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  • TIme management course seems to be in arabic only? (no english on the frontpage)

    Backpain course isnt free

    Does anyone actually take or done any of these courses? (i have a boatload)

    Wow no excel ones for once….

  • souble post. nvm.

    • I've done a few 3D and game making ones. Surprisingly happy with them, actually.

      The ones I've actually done were paid ones. I had to create a second udemy account to filter out the hundreds of freebies I never looked at.

      I wait for the 90% sales and you can find some good stuff in the 15-25 range.

      These ones were good if you want to make little games:




      They're not especially different from ones you can find on youtube, but those are usually shorter and you have to cobble together lots of tutorials from lots of different channels who don't have the same workflow. $20 saves that annoyance and gets you a start-to-finish experience.

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      I guess you will have to allocate time for learning Arabics.

    • Some of the AWS courses on Udemy are quite good. The practice exams are really useful.

      Some of the other coding courses are excellent.

      The free ones you get here, I dunno, I've got far too many of them.

      It's a bit like free Amazon books. If it's free, get it if it looks halfway interesting.

    • I keep adding these free courses but then only tend to purchase other courses which I then obviously take. I have started a few free ones that were worth watching/skimming for a bit tho, but never tend to finish those.

  • Microsoft SQL Server for Beginners to expert & Specialize in Software Testing with Real Examples+Agile+JIRA- is not free anymore

  • I need #2. "Advance Strategy to stop worry, anxiety and embrace success" just from seeing posts about Udemy courses that I want and never use!

  • C Programming for Beginners - Master the C Fundamentals - not free

  • Damn, a lot of these really suck.

  • thanks op

  • The Importance of JV Contests in Exploding Your Business

  • The 'Recording Audiobooks' one looks to have ended its promo.

  • Thanks:)

  • Advance Strategy to stop worry, anxiety and embrace succe

    Not free

  • What's with all these 30-40 minute courses that apparently normally cost around $200? Who is buying them?

    • Who is buying them?

      No one.

      So you offer them for free, get 10,000 cheapskates sign up, then go back to selling a $200 course that has 10,000 students.

      Same strategy the "Free!" Amazon books have, gets your book on the charts.

  • " UiPath REFramework - Everything Explained " is not free anymore.

  • they're not FREE anymore ???