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Cardo PACKTALK Bold Motorcycle Communication System Dual Pack $660.47 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Great price for a dual pack - local Aus sellers sell these each for $600 and dual packs approx $1100. I'm currently using Sena comms but am keen to give Cardo ago for this price! Lots of great features like mesh ability etc heaps of reviews out there for those interested.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I thought it was a railgun or something…..

  • I have the previous model (SmartPack) and it's fantastic, I paid over $600 for it.
    My mates all recently bought this model and love them, and paid roughly what OP mentioned ($650 each or $1100 for dual packs). This is a fantastic deal if anyone is on the fence.

    Main benefit for me over the Sena's is that these are waterproof.

    • The Sena is still water resistant for the purposes of riding in the rain. Waterproof is only great if you're submerged in water, in which case you've got bigger problems.

      • The main difference being if your Sena stops working because of any type of water damage theres no warranty coverage; where as Cardo will replace the unit

  • If only I had someone else that rides to use this with

  • Would this work with a Buzz Lightyear Costume??

  • Getting poor reviews for AU English voice recognition, better suited for US English 'twang'.

  • Try integrating these with the Voice Access app from Google. It's a lot more than just Google Assistance. If it works you can have full control of you phone with just the control of your voice.

  • Ordered one, thanks OP. Anyone has experience with warranty claims with Amazon direct?


      Amazon usa bought to be return at own expense than refunded by them (postage), rest they look after warranty part ( replace/refund).

    • Ive returned a few things that either were faulty or not accurate to Amazon USA and no issues at all return shipping paid for etc also. service has been better than I've had locally.. as sad to say as it is.

  • My Sena 20S is on my Shoei NXR (RF1200) but I was already leaning twds Cardo for next Bluetooth comms.

    I'm thinking the dual pack for the Bell MX9 Adventure MIPS and Nishua Enduro Carbon.

    Though the Packtalk slim looks the better option, no duo pack though.

    • Was considering the same | $376.43 Single slim vs $330 half the normal duo pack - not too bad considering local prices still

      • Make sure to get the Packtalk Slim JBL. That's the latest version.
        Spent a while trying to ascertain the difference, (JBL speakers) alot of other sellers don't differentiate, though the JBL was released in 2019

      • I'm still leaning towards the slim for the adventure helmet.

        Which one did you go for?

  • Have moved from the Sena S20 Evo to the Cardo Freedom 2plus… So much happier, better speakers (not even the JBL ones on my model) way better app and quality of unit in my opinion. Also bought the 2 pack for less than my single Sena S20 Evo cost!

    • Im disappointed in those who I ride with all getting Sena's. Its inferior but a complete hassle to link between Sena and Cardo…

  • Settled on the Cardo Slim JBL.
    No cashback as Automotive category. Couldn't buy discounted gift cards as already bought $500 of Amazon cards this month.
    $376.43 it was, $559 next closest price MXstore.