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KitchenAid KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer + 3pc Pasta Roller from $518 @ Appliances Online


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer model KSM160.
Standard inclusions such as two stainless steel bowls with handle - 4.8L and 2.8L, flat beater, stainless steel wire whisk, dough hook and pouring shield.
This offer also comes with a 3 piece Pasta Roller Attachment.

Colours and Prices (after $20 discount code applied):
Cocoa Silver $518
Silver $539
White $549
Empire Red $549
Almond Cream $556
Onyx Black $559
Watermelon $602

Currently KA are out of stock everywhere Appliances Online have these on back order with an ETA of 2 weeks.
This probably isn't the best deal you've ever seen but it's a pretty decent offer especially during these times.

Current RRP for KSM160 alone is $699 and the 3 piece Pasta Roller Attachment is $289.

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  • Thanx Op.. been waiting for a special.. How do I get to the Silver one?

    • me too :) just select the colour you want, under the "add to cart" button.

      • thanx mals91.. i should have scrolled down past the add to cart button.
        you would think to put the colour selection above the add to cart button.

    • Got the silver one… my hands are thanking me not needing to knead anymore!

      • +8

        you wont knead to anymore

      • -1

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Ive got the older one with the glass bowl, its great for doughs. I make a lot of bread now :)

      • Just got notified the stand mixer will be delivered on Wednesday 8th July
        The 3 piece pasta set is still on back order and will be delivered when it comes in

  • +6

    Thought I'd share this too, Robins Kitchen eBay have the KSM180 100 Year Queen Of Hearts Stand Mixer for $594.99 using "P30STYLE", might help someone :)

    • Thank you! Bought one for the Missy.

    • Could anyone share their opinion? Which is better or bread making? Ty, I just recently got hooked into making bread.

      Edit: Sorry just saw the post below

    • Is KSM 180 literally the same as KSM 160 but just in a special edition? Anything extra you get from the 180 over the 160?

    • Anyone has experience buying from this seller (Robin's Kitchen)? I bought one for my sister before seeing the 92% feedback, now I'm worried!

  • is this deal really comes with 3 piece Pasta Roller Attachment> because it looks to me only one attachment included

    • +2

      i thought so too, but the confirmation email i got from them says "KAID 3PC PASTA ROLLER ATTACH"
      Model number on their website says "93410+90310" - which is the KSM160 and 3PC Pasta roller.

  • It shows 'out of stock', but you can still purchase. Does that mean if you purchase they will just cancel your order and give a refund, or will they still honour it?

    • I'm not sure myself, i'm waiting for a response too.
      Will have to wait and see but i couldn't pass the offer.

      • But when you ordered, did it say out of stock, or on backorder?

        • None of the alike. Just says my order has been received and will be processed.
          Gave me an order number, has my requested delivery date and the items/price.

  • +1

    Good find OP! Bought the bullet and bought one a couple months back for $560. For anyone buying, the meat grinder attachment is probably my favourite and there are some good $60 options on amazon which will do the same job.

    • I'm interested in a meat grinder - is there a generic brand one available?

      • The one i ended up getting was the "Antree meat grinder attachment" from Amazon US for $57 and its been great so far. It's mostly plastic (other than blades etc..) but still quite sturdy and does the trick.

  • If anyone doesn't need the pasta attachment, message me a price you can sell it to me for! I would like one for my existing Kitchenaid :)

    • Same!

      If there is another person willing to sell, please let me know too.

      • What is the resell value on the pasta attachment?

        • ditto
          I don't need the attachment but want to get the ice cream and meat grinder
          that's if my order goes through

        • Depends if you do get the 3pc or just the roller.

  • Hi guys, planning to get one for the wife. What's the difference use wise aside from the 100 years badging between the Artisan & Queen of hearts limited edition? Enlighten a man who's willing to spend camera lens money to buy this beautiful machine.

    • +2

      a beautiful, glossy passion red finish that looks beautiful in any culinary space

      • +1

        Such passionate words for someone named MisterEd, so I bought it instead. Thank you!

    • +1

      Yeh the colour for one and I believe all accessories are stainless steel as well :)
      But KSM160 has the additional bowl.

      • +2

        I bought the Queen of Hearts. Now I can justify my future purchase of limited stuff when argument happens.

  • +2

    Bought and sold my ksm190 without opening the box after fellow ozbargainers suggestions, confirmed by online research that the kenwood mixers is much stronger sturdier, metal gears instead of plastic.
    Just sharing my experience. Ended up with a chef sense xl, damaged carton unit for $280

    • Where from?

    • +1

      I believe the plastic gear in the kitchenaid is sacrificial so that you don't strip out more important components when it is overloaded. That said, my mum's kenwood is older than me and still going strong without a service.

    • +1

      Interesting. Just sold our kenwood mixer (2yr old) after comparing it to our friends KitchenAid and the KitchenAid (this model) is just so much more sturdy and better at mixing dough and just mixing in general.

      • Interesting I bought the basic chef for bread as it allows a higher flour/dough weight than the kitchen aid. Hasn't had a problem including bagel dough. It is not as pretty as a kenwood though 🙂

    • Good price, we picked up our Chef Sense XL for $490 but with an extra bowl and blender attachment from the Mothers Day offer.

      Definitely far more powerful and studier than the KitchenAid; the XL comes with a 7L bowl vs the 4.9L of the Artisan

      Replaced our old Artisan which was struggling with dough mixing; the Kenwood just does it effortlessly and came with so many more attachments

      Definitely not the same level in the looks department unfortunately

  • Can someone who already has this tell me how good it's "reach" is when it comes to beating just a couple of egg whites

    My Breville scraper pro can't do this as just a couple of eggs whites is too low

    • 1-2 egg is fine, and you can adjust clearance.

  • Anyone wanna sell me the pasta roller and extra bowl?

  • thank you for sharing, been waiting for the deal!

  • Buy the Kenwood. It has like 30+ years of updates in it. Best Mixer for the price imo.

  • What a bargain! Was looking at the pasta roller set for my KitchenAid after my local IGA had 1kg bags of semolina flour for $1.15 (I now have 13kg of the stuff!), scored a cheap pasta roller set AND my MIL's birthday gift in one!

  • Hi everyone, I’m planning to get this for my mum. Does anyone have any experience purchasing with Appliances Online? Will they sell the Australian version of the mixer or a grey import? Thanks

    • I've ordered quite a few things from them recently, they've all been the Australian version.

      I've just ordered this and I will return if not Australian. They're very quick delivery once it is in stock, I've ordered stuff in the evening with free next morning delivery in the past. This is on back order though.

      • +1

        Is there a way to tell if it's the Australian version before opening the box?

        • Ask the store?

          But Appliances Online sell Australian versions.

      • +2

        Off topic but I ordered a washing machine from them at 11pm and it was installed by 7 the next morning.

    • My experience with them has been beyond expectations. Have purchased fridge, washing machine and dryer. Had to change address due to purchase of new house and still got it delivered on exact same day I wanted.

      Will definitely buy from them in a heartbeat.
      I am no way affiliated with them whatsoever.

    • Positive experience here purchasing our washing machine from them.

    • Our experience with them has been fantastic. Bought stuff from them 3x before. Love that they have their own delivery people.

    • Update! Just called them using the number on their website and they said they are Australian stock.

  • Do kitchenaid accessories work with an Aldi stand mixer?

  • Saw this at work earlier and was wondering how the price was so good haha

    • Is this a price error?

      • I've asked my manager about this, I am checking and will let you know :)

      • +1

        why would you do this…

      • it's completely out of stock and cant even backorder now… thanks

        • Not sure why you're thanking me, but you're welcome :)

    • -1

      Hey, seeing you're associated..

      So I accidently bought the wrong colour (bought the watermelon instead of empire red). I just replied to the confirmation email to cancel the watermelon order. Is that all I have to do to cancel? It's not due for delivery till mid-july.

      Hoping I don't end up with two mixers!

      • Hey mate,

        Send me a PM with the SO number you want to cancel and I'll take a look into it for you :)

        • All good. Got my refund already. It got sorted really quickly early this morning. Thanks!

        • Hi karath, i was wondering if I could still change the colour of the mixer? PM me please, ty!

    • Was gonna grab it this morning but looks to be all gone, hopefully you have more soon!

    • My order didn’t seem to accept the coupon code. I guess I’m SoL?

    • Hi Karath

      Do you know when the stock will come in to be sent to the lucky ones that purchased the stand mixer?

  • been waiting for one to go on sale for like the past 2 months
    Finally jumped on it and will offload the pasta roller and get ice cream attachment and mincer

    • I'm looking to buy the pasta roller if you're selling it!

  • Thanks OP, the misses has been waiting to jump on a KA deal for a few months.

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Have sent the link re the KitchenAid accessories to my missus.

  • Seems like it's all out of stock now

  • I was just about to order and it was changed to ‘unfortunately this product is not available.”

    Prices had also increased by $20 since yesterday

    • +1

      The $20 came off in the checkout when using the code 'EOFY2020'

  • I think only the Watermelon is available now.

    • All Sold Out.

  • Received an ETA of end of October… from the initial 2 week backorder. That's a ridiculous amount of time given they've already taken the money 2+ weeks ago and only decided to update now. Anyone else on same boat?

    • What was your original ETA? When did you receive your updated ETA?

      I called them yesterday to update the colour or my order and was expecting an ETA of late August because the colour I wanted, if I bought now isn't available till then. But I was told mine will still come next week as they're expecting a big batch to come soon.

      • Mine is coming tomorrow

      • Original estimate was July. Received updated ETA today.

        What colour did you order?

    • Just received an updated ETA of 19/11…

      • Getting my Silver one tomorrow, but the pasta attachment is 2-3 months away apparently,

        • got my silver one today with the pasta attachment on back order

      • Oh wow that's so sad. Sorry to hear that. What was your original delivery date? What colour?

        • It is :( Ordered Cocoa Silver and the original delivery date was 09/07.

          Will check with AO and see what they'll response.

          • @Kerorooo: Could you maybe change to a different colour that was in less demand if you like another one?

            I ended up changing my order to a colour that wasnt even on the list and didn't have to pay extra

  • comment moved

  • Appliances Online called and said delivery won't be until the 9th of September and even then they can't guarantee this!

    • +1

      For the pasta roller or the mixer as well?
      Which colour?

      • +1

        White and for both

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