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[PC] Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - $17.79 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Seems to be the cheapest price for the PC version.

Includes the 2 previous expansions (Heavensward & Stormblood)

Requires the base EU version of the game. NOT compatible with the Steam version.

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  • thanks OP, bought the game

  • Is there a subscription involved for this game? like final fantasy WoW?

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    Played an obscene amount of this.

    If you don't want an alt on the same server, go with the "Entry" subscription when the free month is up - it's much cheaper.

    I'll try to answer questions if people have them.

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      How much is the entry subscription, and what are the limitations?

      • If you're EU acct (which Aus is meant to be) I believe it's 11 euros/mth. The full sub is more but comes down to match the entry price if you buy enough months in advance.

        Entry Sub is just limited to 1 character per server and 8 worldwide, whereas full sub is… 8/32 iirc? Absolutely not worth it for most people as you can level every job on the one character. You would only need alts for very niche reasons.

    • Hey Erwark,

      Hopefully you don't mind answering some questions:
      1. Which server do you recommend for AU players? eg. tonberry?
      2. What is the percentage of time that you require playing solo vs. a team participation to play through the story line.
      3. I heard they are redoing the story to make it more streamlined for new players, do you know if this is true?
      4. Do you recommend the game, as it is a big time commitment.

      My background is I've play OG WOW back in the day for 3 months straight, played FF 7,8,9,X

      Thanks heaps :)

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        1. Tonberry is great, but so is Kujata if Tonberry is full. World visit and cross-world parties mean it doesn't matter much as long as you're on the same datacentre (Elemental).

        2. Story is almost all solo in overworld and 4 or 8 player parties in dungeons/bosses/raids. I would say, to rush to endgame, is probably 85% overworld solo questing and 15% duties (multiplayer dungeons, etc). Endgame is sort of up to your interests, but for raiders, closer to 50 or 70% party content.

        3. Absolutely true (and I believe it's due in the next month). Honestly, 1-50 early game is a bit of a slog and needs the refining. I will say, the story and pacing gets better through every expansion. Buying the most recent expac gets you all the previous ones, but you're unlikely to get to endgame in a month unless you go full basement-dweller.

        4. Absolutely love it. The time commitment is kind of up to you. I have some friends who sub every few months, some who play for a few hours a week and some who play for 20 hours a week. You can play how you like, but it is a biiiig game if you're a completions. The community is generally very very good. 95% of people are very helpful and accommodating.

        Hope that helps.

        • Thanks for the responses Erwark, definitely helps.

          I'll most likely wait until they deploy the revised story.

          Do you recommend any other mmorpg? I used to play guild wars 2 also.

          Have you heard of the upcoming game Blue Protocol?

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            @Ausdave: Haven't played many others. I am pretty loyal to this game after over 5000 hrs over the years, haha.

            All jobs levelled and I raid regularly.

            Revamp is in patch 5.3, expected mid/late July

            • @Erwark: @Erwark

              I have another question if you don't mind.

              In the current state of the game (as patches can rebalance/nerf jobs), what job is enjoyable/entertaining to play through the storyline.

              I'm planning on a dps character, just wondering which one (or several) you'd recommend.

              Thanks in advance

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                @Ausdave: All jobs are viable both for the story and endgame.

                The best DPS for story, IMO, would be Red Mage, Dragoon, Bard or Ninja. Red Mage is only available from 50 and Ninja is only from 15, so both would require starting on a different job.

                Summoner has the benefit of scoring you a free healer as Scholar shares levels with it.

                You can always just switch jobs whenever you see fit, as 1 character can level all jobs and switch anytime outside combat.

                Hope that helps? I can go into why I picked those if you like. Consider that DPS have longer queues foe content because there are an abundance compared to tanks and healers.

                • @Erwark: Thanks for the reply.

                  I've chosen archer for now, which was based on some youtube clips I watched yesterday night.

                  Not sure if I will continue down the path to a Bard yet, as you stated I can always switch jobs :)

                  I might PM you in the following weeks or months if I end up committing to it more (if you don't mind).

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