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Intel Core i7-10700 $568 + $9.95 Regular or $14.95 Express @ Toptek Online


This is cheaper than the i7 9700, and $130 cheaper than the i7 10700 in MSY. They also sell Motherboard b460 and z490 quiet cheap as well.
Also postage is the same price with multiple items. Express 4 Shizzle

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  • $540 till couple days ago on Amazon. Great CPU by the way. Bhphoto has similar price

  • Still hard pressed to find a reason why I would ever buy this over a 3900x.

    Is this CPU still 14nm lithography? In 2020?

    • How much is a 3900x?

    • This is better for Gaming, and pretty good for others as well, it's like the i9 9900

      • You're right.

        It is the 9900, literally.

        Actually scratch that, it's a low binned 9900, worse clocks. And from benchmarks the difference in gaming is generally within margin of error <5%, but you also get a CPU which is much better at everything else.

      • This is only better for gaming if you unlock power limit though, which requires swapping the stock cooler to a good AIO or beefy air cooler. So gotta factor in the added cost.

        • This is only better for gaming if you unlock power limit

          When playing games the CPU should very rarely be pushing past 50% load so it should still be running at or close to it's highest clock speed. It's only when you're utilizing the entire CPU where removing the power limit can show bigger gains.

    • If this was $500-550 RRP then it would have been a perfect alternative to 3700X.

      At this price though, similar to the K variant, 10600k do better at gaming at much cheaper price point, a little extra for 3900X will be a no-brainer for productivity-focused build.

    • 14nm+++++ is a good meme but lets not forget that it achieves superior clock speed and that translates practically to higher performance, at a cost of more power consumption

  • Is that page legit??

    • Looks like a scam page to me? This is the entire about us page-

      "About Us Today, technology plays a major role in operation of any business. Toptek’s goal is to help businesses of all sizes access technology and equipment required for day-to-day operation and growth.

      Hardware that we offer is not just for businesses, we also provide commercial grade tools to everyone who values the security and reliability of business equipment at great prices."

      No address on the contact us page either.

      • This is the mob behind the site (through AUDA whois and ABN lookups) - https://cnccorp.com.au/.

        No address on that site either, but there's 1-300 number which gives address at industrial park in Adelaide (24 Hindmarsh Avenue, Welland SA 5007). With another mob sharing the address (https://www.itpros.com.au/).

        Dunno if the deal page is scam or not, but at least it seems that there is a real company behind.

      • Yeah the pricing on their page is too good to be true. with nearly $20 compared to other pages.

    • They support PayPal so might as well go with that payment just in case. Usually scam page won't even bother with PayPal.

    • My order say posted with Courier Please tracking, will update and see if it's a legit tracking/parcel tomorrow

    • Ok, got the goods, Seller is legit and located in Adelaide

  • Check static ice $560 CCPU Computers

  • $525 delivered on newegg if you pay btc


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