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Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Chime $289.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just found Costco Marsden Park has launched Ring Doorbell 3 with Chime only $289.99. Much cheaper than other website, the doorbell 3 price is $329 + chime $59.

Just updated the proof.

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  • Been a while since I looked at these, can someone tell me does it need to be hard wired or can it be wireless? Does it require a paid subscription to access the videos?

    • based on their website, it can be both hard-wired and wireless battery charged.

    • I have the Ring 2 for two or three years which was purchased from bunnings. The Ring 3 can be both wired or wireless with the removable battery. The one advantage of Ring 3 to my version is that the Ring 3 runs on both wif 2.4ghz and 5ghz instead of only 2.4ghz on my version. You pay around $35 yearly for having videos uploaded to the Ring cloud which is worth in my view. Overall, my experience with Ring 2 is positive but I don't think that I will spend another $300 to upgrade to the Ring 3 as the difference is minor.

      • What will be the advantage of having 5ghz compared to ur version. Will be response time be quicker to videos?
        In my case if i have wifi ap point very close to the ring. Will 2.4 vs 5 ghz make much difference considering the price difference in 2 model.

        • Generally, the wifi speed from 2.4ghz will be slower than the 5ghz. You can run a speed test on your mobile device by connecting to them separately. I assume that you have two different wifi name (SSID) for 2.4ghz and 5ghz so you can connect your device to them for the testing. Maybe the upload speed will be a bit of faster but I am unsure how faster will be.In addition, it will all depend on the price. If the price gap between the Ring 2 and Ring 3 is close say around $50, then I would go for Ring 3 as it is a long term investment.

    • Free for the first month I think, and then you have to pay for storage

      • If you don't pay can you access the video footage at all?

  • Old or new chime?

  • Trying to decide whether to get this or the eufy doorbell from this deal:


    Does anyone have any experience with them both?

    • +1

      Eufy hands down and also no yearly subscription cost
      Very limited functionality without the subscription too

      • Thanks!

        I ended up price matching at JB for the eufy.

    • +2

      I can confirm this deal is valid, Bought one from Costco today. Ring Door Bell 3 + New Chim for $289.

      • It doesn't pay to be a Costco online customer then does it - flogging old gear for the same price online!

  • On the Costco website it's only the Ring Doorbell 2 with chime for $297.99 including delivery. It would seem odd if they were selling the Ring Doorbell 3 for esentially the same price.

    • Just updated the proof in store they are selling doorbell 3 pack

  • How does the mounting go for these doorbell. Will it need to be with screws?
    In my situation i am looking to install the doorbell on the timber entrance door for now. And also looking to install a security door after few months later.
    When i remove the doorbell from timber door to install to security door, will i be left with screw holes to fill up later?

  • Purchased today - still available. For those wondering, it comes with the new Chime.

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