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[PC] Steam - Titanfall 2 - A$13.18 (Was A$39.95) 67% off


First deal.
Titanfall 2 is finally on Steam! It was added just yesterday, so lots of people jumping back into the one of the best FPS multiplayers!
If you don't know the game, it's because Titanfall 2 and its developers (Respawn Entertainment, also made Apex Legends) had hard time on Origin being sabotaged by EA, but just check out its reviews (96% on steam) - it is one of the most acclaimed FPS of all time. Oh, and it also has giant robots :D

Singleplayer campaign is also pretty good: CoD/Apex mechanics with level design inspired by Half-life 2/Portal.

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  • Heads up for those who have it on Origin, you can still play with Steam players so no need to purchase it again, especially as it uses Origin to launch the game.

    And for those who don't have this game yet, BUY IT NOW!

    I'm not one for FPS games in general, but this one really struck a chord with me. Insane campaign and great multiplayer, strongly recommend!

  • Not sure which one to get. This steam version or slightly cheaper Origin version here: https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/titanfall-2-pc-cd-key-origin

    • -3 votes

      If you buy on Steam you'll need to install Origin anyway for it to launch so I'd say just go with Origin.

    • I like my games to be on steam, but in saying that, due to exclusivity I've now got every client known to man.

  • good luck trying to find a server.

    it's a shame this game tanked so fast on the pc multiplyaer side of things.

    did they ever get cross play?

    • from description of the post:
      "It was added just yesterday, so lots of people jumping back into it"

    • I jumped on last weekend (after a 12 months absence) and was able to play for a few hours of Frontier Defence, didn't tried other MP modes though, as I was too rusty and didn't want to get slaughtered :)

    • This is one of the few games with a highly acclaimed single player campaign. Apex Legends is the multiplayer derivative of this game (set in the same universe).

    • Active users are back up over 5000 worldwide.

  • thanks OP and great write up, chaps!

  • +1 to best FPS game ever. If you can find a multiplayer server in Aus. Hopefully moving to steam is what this game needs for a rebirth

  • Does EA's Origin still have to be installed to play?

    • Have you tried clicking the steam link? The answer can't be missed

      • Thanks. Yes you DO need Origin. Sheesh. Missed it on the first pass. Sorry.

        Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: EA on-line activation and Origin client software installation and background use required
        Requires 3rd-Party Account: EA Account (Supports Linking to Steam Account)

        • Wait wat, that's so dumb lol, I was excited to be finally rid of the origin client, and was even considering buying the game again lol.

        • I certainly could have been more helpful. Check out the browser extension Augmented Steam. It will make things like DRM even clearer, help you find the best prices for games and more

  • Just another vote for what a great game this is. Singleplayer, multiplayer, co-op, can't wait to play on Australian servers.

    • Oh boy wait till you find out you can't find any matches.

      • I'm hoping (perhaps impotently) that a surge in new buyers who previously refused to purchase on origin, or who missed the game at the time (I believe it released at almost the same time as battlefield 1) may mean I will be able to find games.

        Of course, odds are in your favour. I'm still hopeful.

      • Made this mistake with star wars battlefront 2, purchased for $5 then couldn't get a single match.

  • Looking forward to a game to test new build, this may do, happy with Campaign even to start with.

  • I got it for $6 during new years on Origin.

  • Good game, happened to get it just because they were basically giving this away on Origin as an addon to other purchases. Few months ago I bought Battlefield 1 on sale for around $15, and they offered Titanfall2 for an extra $2.50 or something silly.

  • This was $4 not long ago on origin. Why pay $13 just to have it on steam, and you still need origin to play right?

    PLUS there are no local servers.

  • So this is Path Finder previous life.

  • Seems expensive 🤔

  • Can't speak for the multiplayer but the singleplayer campaign is outstanding, without a doubt the best modern two-gun health-regen shooter ever made. Nothing else even comes close. Could've been longer but the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Well worth it at this price.

  • I bought the first one and was disappointed mainly due to lack of single player and balancing of the MP. Is the second one a lot better?

  • I was really looking forward to playing the campaign in this but there seems to be some seriously bad issues causing framerate drops down to ~30. Running a gtx 1080 @ 1080p. Anyone else experiencing something like this?

    • I read yesterday about similar issues with other EA games due to the Origin client overlay running while playing games.

      • It's basically unplayable. My frame rate is shooting back and forward from
        ~200 to ~30.
        I might have to try and get a refund if I can't get it sorted…

  • Looks like MechWarrior on steroids.

  • Is it worth buying just for single player campaign only? I have heard they make the campaign extremely short and mainly focus on multiplayer.

  • I was going to suggest that if you're only interested in the SP then Origin Access for $7/month may be a better deal.

    I went to confirm Titanfall 2 is included I saw they're running a promo for $1.50 for the first month. Not bad, especially given all the other games included.



    no thanks.

  • Just got this game. Holyshit how crazy is the gameplay. Esp when you can jump on back of the enemies mech and blow up the power core.

  • Is there an Aussie discord for this, since our server is supposedly so dead? With discord, it might be easier to organise some quick matches.