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Britax Safe-N-Sound Graphene Baby Seat - $342.30 + Delivery @ Baby Direct Online eBay


Long time lurker first-time poster.

As far as I know this is the cheapest price I've seen on this, last time was $367 delivered (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/490858)

If you want to see other car seats - https://www.ebay.com.au/str/Baby-Online-Direct/Car-Seats-Acc...

I just bought one and shipping for me to NSW Metro was $9 with the total coming to $351.30 (EDIT: Seems like shipping price has increased to $19)

GRAPHENE™ advances our compact convertible car seat with the addition of patented Torso Side Impact Cushion
Technology™ - SICT™, uniquely designed for optimised safety without compromise.

The Graphene™ has a narrow, compact installed depth and width, making it Britax' safest compact solution for small cars and growing families requiring multiple seat configuration.

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) - Torso Protection
Our patented Torso SICT™ design minimises the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs, and reducing crash forces for greater protection.

Rear Facing For Longer
Your child can remain rearward facing until they are 30 months old or (approximately 2-3 years old), which is safer for your child.

Active Head Restraint™ (AHR)™
Features deep side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. Also includes EPS layer to absorb energy in a crash to reduce potential injury.

ISOFIX Compatible
ISOFLEX™ connectors allow for installation to vehicles with ISOFIX low anchorages. ISOFIX use ensures an easier installation, correct fit and a safer journey every time.

Thermo5™ Bamboo Softgoods
Thermo5™ High Performance fabric with Bamboo Charcoal. Thermo5™ uses a knitted fabric which provides airflow and wicks moisture away, keeping your baby cool, dry and comfortable

Compact Design
Perfect for cars with small rear seating space. With forward facing width of 440mm and rearward facing depth of 510mm, the Graphene is Britax safest compact solution for growing families requiring multiple seat configuration.

Hassle Free Harness
Hassle free harness automatically repositions the shoulder straps.

2 Recline Positions
Toddler mode includes recline or upright position for added comfort

Retains the harness buckle in a forward position and prevents the child from sitting on the buckle when boarding.

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  • +4

    Thanks OP, bought 2! Have been waiting half a year for a sales.

  • Excellent deal OP, thanks!

  • Great price. The graphene is quite low profile to so better than most for small cars.

    • yep, I've been eyeing this off for a while, low profile + isofix

  • Graphene is the name of the model, Kohl is the colour so there should be no 'or' in the title.
    Awesome price, been waiting for like 4 months and finally bought 3 weeks ago for $420 which was a totally reasonable.

    • thanks for that will update

  • -2

    Oh I had my comment removed.

    I just want to know how it compares to the Maxi Cosi Moda Convertible Car Seat - Eclipse which is on Amazon for $350.

    Anyone can express a view as to which one would be better for a 2 door car… Maxi Cosi seems to have better safety ratings on Childcarseats.

    I'm not associated with either Amazon or Babyonlinedirect

    • The moda is on sale for $279.30 delivered: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546251

      I think the seats are in the same class i.e. compact form with generally high rated safety features. One is european, the other is US. I found the moda was slightly more compact than the britax. As I have a compact car, I went with the moda.

      Honestly, for the price difference (factoring in delivery), I'd go with the moda.

  • Awesome deal. Thanks OP. Been waiting for a deal on this.

  • Says only 2 left now!

    • And it's gone…

  • +3

    Baby bunting will price match. The first person at the desk seems to be trained to try and wiggle out of it. I just ask them "what part of their price match policy doesnt apply"…then you get 'hang on', then a manager comes on and the deal is done.

    • this is gold! I wonder if they would still honour it if it is out of stock somewhere else?

      • No, only in stock items

      • They still gave me a price match when something was out of stock. However, I had one 'in my cart' and could send them them the photo if required.

    • They will not price match something that uses a promo code. Only the price shown on website

  • Brilliant - thanks OP!

  • +1

    Price protect time, thanks!

  • Great compact seat

  • Thanks OP. Amazing price. Haven’t seen it any lower than $459 recently. I missed out on the kohl colour but managed to snag a pebble grey (also sold out now).

  • +1

    Also the Britax Safe-N-Sound Maxi Guard Harnessed Car Seat - Black $281.30 with promo code P30STYLE. Was hoping to get the graphene before it sold out but ohwell, this might help someone else


    • Thanks I got 1

  • A lot of the car seats from that ebay seller are eligible for the P30STYLE code. Just picked up a car seat, thanks OP for drawing our attention to this deal in general (even though the Graphene is sold out, I'm happy I got my preferred car seat!)

  • Damn I keep missing the deals on these Graphenes and have been watching for them since the December sales last year :(

    • +1

      We bought a Graphene from Babybunting last week using this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542869

      Baby bunting price: $469
      Baby Train: $465

      pricematch & beat 5% = $441.5

      paid using TCN giftcards = $357.6 (after we get cashback in a few months)

      I was tempted to return it to babybunting and buy this ebay deal, but for $6.3 savings, cbf i'd rather leave the deal for another fellow ozb.

      • Damn. I wish I had paid more attention to that TCN deal now!

  • Anyone got a recommendation for what to get fit a 4 to 8 seat please. Or happy to buy a 0 to 8. Got to get the 2nd child out of the capsule into the 0 to 4 rear facing. So need a new seat for the older one.

    • Ideally one with isofix as well. Can't seem to find as many.

      • +1

        Ops misread your post re age range. Sorry this isn't relevant, I got the Mothers Choice Adore AP, rates really well on safety especially in ISOFIX mode, but I'm primarily interested in 0-4 safety. Was prepared to pay $299 from local stockists, price came down to $240 after code and shipping.

        • All good. Thanks

          From my research I couldn't find one single 0 to 8 seat with a built in harness that has isofix.

          • +1

            @kulprit: ISOFIX is only available on those seats under 4. I believe it’s law forced.

            • @vincent2204: Yeah i found the same info. That's really annoying. Isofix makes it so easy to move between cars etc

    • Hard to find better value than these ones imho. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/infasecure-ventura-ii-car-se...

      • Value based on price alone and minimum required safety features sure. There are other factors like material used, adjustability and size.

    • +1

      Seats for 4+ years don’t come in isofix due to weight restrictions. So if isofix is a must for your very little ones (it is for me) then a 0-4 seat is your only option. Graphene is excellent.

      I bought a 6month to 8 year seat using this code for my older kid though as it means they’ll be harnessed for longer rather than seatbelted as per the usual boosters.

      • Thanks. Yeah we have the little one in a capsule and the older in an isofix Britax millenia.

        Think I'll grab a maxi guard pro next time I see one. I do want the harness for the older one still.

  • Is this a reputable seller?

  • Damn. No more britax seats for a newborn from 0-4..

  • There was only ever 9 available at that price.

  • Upvoting as the store hasn’t jacked up prices and the 20% definitely can save you $$$.

    We purchased 2 x Mothers Choice Accord’s at $299 each at Baby Bunting a few months ago. Couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else and it was Baby Bunting’s ‘Best Buy’ so couldn’t get any deals on it.

    This deal would have saved us about $180!

  • Tempted but not sure, would have liked a bit of a higher feedback but should be good

  • Damn, wish I had jumped on OZB earlier :(

  • Ah damn coulda used this..

  • Damn that was fast :(

  • thanks OP. been looking for Mother's Choice AP. comes down to $239.30 after the discount.


    FYI, mother’s choice AP has better rating than Graphene and cheaper. I have a Britax Millenia and my baby hates it.

  • Looks like stocks back in. Just ordered one!

  • +1

    its back in stock I think. Ordered one.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Managed to grab one!

  • Thanks op ..got the maxi guard for $281

  • Awesome Price. Can someone that purchased share a screenshot of the Deal/ Final Receipt. With the price after discount.


  • +2

    Back in stock, I just got one

  • Thanks op. Just ordered one

  • Thanks op, got one. Was just about to buy this at full price in the next couple weeks!

    • Haha me too. Lucky I rechecked the comments in this tab before closing it.

  • Thanks OP, have been eyeing this off for a while and managed to nab the 'last one' supposedly!

  • Anyonw can recommend me a good booster seat please?

  • Thanks, just missed it earlier today but managed to get one this time. Shipping jumped from $9 to $19 for Melb metro so I ended up paying $361.30 overall.

  • Darn out of the stock again!

    • +3

      the pebble grey is available from the same seller

      • +1

        Thanks! We missed out on the black but (just ordered) went with the Grey given the price and reviews couldn't go past it

        • Thanks Nice one baby. We wanted the black or Kohl but went with Grey too given the great price.

          • +1

            @havingakitkat: Yep! Can’t say no to the grey when it’s over 100 bucks cheaper than in store

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing because I was devoddd we missed out last night !

        • Exactly the same. I was devo'd last night, then again this morning when I missed out again when it went back in stock. But glad we got one no matter the colour!

          • +1

            @havingakitkat: Yay! Everyone keeps Raving about the graphene and my husband has a golf that won’t fit a larger seat … it’s our backup seat as I’ve got the maxi cosi vita pro in my suv … wanted to buy a cheaper seat but this was such a great deal!

            • @Dancingfunny: Graphene will easily fit in a Golf. I have one in a Polo-sized car :)

  • +1

    Got the Britax Maxi Guard Pro! Was looking for a sales for a while. Thanks OP!

    • Did the discount code work for Britax Maxi Guard Pro?

      • Yup

  • Tried to post a separate deal but ran into problems. Anyway, Maxi Guard Pro is $368 delivered. Black and Grey available. Stoked as I was going to pay full price for this sometime in the next month or so. Thanks again!

    edit: looks like they've put the post up because I paid $13 for NSW metro when OP paid $9. Unless the seat I bought is larger/heavier, I suppose that's possible.

    • Now looks like $19 delivery

    • I put the code in but it seems like discount doesn't apply for Max Guard Pro. Did I do something wrong?

      • Worked for me this morning

      • I checked out as a guest and it worked. Doesn’t work when I’m logged in😩

  • Wow good deal!
    I literally scouted Ozbargain looking for a deal like this just the other day, but we ended up getting from baby bunting the “Brava” at $349
    Would have much rather the Graphene

  • What are the chances another sale like this will occur by December lol (slapping myself for missing it)

    • They are back in stock

      • Legend. Thanks

  • Argh such a bummer!!! I missed out :(

  • Would someone be willing to send a photo of their receipt so I have proof to
    Show baby bunting for a price match?

    • They won't price match.

  • +3

    They are back in stock!

    • +1

      Awesome, got it for $361 delivered. Not the black colour I wanted but will gladly take the grey for that price. Was stoked when I got my last Graphene for just under $400 a year ago

  • +1

    Thought they might have at least shipped them by now.

  • +1
  • +1

    Anyone have their shipped yet? Purchased on 19th but still waiting (not that I'm in hurry but..)

    • +1

      I ordered the Kohl color and got an email from them asking whether I want to switch to Pebble, which would ship next week or wait for an ETA next week about when the Kohl color comes back in stock

      • +1

        Ditto. My sister in law ordered Pebble and I ordered Kohl. We are going to swap once they are shipped as she wanted Kohl and I wanted Pebble LOL

    • Mine hasn't been shipped…

      • I got an email today indicating the Kohl will be delivered 20-25 July. So roughly 3 weeks

  • Big thanks to the OP,I got the Maxi Cosi Luna Pro. So many of these car seats are by far the best ever prices for these seats, then throw in the fact you can get the $10 worth of woolies reward points for $100 ebay cards and these deals become better again.

  • Guys just bought one.

    Can you expert Dad n Moms suggest me a stroller?
    I am looking into

    NUNA Tavo

    Steelcraft SAVVI
    Steelcraft Strider Signature

    Lady from baby bunting suggested these as it has multiple features and they are compact. What are your thoughts and of course any deals on these??

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