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Myprotein EOFY Sale - 35% off $20, 40% off $60, 45% off $120+ Spend. Free Shipping $150+ Spend


Received an email from Myprotein about their End of Financial Year Sale. Using coupon code END,

  • 35% off when you spend $20+
  • 40% off when you spend $60+
  • 45% off when you spend $120+

Also free shipping with $150+ spend. Not sure about the expiry date but assume to be end of June.

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Referral: random (133)

Referee gets 35% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $20 credit.

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  • Does the referral code stack with the coupon?

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      Not in my experience with the 50% off recent sale

      • For a 5 kg wpi isn't that bad. Not sure how it tastes. Been using VPA for years. Anyone know how it compares?

        • +1

          Tastes quite ok.
          WPC generally tastes like a perfect milkshake and a lot better than the WPI.

          No clue how it compares to VPA sorry.

          • @diazepam: Hmm. Tempted to take this as my stock is running low. I normally get wpi as I can't have too much lactose. How's the quality and and postage? Does it take a long time to arrive?

            • +1

              @phoenixi0n: Quality is fine. Been buying since 2015 without a concern.
              I'm also lactose intolerant and this WPI has been kind to me.
              Postage pre-COVID took 1-2 weeks… Current order was placed on the 30th of last month and still hasn't arrived although estimated in the next few days.

        • I tried both but don't see much difference..but then I'm no expert…

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    Delivery kills it. $20 (or $29 express) to deliver a box of cookies? What?!! :)

    • Because it comes from the UK

      • Ah, that explains it, thanks

    • Delivery makes it, if you order a lot, though. I have done 25kg orders from there and paid nothing for air shipping, which is nuts to get away with.

  • I like myprotein don't get me wrong. But myprotein is stupidly expensive, and that a new sale comes up every week / other week.
    I'm tempted to neg because to me that's false advertising, almost the same as those things that have inflated RRP and have never really been sold at RRP price.

  • scott bulkin

  • Scotty doesn't know