[PS4, XB1] Risk of Rain 1 + 2 - $15 @ EB Games


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I'm gonna keep pushing this title as it's a shitload of fun and highly underrated (even though it's technically not finished. Update 1.0 scheduled before the end of the year, though).

For $15 you're getting Risk of Rain 1 in its entirety as well as Risk of Rain 2 and all future updates it receives.

Basically is a 3D 3rd person shooter rogue-like with the ability to team up with up to 3 friends or randoms as you traverse levels while collecting loot to power up your character (these act as stat upgrades and not weapons like Fortnite).

Definitely a good pickup for some online gaming, and still good fun for solo play!

Risk of Rain 1 also has up to 4-player couch co-op

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  • 1x PS4 copy left on their eBay store if someone with Plus wants to grab it with free shipping.


  • thanks bucko. your plan worked.

    good review


    • You'll be pleased to know the game has even more content since that review was made too. More characters, hidden areas, alternate worlds, etc.

      Next console update is meant to arrive before the end of the month too!

  • I grabbed this on Switch last time they had a deal, yet to really play it though. If anyone wants to play shoot me a message

    • I personally play on Switch. Have a group of friends that play there too. Could potentially find a time?

  • Thanks buddy, just bought it for the Xbox! Got it from Lilydale which isn’t too far from home. Now I just need to find an awesome deal on an Xbox one X!

  • Is there much difference between the xb1 vs ps4 version or just a matter of preference?

    • It's honestly still quite difficult to find much info on ANY of the console versions of the game. All I know is that the Switch runs at 30fps with drops down to around 20fps during super intense screens with multiple enemies/particle effects.

      I've put in over 70 hours on Switch even with the inconsistent frame rate, so considering that I'd imagine the other console versions are at least more consistent in terms of performance.

      Not sure if Pro and X even run at 60 or have enhancements at all. Will respond after I research a bit

    • So according to my research, even Xbox One X only runs at 30fps. Given that is the case I'd say it's safe to assume everything in between Switch and X runs at 30.

      In terms of visuals, the game is heavily stylised an an almost cartoon-like way which means the graphics would be mostly similar on all platforms despite differing resolutions.

      I'd expect performance optimisations to come after the 1.0 update later this year

  • There are some other very good PS4 deals as well. Darkest Dungeon with DLC for $10. Dead Cells GOTY Edition for $15.

  • Thanks! saw this message and found three in EBGames.

  • Played RoR1 on Steam and it is so hard, the base enemies after a few stages are so tough, let alone any boss types.

    • Maybe it's the third dimension and the depth of the Z axis, but I find 2 less challenging in terms of control and navigation. The difficulty is certainly still there in terms of general challenging gameplay, but it's at least easier to see where you are and what's going on around you.

  • thanks. I bought 5 to play with the boys. Will be a nice break from apex legends


    As of today the console versions have been updated.

    Performance has apparently been greatly improved with PS4 and Xbox reportedly hitting 60fps now, whilst switch is said to be "hugely improved" in terms of performance. I'll check the Switch version myself when I get home, but seems to be a very sufficient improvement across the board along with lots of new content.

    • Can confirm Switch is now even targetting 60fps and seems to stick close to it. Based only on early gameplay. Can't speak on consistency in longer runs yet

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