Help Me Name My New Company!

Hey Ozbargainers!

So I've completed many home loans in the last few years for many OzBargainers as a Home Lending Manager for a major bank - I've now made the move to open up my own company as a Mortgage Broker in the next couple of weeks.

I need your help with the name!

The names I keep thinking of are either too cheesy/unforgettable/already taken.

I think I'd like along the lines of 'XYZ Finance' -give me your suggestions!

I've set up a poll with a couple of my favourites.

Thanks, Aidan.

Poll Options expired

  • 280
    Treetop Finance
  • 144
    Blue Owl Finance
  • 29
    Percent Finance
  • 74
    Marble Finance

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  • FootyBoy Finance

    • Yep, why didn't I think of that?!

  • Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of picking a name that does not show up in a search engine, e.g. by picking something that matches commonly used words ("percent finance" will give you heaps of false positives drowning out your name), or an existing name of some other company somewhere.

    Word of warning: Blue Owl finance will be quite a hoot. They'll end up calling you Giggle.

    • I did not know that. May have to reconsider!

  • RedTube Finance

    • Brazzers Finance

      • HornPub's Finance, lol

  • Mike Hunts Finance

  • Flight by night finance

  • Tightarse Finance
    Phone is Fine Finance
    By Now Think Later Finance
    Gerry Harvey Finance
    JV Finance
    ACCC Finance
    In Penalty Box Finance
    Price Match Finance

  • BaNkRuPt Finance

    • In caps/lower too?

  • OP - I voted a couple days ago for Marble Finance, but since then I have thought back on this post a couple times and always remembered one of the options - Treetop. I had to click back in to this thread to even remember the name I voted on. So, I change my vote. Treetop clearly more memorable with me at least.

    • Marble was the first pick a couple of weeks ago, I quickly moved on from it. Would have been a cool looking background for a website, but not much else.

  • kettle and teacup finance

    • Different, nice. What made you think of that?

      • +1

        i saw a kettle, and a teacup in the kitchen :)

  • Bounty Finance
    AAA Finance
    I&U Finance

    • AAA finance would certainty rank first in the White Pages!

      • What are those?

        • +2

          Go in to Google settings and click 'sort by Alphabetical'.

  • McMortgage

    • McMortgages for your McMansion

  • mortgage pimp
    interest only finance
    skeleton mortgages
    acquire loans

    • Principle only finance.

  • Slacks off mortgages
    No tightening of belts here.

  • Kittens loans
    Red Light loans

  • Ben Dover Financial

  • OzBorn

  • Honest suggestion…

    Think about the name as a tool. If you plan to one day have this become a big company with employees, and/or you plan to buy leads and call and represent your brand name, you want it to sound fancy.

    What I mean by that, is you want it to sound legit. Australian Finance and Mortgage sounds a lot more "legit" than GreenTree Mortgages or whatever the top pole option was.

    Alternatively use a name that someone may think "yeah I've heard of that word before…seems like a legit company"

    E.g. you've heard of Aussie Home loans. So perhaps you can call yourself Aussie Mortgage Loans

    Incoming negs for unethical decision blah blah. But trust me. I had a mate. He started a mortgage company and named it something "Legit". And he said that helped him build credibility. Now he has upwards of 50+ employees.

    • +1

      That's why I think something like pocket finance works.

    • +1

      Makes perfect sense, I've pretty much made my mind up on the name and thinking against Treetop for that exact reason.

  • Aiding U Finance

    • Trending number 2 I think.

  • +1


    • Yea that works!

  • Bricks N Tiles Finance
    Abode Loans
    Money for Life Finance

    • Nice, I like Abode. Not Bricks and mortar?

      • Mate good Luck with the Business Venture

        • -1

          Cheers Josho, let me know if you need a home loan. Or a better home loan!

  • I’m impressed at the responses to this thread. Thought about posting the same in relation to our business but thought the backlash would be fierce.

    Great response Ozbargain!

    • +1

      Hi Damo, yep I estimated 20 or so comments, it took off! Within an hour I think there was 50 comments, how good is OzBargain!

  • Megatron Mortgage

  • +2

    Ifitaint Brokers

    Slogan: Don't fix it, go variable!

  • Fairdikkum Finance

    • Nice. Would appeal to the outer city folk.

  • Australian First Finance

    • Nice sounds wholesome, professional.

  • LoanR

  • Loanage

    • Nice, like it.

  • You Win We Win Finance

  • AA Finance

    • +1

      Why stop at two As?

    • If you want to be towards the top of the yellow pages listing you need those A's.

  • +2

    The Loan Ranger
    Just a Loanly Mortgage Broker
    Loanly Hearts
    I Can't Believe it's a Mortgage Broker!

  • Whatever the name is, good luck with your business endeavour, you've chosen the right next step.

    • Hey @assets thanks, means a lot, the feedback has been nothing short of amazing.

  • Mortgy McMortgface? =P

    Jokes aside, all the best OP! =)

    Lol the comments are hilarious

    If there's a tinder profile for the company, you can have this pick up line: I can fix your loanliness ;)

    • Thanks zrmx, maybe I could start a side business?

  • Pick something unique to locate you on Google.
    Not tried it but "Green Grass Mortgage Brokers" is probably more unique then "Excellent Mortgage Broker".

    Or if you prefer a yellow pages style name "AAAAA Best Mortgage Broker"

  • +1

    Keeping the current situation and isolation in mind …


    • +2

      Much better than "Nasal Swab Finance" I guess.

  • Aidan Does Finance

  • Golden Dragon Happy Flower Broker

  • +2


  • Loans R Us.

  • A pack of Counts!

  • Afiscal Finance
    Batavia Finance
    BuildingBlock Finance

  • It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Finance