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Free Travel Rewards Membership: Earn 2% Cash Back at over 1.5 Million Hotels, Resorts, Cruises and More @ Club 1 Hotels


FREE 1-Year ClubONE Silver Rewards Membership

Members earn 2-Points for every $1 USD spent on any hotel, resort, cruise, car rental, transfer, and activity bookings made on the Club 1 Hotels website or mobile app.

($149 Value)

About Club 1 Hotels:

Club 1 Hotels is a global luxury travel club with the world's largest collection of wholesale hotel rates with Savings up to 60% Off at over 1.5 million hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. Plus, exclusive rates on flights, car rentals, activities, and more.

*No credit card required to join
*Membership does not auto-renew or auto-bill
*Please note: Club 1 Hotels is a US-based company and all rates shown in USD and charged in USD with taxes and recovery fees added at checkout

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    So like Expedia but not as expansive and more expensive (with fee)?

    That’s extortion.

    • +1

      Hi Jaystea,

      Actually we're more like a Costco business model that when you join, you get access to cheap rates that are not available to the public because we buy in bulk.

      Extortion is the practice of obtaining something through force or threats. Our service is Free for one year and you may cancel at any time. 😊

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    Have been on the free membership for a few years. Never used once as always got cheaper offers elsewhere. I once tried to give them business by taking the trouble of asking for a price match (really trying to give them business in return for my "free" membership), the response was "no' as the rate I provided was on a "coupon" automatically added to my search on a particular travel site (probably Agoda?!) LOL

    • Hi Gleung!

      That is correct we cannot offer price matches when using a coupon on a competitors site. But we do offer specials and discounts throughout the year including special savings on e-gift cards. Thank you for being a member, we look forward to serving you. Cheers!

  • where does it show my status when i login?

  • Hi IsTops, I don't think our system displays your membership status, but you can email our Member Services for more assistance.

  • Dont do it.
    It feels like a big scam to collect and sell personal details.
    The accommodation I wanted to book for 4 nights was $100 cheaper directly from the hotel website.

  • Hi Meho2026,

    We do not sell your personal information. We sell hotel rooms.☺️ You can even join for free with fake information, but you will need your real name to book a hotel or flight so they can properly check you in for your travel.

    And if you think you ever find a better rate than Club 1 Hotels, I always invite you to notify our Members Services for assistance and mention the Best Rate Guarantee policy as seen here https://club1hotels.com/guarantee/

    • If you can't find better rates at a travel club in the first go, then there is close to zero value add in joining the club and questionable business model.
      More so if better rates came direct from hotel website.

      • Hi Ozdesi,

        Our travel club has better rates than directly on the hotel sites, for several reasons. Hotels sites sell their rooms based on current supply and demand. Whereas, our site works with billions of dollars of wholesale prepurchased rooms that are not available to the public and we pass these wholesale savings directly to our members.

        • Then what went wrong to those wholesale rates for poster above Meho2026? They got better rates direct from hotel website, isn't it?

          • @ozdesi: Hi Ozdesi,

            What we've seen with most consumers who think they find a better rate elsewhere is that they are not comparing the "exact room type." For example, they may be looking at a non-refundable room on the hotel site and try comparing it to a refundable room on our site, which is normally more expensive than non-refundable rooms. Additionally, users may also accidentally compare a hotel room the comes with breakfast to a room without breakfast or other amenities or views. This is why we always invite our members who think they may have found a lower rate for the "exact same room" to contact our Member Services for confirmation and assistance.

  • So I created a new account, then logged in, but nowhere does it say what status tier you are (Silver, Gold).

    Just wanted to confirm. In fact the account section is pretty sparse in general.

    • Hi Ramrunner, the fact that you can log-in confirms your account status. We currently don't list the Gold or Siver in the portal but definitely something I will bring up with our team. If you have any other questions pertaining to your account please email Member Services for further assistance.

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