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Johnnie Walker Green Label $65.90 @ Dan Murphy's


Normally around $88/bottle.
Johnnie Walker Green Label Scotch is a blend of entirely Single Malts and has aromas of smoky vanilla oak, pepper, fresh cut grass and sandalwood on the nose. Rich mouthfeel with a delicate earthiness are balanced through to a lingering malty aftertaste. Sophisticated and full of finesse. Great to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

21/7/2020: Now $65.90 @ Dan's for members (sign up for free).

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  • Ahhh the go to daily drink……Better at this price then $80'odd.

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    " is a blend of entirely Single Malts"

    Mr. Hutchinson :"Are the peas fresh?"

    Basil Fawlty: "Yes"

    Mr. Hutchinson: So they're not frozen?"

    Basil Fawlty: "They are, but they were freshly frozen."

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      Not comparable at all. Single malts are a type of whisky, so saying it's a blend of single malts means something different to just saying it's blended whisky.

      • Regardless of the quality of the blend [ and I am a fan and have bought one], it reads similar to the 'difference' between "fresh" and " farm fresh", and reminds me of a certain large chains claim to be " fresh food people" when offering 6 month old apples and lettuces that are 'fresh' in that they were not actually frozen…

        O.T - in many cases, frozen is "fresher" than "fresh" as the time between harvest and cooking is a lot shorter. I'd suggest that this whisky could be regarded as a step above Glenfiddich but I don't have enough asbestos to hand to make a suit.

    • Gordon Ramsay: "Is the salmon fresh?"

      Chef: "Yes. Fresh frozen"

      Gordon Ramsay: "F**k me!"

  • Great blended malt whisky. Easily the best price-value bottle within the JW range.

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    For those who haven't had this in a while - the newer batches (post 2015 iirc) have more Caol Ila in the blend, which means this now has a mild peat flavour.

    The blend is Caol Ila, Talisker, Linkwood and Cragganmore for those who are interested.

    • Im still sitting on 2x 1 ltr bottles from mid 2000's that IMHO tasted a bit better….but glad that its back for a while now.

    • Somebody’s been watching YouTube videos lol

  • I love JW Green. My go to daily. I recently also tried Aldi's copy, Highland Green. It is a bit sweeter, but the rest of the notes were pretty impressive. Much cheaper too.

  • You can get one shipped for $61 from Boozebud via Kogan. Use code "EOFYHOT" at checkout to get 10% discount on $68 as advertised. Even better if you have $20 Kogan credit for shopping over $50. That' what i did and paid $41 for it.

  • "a blend of entirely Single Malts"

    Lol wait what - aren't all blended whiskeys a blend of single malts

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      No, they are a mix of blended grains and malts. This is just malts.

    • Single malt is a very misleading term. Single malts can technically be blends of several scotch whiskeys from different distilleries.

      Blended whiskeys can have all kinds of alcohols in them, eg. rice alcohol.

      • Isn't the definition of a single malt Single malt whisky is malt whisky from a single distillery.

        • Yea that's right.

          Blended whisky is the generic term that encompasses whiskies that contain one or two whiskies that have either differing grains bases (e.g. malted barley, unmalted barley, wheat) and/or are from distillery locations.

          The term of 'Blended Malt' is that it includes malt barley based whiskies from different distillers. So this JW Green Label only contains whiskies derived from malt barley.

        • My mistake. It can be a blend of single malts from a a single distillery.

      • I wouldn't say that the term single malt is misleading. Do people actually think single malt refers to something coming from a single barrel? That'd cost a fortune!

        • Before I read that whiskyanalysis site I just assumed a single malt would be from one season's harvest of barley, probably all from just one farm and only one variety of barley involved.

          Maybe the term isn't misleading at all, I just had my incorrect assumptions.

  • It's a good whisky. I prefer Black as my everyday go to but Green is nice for a change. Both easy drinking. I just don't get enough extra out of Green to justify the price difference.

  • Green is a fine everyday drinking whiskey. Last year Ozbargain had a special on Blue and I bought a bottle. While it is arguably maybe a bit better, the price difference is not justified.

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    Amazon has it for $67.95 delivered and buy 2 and get 10% off

  • There seems to be a price war between Dan Murphy's and Boozebud; they keep dropping the price by 5c to best each other.

  • "Rich mouthfeel"? flavoursome, but this stuff has a bite! certainly not the mellow smoothness of the gold label.

    • No paradox, if a rotty shoved it's tongue in your mouth then bit your tongue off you'd have a very rich mouthfeel, tho not nearly as much as with boxer, mastiff or bobby calf.

  • Price if back up