This was posted 1 year 4 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[XB1, XB360] Free - Injustice: Gods Among Us (Was $69.95) + DLCs @ Microsoft


This game has gone free on the Aussie marketplace.

Scroll down the page - game is 7.8GB to download.

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian. What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios, creators of Mortal Kombat. Featuring DC Comics icons such as Batman, The Joker, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, the latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred.

In case you missed this - Free Pagani Huayra [Forza Rainbow Edition] for Forza Horizon 4 / Forza Motorsport 7 @ Microsoft

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  • Thanks, so no separate link for XB1?

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      It's backwards compatible, so the same game just works on both systems.

  • Got it. Thanks OP!

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    Rumours are about that MS are buying WB Games.
    So may be related???

    • Really because that would be a huge win for Microsoft.

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    As Gambo said, there's some rumours getting around. I've heard a couple things about Netherrealm in particular as well as the much less likely WB Games stuff. Could be related, could be from an upcoming announcement.

    I already have the game on Vita and PS4 but (profanity) it, I will not say no to another copy for free, I was actually thinking of replaying them both sometime in the near distant future. Cheers OP.

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    The story in this game and injustice 2 >>> live action dc universe movies.

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      The prequel comics that were released after the games are also amazing to read.

      • oh yes they were probably the best comics I have read.

    • Absolutely, even though the plot in injustice 2 is terrible (dare I say equivalent to the lego DC movies, but without the humor?). Still, the dc animated universe is better than all three.

  • Won't let me claim without u.s. card / address… Added PayPal for international payments but still asking for alternative payment method

    • 360 games need a credit card on file to purchase, even free games, including but not limited to the monthly Gold games.

      If it's still free on the Aussie shop, an Aussie address and card on file will work fine. You could even try your luck using a card generator, since it's a free purchase they won't take any money so it might fly by. I've been using a card I had cancelled since last year on my account to download each month's Gold games.

  • I have a 360 but I've never connected it online - do I need an online subscription of any kind to claim this? Or is it free with no strings attached>

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      It's free, but if you've never been online you will need to make an Xbox account (free, just needs an email) to "buy" the game on.

      Honestly though, depending on how old it is, if you've NEVER been online and downloaded a system patch or anything, you might find more value in selling the console to a potential modder or collector. It's harder and harder to come by consoles on old firmwares.

      • ..if you've never been online you will need to make an Xbox account (free, just needs an email) to "buy" the game on.

        and probably a zillion updates

      • is the xbox one and one s hackable?

  • Nice find OP!

  • This requires a credit card and address, I have paypal linked but it won't take it. Pretty lame.

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      I only have PayPal connected, I was able to get the game + all the free DLCs.

      • weird. I got something like ' this needs another form of payment details"

        • Same

        • Yeah ok. The question is do you have an Australian Paypal account with an Australian credit card linked to it. And you are not using a VPN either.

      • I believe this is a bug that relates to Xbox One and if you had a 360 before and whether you have added/deleted a credit card before. In the past, I had deleted an old card from my Microsoft account that I used in the Xbox 360 days and could no longer download Xbox 360 Games With Gold.

        The only workaround I've found is to add a card using an Xbox 360. As in, hooking it up to your TV and entering your card details on the 360. You seemingly cannot add a card (or PayPal) on the website and get it to work with 360 games once you've deleted it. It's really dumb.

        • it may b related to changing your xbox 360 location. i had this problem years ago. even tho u can change the system lcation from oz to usa etc easily the billing system only changes every 3 mnths so u mght have to wait. billing system and console lication have to match too. microsoft were flueless about this and i missed many months of free x360 games from xblg. even when one cluey guy worked out the problem he said u willjust have to wait.

    • It accepted my paypal w/ aus cc. No vpn.

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    Couldn't seem to get all the DLC for free, but was able to claim…

    Cyborg superman, Arrow, Flashpoint Batman, Containment Suit Doomsday, Lucidore Bane skin, John Stewart Green Lantern, Man of Steel Pack - Zod.

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      Classic Ares

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    Most of the DLC's aren't free…

  • Now that's what I call a good deal.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Great Find, thanks. Worked perfectly with Aussie Paypal and previous Microsoft AU account set up (No VPN). Cheers

  • thanks. worked fine with paypal.

  • Cheers man! Even bought the scorpion $5 DLC since im getting the game for free!

  • Great story mode! my fav graphic novels of all time. Superman gone bad was badass. Injustice 2 is also great.

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    Free on ps4 now

  • Not interested in game, BUT go to deal, click on avatar link (below game link) and there's 12 tshirts/masks for $1 (½ men - ½ women fit) otherwise the other ≈ 25 are $4.95 (I assume they work for xBox one S too)

    Link is :-

  • I was able to "buy" the game, but it doesn't show up under "My Games"( I only have an XB1 S if that makes any difference.

  • Bought a Flash tee - only shows up in Original Xbox Avatar app (xBox One S) - but it did work at least. ⚡

  • I think this deal has expired. Shows up as full price now.

  • I think I must've missed this. $69.95 for me :(

    • Almost a month since posted.

      • For some reason it surfaced onto my newsfeed/sidebar only today. I didn't go looking for it!

        • +1

          If you click on "Deals" -> "New Deals" you should see all the "Top Deals" on the right hand side.