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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 - 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilzer $135.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best Deal yet. Will check Office Works Price Match option Later Today.

This deal is excluding tripod. Combo will have tripod.

Link to office works


Linkto OW combo


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Had one for months, use it all the time for our construction company social media accounts

  • I think you need the price in the title……….

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    combo is $168

  • word

  • Anyone has issue with iPhone 11 Pro Max with case?

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      With iPhone 11 wide angle lens you will pick up a little bit of the corner of the centre hub, you can avoid this issue by slide it over slightly and be off balance , the Osmo will adjust the balance for you and you might lose a bit of battery life

      • works fine…i remove my case to get it nice and snug plus it balances equally when the gimbal is put into standby

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    Just ordered one , don’t really need Tripod

    • Thanks. Updated the title.

  • The hard Case and the tripod well worth the extra coin.

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      thanks, just bought from JBHIFI with the combo at $169 with 5% gc from Suncorp benefits. paid $160.55

  • This might be great for those long skype sessions?

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    Thanks OP. Got it for $128.39 with OW Pricebeat (free delivery).

    • how can you make OW Pricbeat if you buy from online?? put in the cart and call?

      • Called into 1300 OFFICE (633 423). Handy to have the product code.
        A sweet lady arranged for the purchase and delivery (easier if you have an account with them).

        • You managed to get combo?

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            @udarawic: No, just the gimbal. They do have the combo as well, at the same price as amazon though.

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          Thank you so much :)

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    Same price with DigiDirect if anyone interested https://www.digidirect.com.au/dji-osmo-mobile-3

  • How does this compare to the DJI Osmo Mobile 2?, picked one up a few months ago for < $100ish from that Harvey Norman deal.

    Planning to use it across Europe and a 2 week skiing trip next year.

    • One reason I would avoid DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is if your phone has an ultra wide, the osmo 2 handle ends up in the video

      • Osmo 3 fixes this?, i am using a iPhone 11 Pro Max and plan to use ultrawide whilst skiing.

        • Yes. I'm sure I've watched a video where it stated this was one of the primary reasons of the redesign in number 3

  • Have and still use the OG. Still good for what it's supposed to do, though battery life is a HUGE upgrade on the later models

  • wish they had a deal on the combo

  • thanks op got one

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    The whole point of a gimbal is handheld stabilisation. When would a tripod be used?

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      Probably for time-lapses, etc. There's nothing special about this tripod though, I'm sure you can use any standard tripod.

      • Its just a decent good quality, portable, stable tripod.

        Great if you already have something, but for the price difference its very worth it in my opinion.

  • st abi lz er

  • Really tempting
    However I have already got a Osmo pocket
    I think the major benefit of having Osmo mobile is able to do Live streaming from mobile (eg. Facebook / Youtube Live)

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    Works well for POV porn production.

  • Can these hold a go pro with some type of adapter?

    • Back in V1 there's adaptor to hold go pro
      However using this to hold go pro you lose most of the benefits of this gimbal

      as you cant do anything like active tracking, button controls, time lapse etc
      So why not just get a go pro 3 axis gimbal?

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    Bought one of these with the intention to film some stuff while overseas.

    Even practised some shooting techniques like a nerd.

    When I was overseas, realised how much of an idiot you look using one of these. Plus the built in stabilisation for my phone was decent anyway, so didnt use it.

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    Combo at digidirect is 160$ you can price match at office work worth 152.65 good deal with combo …bought already yesterday


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    I called OW last night for Price Match- They didnty have it in stock and asked me to go to store today morning. Seems the deal has finished. Amazon shows 148 and the digi direct sale has also ended. No price match, and missed amazon.. Will wait for the next deal now.

    • Was in the same boat. I ended up going to OW and price matching an eBay listing from the official DJI store, got it for around 157 (combo)

  • Price gone. Back to normal price already.

  • Damn snooze you lose

  • I bought the combo from Apple store in Brisbane city just for international warranty and paid $170.95 thanks for the post OP.

    • What is OP?

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        ohh it's just silly, OP is short for original poster :)

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