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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $273.44 + $11.73 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


amd 3600 again not a best deal but still for those who need

of CPU Cores 6

of Threads 12

*Base Clock 3.6GHz
*Max Boost Clock Up to 4.2GHz
*Total L1 Cache 384KB
*Total L2 Cache 3MB
* Total L3 Cache 32MB
* Unlocked Yes
* Package AM4
* PCI Express® Version PCIe 4.0 x16
* Thermal Solution (PIB) Wraith Stealth
* Thermal Solution (MPK) Wraith Stealth
* Default TDP / TDP 65W
* Max Temps 95°C
* Launch Date 7/7/2019

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    With the XT variants not so impressive on paper, and a much higher price tag to boot, probably people waiting for the XT will make the jump on this CPU now :))

    • +5

      i think most are waiting for the 4000 series (Zen 3) more than the XT :)

      • i don't think they're going to release the 4000 series this year.

        • im thinking the same with the XT versions being released… maybe they'll announce it this year for an early next year release… i'm actually waiting for GPU releases/announcement more than the CPU's just to see how powerful they are and if any need for newer CPU's to get the best out of them.

        • +1

          Amd said last month it's still on track for September.

        • +11

          AMD just officially re-confirmed it's on track for this year, a few hours ago.

          • @xrailgun: awesome :) thanks for the update

          • @xrailgun: Yep. No word on what that launch will include, though (R9 4900x? R5 4600? R3 4300?) so you might have to wait longer depending on if you're after the top flaghsip, budget or somewhere in the mid-range.

            (As far as I've seen? Someone correct me if wrong)

            • +1

              @ItsMeAgro: yup, that's a good point. it's pretty rare in general for a generation launch to actually include the whole stack, but the past few generations at least the x600 was part of the initial batch, so most of us would be covered.

        • AMD confirmed thats not the case actually

          • @DarthAntz: Yep 7th July rumored release date for XT refresh, 4000 series still on track for 2020 likely October imo.

  • +3

    great prices on the CPU side of things, but nothing on the motherboard side.

    • The B550 boards start to popup for pre-order, hopefully there will be good deal soon in a month or 2. The $170 Gigabyte B550M DS3H seems to have improved VRMs compared to its B450 counterpart, could be a decent budget board.

      • What's the appeal of going for the b550? I'm thinking of picking up a b450 mortar. Need matx

        • Besides the obvious PCIE Gen 4 I think guaranteed and eariler BIOS support for zen 3 compared to B450.
          If you won't be using a Gen 4 SSD then B450 is the way to go

        • +2

          I was more hoping the appearance of B550 will drive B450 boards price down a bit. It could go the opposite though with current B550 high prices, cheaper B450 could make more sense for many (if you could find 1 in stock for decent price).

          The benefit of B550 are mainly PCIE gen 4 and better upgrade path (like upgrade to gen 5+). I wouldn't really bother with both though. By the time you want to upgrade from 3000 or 4000 series or really need to use PCIE 4, DDR5/AM5 should already come out and new board would be required to support that.

          Edit: btw if you plan to use/upgrade to higher end CPU (12/16 cores), then it's better to go for a good B550. 3900x and 3950x on B450 is quite a bit stretching.

          • @Kingduytan: Also depends on when realistically you plan to upgrade the CPU or the GPU; I tend to build something that will last 3-4 years so future proofing is not that important because the next round, the parts and pricing will be very different again. The price difference of ~$150 between B450 and B550 with no immediate value on performance, makes it an easy decision.

            • @viirgon: Price difference is more like $50-100 (e.g tomahawk $215 vs $310). But yeah still a big gap, 3600 and 3700X users are better off with B450 since those 2 CPUs should be good for at least 3y+. 3900X and 3950X users now have solid budget board choice, X570 is too expensive, B450 is pushed to the limit and need good airflow, B550 fit nicely in the middle.

              • @Kingduytan: I am upgrading a mini-ITX and got the MSI B450I for$200. The cheapest B550I from Gigabyte is $349 on pre-order. Would not mind the Ryzen 3 3300X either but impossible to get it seems. Anyway, I paid $250 for Ryzen 5 3600 after promotional credits from Amazon.

                • @viirgon: Those are very good price for the CPU and mobo! Enjoy your mini build!

        • +1

          Current gen graphics cards aren't even close to breakeven with pci-e 3.0 speeds, so the only reason to seriously consider is
          1. newer cpu generations that aren't covered by B450
          2. really really fast i/o speeds with pci-e 4.0 storage devices (you may need this if you're content creator that requires alot of file operations and time is really money.

          For all other good to haves consider a better featured version of B450.

  • Ordered mine on the 11/6/20 for $264.23 - ETA is 7th to 9th of July. Good price for a solid CPU.

    • +1

      Mine was ordered on June 10th for $261.97 and hasn't been shipped so far.(it was "In Stock" at the time, but nothing yet)

  • Waiting for zen 3 and these prices to drop further

  • Anyone know how long this sale is going to last?

    • +2

      Prices been hovering around 260-275 for the last few weeks. Stock comes and goes. Wouldn't worry too much about missing out if you take a while to decide.

  • Good pricing. I paid $300+ sometime last August.

  • Keep in mind the budget gaming alternative 3300x is out of stock at $205, so you're looking at around $230 including postage.

    so this 3600 and 3300x are much closer now if you want to sacrifice a touch faster gaming performance (3300x) and get those extra cores (3600) for only $40 more.

    • +2

      Hm… can't find reviews where 3300X is consistently faster than 3600 in gaming though (stock settings). Faster in some, slower in some, I'd call it even . And that is assumption nothing running in the background. So it's $40 more for extra cores, don't have to close all apps when gaming and not sacrificing performance, and much better for future proofing. Sold!

      • 3300x seems to be clearly ahead here:


        …But not by much. Very close.

        And yeah, $40 more is not much, especially if you're doing a whole build. So if you know/think you'll need the extra cores, seems like an easy decision.

        • +1

          Yeah I saw that one, they are not running stock or same clock though so it's hard to compare (3300X OC 4.5Ghz vs 3600 OC 4.3Ghz). There are users reported they can do 4.5 all core on 3600 as well.

  • Pay the $19 more for AU Amazon, you get significantly faster delivery and Amazon returns don't count for US items without asking extra consideration from Amazon which just means you pay for return and wait for a refund

  • Waiting for the $208 again. The 2600 did hit $180-$200 last year around same time Prime Day, so hopefully it will be soon for 3600.

    • hardly happen in this year

    • You probably have to wait for clearance sales, couple of months after 4000 series released.

  • Wow lucky i sold my 3600 used for $250.

  • I know this thread/site loves AMD right now for its value, but everything I've read and watched is telling me my i5 6600k (six years old) still holds up vs this (released last year), especially re gaming. So i'm really confused why these AMD chips are so well regarded?

    Seeing a lot of comments saying 'X amount of cores, Y amount of threads F yeah', but in the real world it's not meaning much, empty calories…

    Serious question am I missing something?

    • I need an upgrade, I think it’s the best price/performance cpu on the market.

      Seems like the threads do make somewhat of a difference at stock clocks


    • It hits that sweet-spot between price and performance which is what most people are after. If you want a pure game beast, intel still has the edge by a little but AMD isnt far behind. If you want a lot of cores for cheap, AMD is the way to go. AMD have migrated to a 7nm FinFet process some time ago while Intel still sitting on 14nm making managing thermals a challenge.

    • intel keeps 6 cores 6 thread, takes everyone money for way too long and easy.
      we need more cpu makers like amd…

  • +1

    Sweet! Got another ~$10 off by buying a discounted gift card from Suncorp! This CPU will tie me over until I see Ryzen 4000 CPUS discounted on OzB next year!

  • +3

    Local Amazon AU price has dropped again: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07STGGQ18/

  • Can anyone comment on the insane pricing by "gfcdhtr" selling the Ryzen 5 3600 for only $190: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/offer-listing/B07STGGQ18/ref=dp...

    I finally made an account just to ask what others think.

    • +3

      Market place seller cannot be trusted, best to avoid. I have experienced it first hand.

      • I did find it odd that this deal was discussed by the community earlier. But damn, I really started to entertain the idea of buying.

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