already searched but no coffee machine deals damm will it expand to other categories?

  • jack lives here

  • Some deals about on monitors. Esp some 27 and 32 FHD

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    Does the search link work this time?

    • +1

      No. You still have to click into each item. As noted in the T&C - only eligible if the item comes up in their eBay plus list AND shows the coupon code on the product page.

      • The deal takes you to a search link which shows the eligible items. Question is if it shows all eligible items or just a sample. Previous times it only showed a sample and we relied on someone else to create a custom search link

        • +2

          The search link shows not JUST the eligible items - for example, items from the digidirect store are listed and will come up in their search and NONE are eligible - and you won't know until you click into the product page

          • @Fiximol: Are we talking the same search link here? It even says “search 20% off tech & electronics”. So far everything I’ve searched is part of the promo

            • +3

              @FireRunner: I have the opposite experience - most things I have searched are not part of the promo :D e.g. mavic mini, camera lens etc.

              • @Fiximol: I put mavic mini into the link and found the listing that wasn’t eligible. What the hell ebay, can’t you anything right

                • +1

                  @FireRunner: Yep, and there are items that don't show up at all - for example, DS918 from Futu Online is eligible but doesn't show up on their search. :D

                  They are indeed not very good at their job…

  • Any good deals?

  • +1

    no well price hard drives

  • All my items on my wishlist are excluded. Some items seem to have increased in price (oddly). Getting harder to find bargains which are relevant to me.

  • +24

    Not only is eBay plus' value non existent, but price jacking continues

    Oppo find x2 pro for 1800?? What's the point of 20% off??

    This is akin to those 'up to 80% off' sales in store, when it's only 1 item that's actually on sale; all just to grab your attention

    • +2

      and it's not in stock now.

  • +4

    Was watching a couple of laptops from the shopping-express-clearance store and they're all suddenly out of stock. Must be prepping them for 'price adjustments'

    • yep same. dodgy af

      edit: LMFAO looks like they got rid of all items, and now there's only 1 item for sale

      • +3

        LOL, we had a 20-minute window before the whole store got ripped down. What a joke!

      • yep!

  • +5

    Trying to add the code to an A6400 for $1498 in my cart… "oops, that's the wrong code".

    I searched the item and it is definitely included in the sale. What gives?

    Edit: a bunch of stuff has been price jacked. Classic eBay…

    • Why this camera, If I may ask? Because of no video limit? I am looking to buy A7 iii. It was around $2000 last year. Now $3000. Add the lenses : You are looking at $5000. I am just going to get a Filmic Pro app for $50 and be done with this whole madness. :D

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    Hungry Jack

  • +4

    SanDisk 128GB Micro SD SDXC Ultra for those that picked up a Switch recently - $24.50 delivered

  • Appreciate some recommendation on good monitor deal pls, cheers.

    • Did you miss this? It got over 100 votes!

      • Thanks, missed that one. Wanted something sooner.

  • Any descent buys in the Tech/Electronics section?

  • +16

    Isn't these type of price jacking illegal in Australia?

    • +10

      Yes - but everyone need to submit a report

    • +5

      It is but eBay seems to get a pass as they pull this crap every sale

    • +10

      Surely enough people contacted the ACCC by now. These “sales” are ridiculous and totally misleading for consumers.

    • +5

      Some NAS models which i have been looking for was jacked up by even more than 20% lol. Another sellers black listed.

      • +4

        Name and shame

      • How do you blacklist a seller? I have wanted to restrict myself from seeing certain sellers in my results for ages! We all need to start blacklisting them.

    • +4

      One & only time a company got fined for price jacking on eBay

    • +1

      Should definitely be illegal. These sales are a waste of time if all eligible sellers are going to jack up the price by 20% or more or remove items from their store. It's ridiculous!

  • Corsair 16GB Gaming Memory Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz was at $127 on Shopping Express, had it in my basket and suddenly went out of stock

    Ebay sales really are garbage now….

  • +2

    I don't think I've bought something from an ebay 20% off deal for 12 months plus.

    • +4

      After the price jacks you are lucky to get 5% off after code. Normally the 20% off will take it down to the RRP, meanwhile non-sale sellers will have it available slightly cheaper without any code anyway.

      • Haha yep, non-sale can be cheaper for sure. Or Amazon can have better offers, too :)

  • Any eneloop pros?

  • +7

    Shields all got jacked, ridiculous

  • +4

    Amazon, here is your opportunity.
    give us good deals and you'll have our money. screw Ebay tbh…

    • yep. i'm waiting for amazon to kick into gear an give them all my money. sick of ebay.

  • +5

    Checked some of the popular items and prices were jacked up. As usual, why bother?

  • Jacked prices and poor selection of items.

  • +2

    Been waiting to buy the Logitech MX Master 3. Went up from the usual $149 to $178. No deal.

    • So annoying, keen for a $100 MX Master. Who would pay more then what the online stores have?

  • Edifier S3000 Pro seems to be at an all time low of $623- delivered

  • Was hoping to find a decent rowing machine, no dice

  • I managed to get something I had been watching for ages, luckily price didn't get jacked so I saved $40. Thanks OP!

  • +5

    A bunch of items got price jacked, and the coupon doesn't even work for some items on the eBay sale landing page. eBay is getting worse and worse.

  • Good beers prices at Dans that probably not going to last long :

    Ordered a couple cases before Jack normally acts or pulls them out of the deal :)

  • +2

    Do these sellers foot the difference themselves? very ordinary pricing for a 20% off sale!

    • I believe its a split i.e. ebay 6% seller 14%. which means sellers often jack by 15% or 16%

      (disclaimer: made up numbers)

      • I understood it to be 50/50

        • Could be.

          I'm sure i read on a thread/deal here that it used to be mostly ebay covering it when it started a few years ago…. but has been pared back more recently to the seller having to cover it, hence the jacking and less deals than there used to be.

        • I understood it to be 75 seller/25 ebay

  • +4

    100% percent price jacking evidence by nofrills - just great prices…whatever…this is BS and ebay should ban that immediately

    • +1

      nofrills is RYDA and you can easily see how much they jacked it up.

      • +1

        they both had an increase this morning before the promo started

  • Mi Note 10 (AU stock) for $679 seems decent.

  • +6

    Price jack on the DS919+ from $759 to $920 on the one seller who is 'eligible.' [trinityconnectonline]

    Jack jack jack.

  • +7

    Nokia 7.2 $539 before discount. Ebay can eat a bag of …..

  • +3

    Sorry OP, negging due to shameful price jack by sellers.

    Was looking at few pc components for a while. Ryzen 3600 RRP is around 299, but this sales has jacked up price to 379, with ontop of discount you'd still pay 303. Same with a pc case and vga. culprit -> futu_online ;)