Debit Card Chargeback, has anyone done it?

I bought an item from Ebay in early May, tried to return it and lost the case with Ebay as seller lied. During that time I got it checked by an expert who found it was not working as stated and other problems. I am now $800 out of pocket. I have checked Paypal and cannot claim there as it is not covered (a used item I picked up). Since then the site where the equipment is has asked me to remove it so it is now worthless. I am looking into debit card chargeback as a last resort. Has anyone done this?


  • Visa or Mastercard?

  • Mastercard

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      After remembering that you tried to scam people for marked up prices on Face Masks due to Covid19, I will not be providing any help. Besides, your previous posts have also shown the type of person you are, which is open for everyone to read on their own.

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        many people here show who they really are, and you dont know me at all

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        I dont need your non existant help thanks anyway

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        My face masks were value for money, they prevented myself and my customers from catching Covid 19. And they werent marked up other than a small margin on wholesale price, which is normal business practice. You really dont know what you are talking about, you just try to twist things to suit your nasty agenda

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    Call Mastercard to start a chargeback. but looking at your info, it is most likely that you will lose too.

  • I guuss I could try, I am communicating with paypal about what happened

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      You would contact your bank, not Mastercard directly, but yeah I think it would be difficult for a chargeback to be successful for a second hand item.

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      yes, since then new information has come to light, I paid for an expert technician and some other info has come to light

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    Ebays appeal window has closed but probably wouldnt have helped anyway

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    Depending on your State you may need to take it to small claims tribunal. If it can be shown that there is a risk of further damage or injury or not being safe then you may be able to take action against the seller. The onus will be on you to demonstrate this. However if you’ve been asked to remove it then it’s no doubt going to be a hazard. Small claims tribunal normally will make a seller jump to action if they are wrong - or they may vigorously defend themselves - unfortunately it will like a be a he said she said situation. Make sure you have all the details of the seller - name address etc plus the listing details. Note that if there is insufficient detail in the listing or it never mentioned that the product was not working then you will probably lose out at every level Because the onus is on you to check and used goods are used to varying degrees. When you do local pick up it is very much buyer beware as eBay and most merchants believe that you have had the opportunity to inspect and make sure you are happy with it before you take possession of it.

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      I wont bother with a small claim, this chargeback will be my only shot

      • No worries. It is entirely up to you. However if you are that aggrieved then this will be the best way to force an action - especially if the person does not have time to go to tribunal. Btw I did not neg your comment.

  • I have checked Paypal and cannot claim there as it is not covered

    Your card provider will ask if you have tried to resolve the issue with the merchant (PayPal dispute process).

    Debit card chargeback initiated from your bank against paypal can be successful, you may even get an instant credit to your account for the value. The whole process may take several months to resolve.

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    OP's post history shows a history of transaction issues. My thinking is ebay seller didn't lie and OP just didn't get the result they wanted, now they're having another cry.

    OP supposedly inspected the item and accepted delivery of it despite not being happy with it on inspection, then tried to return it.

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      yeah whatever

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      I am not crying about it, I am a problem solver and attempting to fiz it. That is not having a cry. You must be the kind of person that kicks at someone when they are down. Charming!

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      Your thinking is not correct but I wont waste time explaining

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    Karma is a bitch eh?

  • Charge-back will be rejected for as far as the bank/card provider is concerned the goods were delivered and sellers obligation met. Whether the buyer considers the goods faulty is not an issue the bank/card provider will become involved with.

    • The goods were even picked up by the buyer.

      • actually the goods were sold on site and left onsite, they werent actually removed. Only the keys picked up. I have heard back from Paypal who have given their advice in the matter. However that is not something I am willimg to share for personal reasons. I may attempt a chargeback.

        • However that is not something I am willing to share for personal reasons.

          Rephrased: If I share the true facts, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on…

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      bye weezel

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  • Be aware PayPal May ban you if you do a charge back.

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      thats one of the reasons I am consulting with them. They just asked for the transacction ID

  • Divulging the nature of the item in question would add so much more context to this post…and you may not cop so much "advice"..

    • in summary its n item that was misrepresented and was faulty all along, and did not perform as it was described and is worthless.

  • So much secrecy behind what the item is.

  • So much secrecy… won’t post a photo of item, dounds like you are trying pull a scam

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      I have verified evidence and reports. So I can prove my case. Sounds like you are in on it

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    $800 - $300 =

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