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LEGO Sale - Bookshop $199 / Corner Garage $239 / Fiat 500 $99 etc (Free Delivery over $49) @ Myer


Received an email from Brickhawk on a couple of sets from Myer. Decent price given the Lego shortages and demand lately.

Free delivery over $49

Selected items - others sale items are available:

Myer online store: Myer Lego Sale Page

Lego Creator Expert Bookshop 10270 - $199 - Out of Stock(again)
Lego Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264 - $239 - Out of Stock
Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 - $99 - Out of Stock
Lego Creator Expert Old Trafford 10272 - $399
Lego Creator Expert Stranger Things The Upside Down 75810 - $279 - Out of Stock
Lego Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 - $279
Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car 42109 - $149

Myer eBay store listings added: Myer eBay Sale Page

Lego Creator Expert Bookshop 10270 - $199 - Out of Stock
Lego Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264 - $239 - Out of Stock
Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 - $99- Out of Stock
Lego Creator Expert Old Trafford 10272 - $399


Update 1:

Updated links:

Update 2:

Myer eBay store listings added:

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  • OP beats me.

    From https://www.myer.com.au/catalogue#view=catalogue&saleId=3361...

    Hope eBay has another 20% off myer store.

    • I'm cheering I found my old Myer gift card last night and to my surprise I hadn't used it, perfect timing!

      Now let's just hope my order turns up after my Big W order getting cancelled/refunded.

      • Compare to BigW, at least you are able to see the items are still in stock after completing the order.

      • Not quite, it's actually more of a lucky drawer if your item is highly sought after, then you need to pray.

        From what I've seen, it's either going to be fulfilled by their warehouse or the stores do the fulfilment and the store that's chosen is based on your delivery address it seems. So a combination of factors.

        • This unfortunately is unfair on the consumer in my eyes. Orders should be fulfilled by when order was placed regardless of location.

          • @shiprekt: It is, but it's what I call a tacked on e-commerce solution. I'm not 100% sure how big of a warehouse Myer has, but I would assume it's big enough for temporary storage while it divides them to stores, but not like an Amazon as a full time e-commerce, as a result they need to use the stores as their warehouse. Which seems like the problem is, when you have floor stock used as inventory it becomes problematic…

  • Having sales isn't the issue it's having stock. Lego stock supply is very poor at the moment with covid19.

    • We can only hope Myer and their website works better than Big W who oversold a lot last week. Fingers crossed if you order, you will receive.

    • Why is that? If you've watched the doco on the Lego factory it's fully automated so supply shouldn't be affected by human problems. And while personal travel might be restricted, commercial freight is still going on.

      • Demand is huge right now due to lockdown all over the world. Deliveries are hampered when you have whole warehouses out of action. We're not as bas in Australia as our stock comes from Indonesia, but the Mexico center (for the US market) was out of action for a while.

      • There would have to be 500 Lego products in production at any point in time with God knows how many variations on bricks.

        Even automated factories have capacity constraints and humans do work at the Lego factory largely in management of it and extremely strict quality control. That's just the production of the bricks done.

        It's also about 8 weeks away by sea freight end to end. Throw in a pandemic and dramatically increased global demand and I think that may go someone to explain it.

  • Got the bookshop and Fiat 😁thanks Op

  • Corner garage OOS. BUGGER

  • International space station for $89 is also a decent buy. Been eyeing it out for a while.

    • Good fun build. Just completed mine. I had 2 of the other space/NASA theme items so this was a natural step. I paid RRP though Because I got it from the lego store.

  • Damn missed out on the Fiat!

  • Lego Creator Expert Bookshop OOS

    • Damn, thanks I've updated the OP.

    • Had it in my cart but missed out because my kid woke up and wanted me to read books :/

      • Hahaha same thing happened to me, but I had to quickly go, ok here's phone, watch 3 minutes of youtube… jumped on computer and ordered.

        • I'm so glad you shared this because I did something similar - just chuck the TV on for a bit. Ordered. Then made breakfast. an AFOL gotta do what's gotta be done!

        • I was AT checkout on my phone, couldn't hand it over. One kid lying on top of me, other kid walked in. Just couldn't get to the pc or anything :/

          Darn you two!

  • Gutted I didnt get up earlier :(

  • No Aston Martin, no deal :(

  • Oh poo! Been waiting on someone to stock Bookshop and then missed this.

  • Doh, shouldn't have slept in!

  • Bookshop is back to stock.

  • Hey guys I went to me local myer and they had a ton of fiats, like so many probably 20? And mine had about 10 bookshops, anywAys I got one fiat and I already ordered bookshop online so will wait for that.

    Think they are well prepared, having said that when I was leaving saw this young Asian couple (I’m asian) with all the bookshops and about 10 fiats pushing it in some BIGW trolley they wheeled in lol brodens everywhere, good luck all!

    • I know people are free to do this but damn, put some limits on some things so that its a little more fairer for others to get one. Sucks. Glad they have in-store stock but.

      Edit: Hopefully they don't try to use the on-floor inventory as the stock as you mentioned earlier and the problems with that approach.

      • Saw a guy on my local Buy Swap and Sell FB Group trying to sell the Animal Crossing switch for $1800!

        • He will be holding on to that for a long time.

        • hahaha I saw a guy post on FB market place for $800 and he showed a screenshot of his JB hifi preorder, and said "pre ordered, ready to be sent to you once I pick it up", like really, the screenshot showed $469, and like wtf… I would prefer people try to pretend to play it dumb a bit more and not try and paint out the picture you're fooling them.

    • "saw this young Asian couple (I’m asian)"
      It's good that you pointed that out. Only Asian people can identify other Asians…

      • In case it wasn't obvious to you, OP obviously said that in case someone calls him/her out for being a racist?

        • Pretty much, it's the internet, everything even non-racial paints you as being a racist or sexist pig, and in this instance people would definitely say I'm racist.

          • @squaredonut: Then why point it out? You comment would have been just as effective if you said "I saw this young couple". I would'nt say "I saw this young white couple…". Adding an "I'm Asian" is also weird - Asian's can only identify other Asians?

  • All looks to be in stock on their Ebay site now.

  • It was showing Fiat as out of stock on product list page but I was able to add it to cart and complete the order. Also, got a notification that order is now processed.

  • Lego Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264 - $239 OOS on ebay now, some bought 5 units

  • Why do people buy 5+ units and think people are dumb enough to pay over RRP for Lego?

    • Selfish is one thing, trying to take advantage of others is another thing. I guess due to the lack of stock Lego has been able to get here the last few months people are trying to snap up as much as they can to try and profit at a later date. Maybe due the earlier sets which are now retired are fetching very high prices they will sit and collect dust.

      Either way, its really frustrating for those just wanting to get one to actually build and enjoy.

      • after seeing people flog those Chinese dinner sets early last year it really put me off collecting lego. But this type of behavior isn't isolated to just lego. Game and other collectibles are victims to this BS flippers.

    • Probably a Scumtree seller as if sold on Ebay would be working for $1 after fees .

    • Because people want these sets after they’ve been retired. It’s simple supply and demand

      • Yeap its the most popular Lego Theme and they haven't reprinted any previous Modular Buildings YET .
        I will emphasis the yet lol .
        Assembly Square the most likely to go next and has been in a few sales lately around $300's ( Amazon the BigW was mission impossible )

        • I'm still spewing I bought it at 12:08am on the Big W sale, 8mins after the sale launched only to get a call a few days later saying it's been cancelled due to no stock. Awaiting my refund still.

  • I'd love that Old Trafford kit! Didn't even know there was one.

  • are they cl;earing stores? cant find the Sheridan sheets online i used to get :(

  • Got the Fiat in store(liverpool).
    They had 2 left and I bought one.
    Going to put in on my car transport carrier.

  • Stranger Things The Upside Down 75810 is now OoS

  • Side note - Target has Assembly Square for $399 (full price)


    Given the demand and its nearing progression to deadstock, this is a great price.

    • Normally when goes on official Lego site it sells out within the hour .
      Was thinking of the 15% off First Responders deal in a few days but excludes online .
      Midnight Warriors will get them in a sale I guess :)

    • also available on Amazon, looks like it's coming back into stock

  • Well… a MASSIVE FU to Myer aswell… both my damn sets I ordered this morning were cancelled 4 minutes ago!

    This is an absolute joke. First BIG W and now Myer.

    • what sets did you order? was it thru ebay or the myer website?

      • 1x Bookshop and 1x Corner Garage ordered this morning at 04:55am this morning via their website - before any of this was posted on their ebay store. I am so livid right now.

    • That sucks, my bookstore is cancelled too :(

      It sucks that as the OP you got shafted for sharing.

      • You guys are probably ok, it looks my banks verification did not accept my acceptance for their fraud protection even after I replied to it instantly. I am so devastated and here there were 30+ sets of each one sold up to 7 hours after I purchased it.

        I'm just lost for words, this is so s*** especially after seeing people buys 4-5 of the same set on the eBay sales which was way after my order was accepted and they are only cancelling my order 12 hours after I made the damn purchase.

        • If this is the case, they would cancel the order straight away not until now. I am still waiting for the order status to be updated.

          • @rartelif: This is exactly what I don't understand… why was it 12 hours to notify me! I can't even recall if the amount came off my CC or not now. The guy on the phone at Myer had no information other than there was an issue with the verification, yet I damn well responded to the verification I received.

            Missing the Big W one was a blow, but the whole sale of that one was a mess, this was clean and even before the ebay store was populated so to get boned like this is jusr deflating. I know its only Lego, but man just sucks so much. Seeing people buying 5 of the same set on eBay is just a effing joke.

            • @shiprekt: Always consider PayPal if you got the choice, much easier than cc. Feel sorry for you, you shared all the information however end up you don’t get anything.

              • @rartelif: Yeah my Big W one was with PayPal as well yet that got cancelled after making a purchase 8 minutes after the sale. I'm still waiting for that refund to come through as well.

                I would have done PayPal again however that linked card this time did not have enough on it for this purchase unfortunately.

        • On the advice of someone on the Facebook page I called up Adelaide at 5pm. I got a corner garage.

          There was One Corner garage left at Adelaide cbd. Lady said some left in syd and melb cbd and carindale. I paid over the phone and she’s shipped it to me for free.

    • Ouch :( Thankfully I got my click and collect confirmation for my Fiat order

  • Hope my Fiat doesn't get cancelled.

  • For FFS! You have done it again Myer:

    Dino Fossile

    All been canceled!

    • Believe there should be heaps of Dinos in your local store. Also you can reorder via eBay store, if you are eBay plus number you may have $5 voucher to spend.

  • Has anyone had any of their eBay orders cancelled? I'm assuming maybe those who purchased on the Myer website were the one that got shafted?

    This is pure disgusting stuff from Myer.

    I will be calling my cred card company tomorrow to ask if it was actually on their end, or is Myer telling me porkies. The fact that others have been cancelled makes me think it wasn't my bank, but more so Myer trying to pull the wool over my eyes!

    • Definitely nothing about the bank. We are on the same boat, ordered the same time same items and I paid via PayPal.

      • Ok so we've been screwed over. If eBay orders are being fulfilled and they cancelled the orders from their Myer online shop, then I am going to unleash tomorrow morning. I know this is Lego and I shouldn't be getting worked up, but this happened to me in the Big W sale, and if Myer customer service just lied to me that it was my fault - then why did I receive an order confirmation email? Do Myer send out order confirmations only to pull them 12 hours later and blame the customers bank! Get out of here.

        The crazy thing is on top of this is the eBay stock was added 8 hours after we ordered this morning!!

        • That Ebay stock shows how dumb Myer selling tactics are as it would have sold on the Myer site in 5 sec with no commissions to Ebay .

        • Weird thing is I just realized I only received PayPal refund email but not myer cancellation email. Order in my account is showing cancelled. Very poor customer service and this is not the first time. I don’t mind if i don’t get the deal, but to be fair we need to find out sort of queuing system, why is the people who placed their orders first but being cancelled. Totally BS.

          • @rartelif: This is exactly the BS thing. The stock on their site was still available for hours in the early morning after our order. Then eBay sales of around 30 of each the Bookshop and Garage were sold 8 or so hours after our early orders.

            If they are not cancelled this is this just utterly pathetic.

  • so purchasers who made thru myer got cancelled, was it via afterpay?

  • Glad I went to the store to buy. Can never trust Myer with the stock numbers.

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