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½ Price Steggles Family Roast Whole Chicken $2.75/kg, Primo Chorizo $12/kg, McCain Family Pizza 500g $3.50 @ Woolworths


Steggles Family Roast Chicken Whole - $2.75/kg

Roast and serve with a side of, "How was your day?"

Primo Chorizo – From the Deli - $12/kg

McCain Family Pizza 500g - $3.50

Mccain Pizza Margherita 500g
Mccain Family Pizza Bbq Chicken & Pineapple 500g
Mccain Pizza Meatlovers Bbq 500g
Mccain Pizza Cheese & Bacon 500g
Mccain Pizza Ham & Pineapple 500g
Mccain Supreme Pizza 500g

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    I find woolworths the worst when it comes to stocking things that are on special

  • Pro tip: get specials on Tuesday before they expire on Woolworths online And get delivered on Wednesday onward, You get them at the special price and almost guarantees the item is in stock as the special has ended in store on the delivery day.

  • Are the McCain pizzas better than the Ristorante?

    • imo, no. Had McCain's a few times as a kid, then we changed to Ristorante, and we found them much better. Although, at this price, one may put that aside.

    • Definitely not. The McCains have a weird crunch in the crust which is not good on the tooth. Well, my teeth at least.

  • Cheap Chicken and Chorizos… i see Jambalaya in my future

  • Bought a 2.3kg chicken last week at this price. Great family meal for $8 and tasted so much better than the supermarket cooked chickens.

  • Looks like the Weber is going to be cooking up some more juicy rotisserie chicken this week! Then left overs will then make some nice chicken and cabbage soup!

  • Sticking mine in the air fryer.. woooo!!