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ASUS RT-AX3000 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router $339 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Start Future-Proofing Your Home Now!

If you want a detailed comparison on router in this tier range see this link: https://dongknows.com/asus-rt-ax3000-rt-ax58u-review/

Check every other retailer and most sell it around the $370 to $420 mark

Key features

  • The Next Gen WiFi Standard - Future proof your home network with the next-gen WiFi 6 technology, providing up to 2.7x faster speed than the previous WiFi generation featuring OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology.
  • Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi - RT-AX3000 supports 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM, boasting a total network speed of 3000 Mbps - 575Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, and 2402Mbps on the 5GHz band.
  • The Most Powerful Mesh System - AiMesh technology allows you to establish an even stronger mesh WiFi system with other ASUS AiMesh compatible routers, ensuring stable and seamless whole home coverage.
  • Commercial-grade network security for family - AiProtection Pro protects all the connected devices on your home network and advanced parental controls allow you to manage the family's internet usage.
  • Mobile App Support - Control and customize every feature at your fingertips using the ASUS Router App for both iOS and Android devices.

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    Thanks to Twix.

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      You found it first :-)

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    Free shipping for same product at Centrecom $349


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      thats a good price. I am still waiting for stock to arrive from Amazon Au. Bought at $339 three days ago.

  • The BONUS $50 Steam Card promo ended on 31st May :-(

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    Wouldn't people be better off to wait for Wifi6E?

    • How long does one wait?

      Wifi 6E hasn't been approved in AU yet.

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    Start Future-Proofing Your Home Now!

    nah, something better always comes along

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    From everything I've read about wifi6 its way better if you have like 100s of devices in a small area when compared to wifi 5 but if you are looking for speed or wifi range on a reasonable number of devices, you are equally as well off getting a top end wifi 5 router for much cheaper and a wifi 5 mesh for better range.

    Sure WPA 3 is a massive security improvement but since we all have old clients you will need to run on a mixed security protocol which can be more vulnerable than just running WPA 2. I'm not expert but that's what my understanding is, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    • I am trying to work this out, have mainly Wifi6 devices in house but can't work out if its better to buy a better AC router with better range or future proof for a bit with wifi 6. Only have max 6 devices in total too. I've heard wifi 6 has better range but I can't find sources to back it up yet or direct comparisons between wifi 5/6 (besides throughput which is increased).

      • Wi-fi 6 router may have better range because of a more powerful processor but because they are focused on the 5Mhz band the range which is the same frequency used in wifi 5 so like for like there shouldn't be any more advantage in range hence why mesh would be better if you want to cover your house with wifi because 5mhz range is much much smaller but speed is much faster.

        If you only have wifi 6 clients(devices) you can probs get benefit form getting a wifi 6 router but that's probs not the case for most people.

        (Apologies for my English hahah)

    • WiFi 6 can better manage smaller packets according to this guy https://youtu.be/8cmmVEoftEM
      However of course it only matters when the devices support WiFi 6 too, which should still be years away.

    • I'm sorry, but your top end WiFi 5 router won't be able to match with my AX88U, which isn't top end WiFi 6 Router yet (WiFi 6E is coming). It also has range to match the older WiFi 5 top end, and a faster/newer processor, and it was $330.70 after cashback promotion. Top end WiFi 5 Router say ROG Capture GT-AC5300 is still way overpriced.

      Sure, when comparing to this one AX3000 which won't break any speed records as it's a cheaper, lower tier WiFi 6 router. AX1800 & AX3000 are more like entry level. AX6000 (dual band) & AX11000 (triband) is where the speed is at, atm.

      • As I said I'm no expert, happy to be wrong. As far as I'm reading reading it is that the real benifits would only come if you have a lot of devices who support wifi 6 devices. If you take 2 comparable routers which cost the same, I agree with you, where you should go for the newer wifi 6 one.

        However if you prefer to have better range it might be better to get a mesh wifi 5 system as mesh wifi 6 systems are quite expensive. I think a lot of people forget the 5mhz band has a severely weak connection strength if you have a few walls between your device and the router or are in a large house generally speaking.

        I mean my speed would be limited to my ISP which is 100/40 so even this router would probs be overkill in terms of speed hence I care more about the range.

    • So what would you recommend Dustyslider?
      Im looking for one for home use as my old router wifi keeps dropping off and the kids are now older so theres alot more demand but dont want to spend really over $200
      great if it had a mesh capability as i live in a double storey house

      • +1

        I have to start off with I'm no expert haha

        If your double story house is relatively small and the router will be placed in the middle of the house, you can get away with only having a single router. If so the router above is a pretty nice deal for the price.

        I personally use Asus RT-AC86U (got it on sale around $280ish 18 months ago) but even in a single-story house, the connection especially for the faster and larger 5Ghz band is really weak in my room.

        For a mesh system, you are probably looking at $200 - $300 ish. Here are a couple of options

        (I dont recommend the cheaper E4)
        TP-Link Deco M4
        TP-Link Deco M5
        Asus trio lyra
        Asus RT-AC68U 2 pack ($300-$360 probably one of the most popular on the market ever)

        A couple of other things, if you DO NOT have a wired home and you are looking for a long term solution then looking into a tri-band wifi 6 mesh router system would be best as one of the two 5ghz bands can be used to as a dedicated band to communicate between the two routers. If you do have a wired house than you should be good with either one of the above options for a couple of years if not longer.

        Also, I've noticed that there seems to be a shortage of network equipment access all stores so the prices are actually slightly elevated or the stock is sold out.

        If you want to do your own research feel free to look at:

        edit: spelling

  • Are there many wifi6 compatible devices around? iPhone?

    • iPhone 11 and later I think

    • Samsung S10, Note10 and all their variants
      iPhone 11 all variants
      iPhone SE 2020

  • Sorry I'm not really up with the tech but does this have modem for nbn but in? If not can someone suggest the best option for a house that has 8 devices connected

    • +1

      No modem. Are you on FTTN or FTTB?

      • Fttn

        • Small, medium or large house?

          Is the modem you have now from your ISP?

          • @Twix: Going to ask a random online.

            Twix, I've got my modem from my ISP (iinet). And this is for an NBN connection.

            I'm looking for a new router because the WIFI keeps dropping out but Ethernet still seems to work.

            My assumption is I can connect my new router, whichever I choose to purchase, to the modem so that the WiFi can work better and not drop out.

            Would getting a new router, but keeping the old modem from my ISP, solve this issue?

            • @Captain Stooge: What kind of NBN? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP or HFC?

              • @Twix: From the NBNCo. website, I'm on FTTP.

                Don't know how accurate the website and its details are though.

                I'm unable to get the higher speeds (that are meant to be available to FTTP and HFC) when I type in my address on internet providers.

                • @Captain Stooge: Most likely a new router will solve your wifi troubles. Disconnect the iinet modem and connect the new router to the NBN connection device. Are you thinking of purchasing this Asus?

                  All FTTP users have access to the new high speeds. Have you checked with Aussie Broadband and Superloop?

                  • @Twix: Are you thinking of purchasing this Asus?
                    Yeah most likely, just to solve this issue and get it over and done with.

                    Wouldn't I still need the iinet modem as I'm using an Ethernet connection with it?

                    When I enter my address on Aussie Broadband, it doesn't have those speeds available which is why I thought the info on NBNCo was incorrect in saying I have FTTP.

                    • +1

                      @Captain Stooge: Nvm, the box inside my house acts as the modem and I only require a new router.

                      Just found out as I was researching at work.

                    • @Captain Stooge: Nope don't use the iinet modem at all. Good research :-)

                      Check here

  • I just bought one of these.
    Xiaomi MI AX3600 AIoT Router Wifi 6 5G WPA3 Wifi6 600Mb Dual-Band 2976Mbs Gigabit Rate Qualcomm A53 External Signal Amplifier

    • -2

      Subsidised price by the party for all the back doors left in it /s - s**t talking lol

      • You can trust the CCP, or can you? ;)

    • Which has no warranty if it breaks, apart from trust issue. Also, ASUS firmware is still way better and you can flash Merlin (if he does support it).

  • +1

    Waiting for AX88U.

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