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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor 2 Pack US$17.79 (~A$26.14) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


This Aqara sensor was recently popular on OzBargain so Geek are offering a pack of 2 with free priority shipping. It's compatible with Zigbee hubs including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, as well as Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Some examples of its use is when humidity reaches a certain level it turns on the humidifier, when the temp reaches a certain level it turns the on the fan/aircon or put it inside the wine fridge to ensure the temperature remains cold and so forth.

Also on sale is the Edifier TWS200 earphones featuring Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm QCC3020 chip with aptX, True Wireless Audio, Dual Mics with cVc 8.0 noise reduction, 6 hours playtime on a single charge, additional 24 hours with charging case, tap gestures and a 4 1/2 star review from Scarbir noting that it has excellent call quality indoors and outside.

Click Proceed to Checkout in the in the cart to choose Priority shipping before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • Do the Aqara temp sensor require a hub?

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      Yes a Zigbee compatible hub.

      • Any of which you could recommend?

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          Conbee + deconz

        • Amazon has one on sale for $20.99 compatible with homekit
          Aqara Smart Hub Home Security Center Voice Control Compatible with Smart Device Monitoring Switch Sensor Support Homekit https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07TVGLKG1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

        • Have a look zigbee2mqtt if don't want to buy another hub. It support the most varying manufacturers out of the box and can support essentially any zigbee device.

          I found it to be more stable and allow me plugged into hassio box which already running off UPS. So even though it wireless it will still run when power ever get cutted.

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      It will work with Conbee and CC2531

  • Does anyone have any feedback or reviews on this? Looks to be OK but would appreciate any live feedback if it's out there, thanks!

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      Xiaomi Aqara are one of the best zigbee sensors.

    • +2

      I have one of these in each room in my house. Good battery life (>1 year), good enough accuracy, work well with zigbee2mqtt.
      If I didn't still have a spare, I'd probably buy more.

      • +1

        i have a few for 2 years now and only just recently replaced battery of some.

      • Mine has been reporting 0% battery for a few weeks now and still working. Been going for almost 2 years now

    • Barometer is useful too… or pressure reading I should say as it’s not corrected for sea level so it’s just pressure.

      • What do you use barometer for?

        • I’ve got an installation of weewx that generates a weather report from my WH1080 wireless weather station… which does everything but air pressure

          • -1

            @Z80: And how is that useful?

            • @Diji1: The air pressure is now included in my report

  • +3

    Any door and motion sensors on special?

  • +1

    Considering free priority shipping, its a very good price.
    Bought 2x 2 Pack

  • +1

    Does this work with the Philips hub?

    • +1

      I had a look online and it seems that you'd need something like the Xiaomi/Aqara Gateway for it to work with Philips Hue. Otherwise a DIY setup like Home Assistant.

  • +1

    Don’t buy from these guys , stuffed up my order big time and still waiting on a item that I ordered back in may and very poor customer service and told me to wait for the item 4-6 months( items was meant to be delivered(30-40 days)and No response and no follow ups and no refunds now going through PayPal ..I would avoid getting anything specially if it’s coming from china from these guys ..

    • +1

      It's disappointing you've never messaged me about your issue. I'm happy to get it sorted for you if you send me a PM with your order number.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537420
    Looks for people comment(at the very bottom of the node) still waiting on their orders with no update provided ..have you got any answer for this

    • +1

      The deal was posted 30 business days ago and the quoted shipping time was 30-50 business days with the free airmail. Considering they would have shipped a week later they're still within the advertised shipping time.

  • Make sure that you read this before buying the Aqara sensors:

    Especially keep this in mind:

    These sensors are very sensitive. Drop offs are usually a result of the Xiaomi sensor trying to repeat through a zigbee router. They do not handle it well. Therefore when pairing you need to make sure all other zigbee routing devices are off and that the device is pairing directly to the hub.

    • It’s touchy sometimes… I find a stable position and leave it.

    • +1

      Damn I wish I had seen this when I was struggling with routing from these sensors. But did find out the culprit in my Zigbee network. It was my hue bulbs. Great bulbs but awful repeaters. Moved them to another network and everything is nice and stable.

      • +2

        Zigbee routes are automatic and can't be edited like Z-wave ones.

        I have an Aqara temp sensor on the other side of the house from the ST hub. Occasionally it re-routes itself through some of my other devices, and then the hub can't see it anymore. It's a common problem with these devices. The only solution I've found is to turn off the other devices in the route, bring the sensor next to the hub and then re-pair manually.

        Bulbs, regardless of brand, are known to be poor repeaters. Keep them separate as you have done.

      • That's useful info. I'm running my aqara sensors through conbee, but have a separate Hue hub for my lights, but was planning to move everything to conbee. Sounds like I shouldn't and you've probably saved me a whole heap of hassle. Thanks :)

        • I have moved my hue bulbs and light stip to Conbee. I have connected plenty of Ikea bulbs, motion sensors, few dimmers, few Aqara sensirs and a five button Ikea remote to Conbee.
          The mesh these devices have created is flawless and no element ever failed.

          EDIT: Sensors generally reroute and choose the nearest repeater. This allows them to save the battery. So its always not necessary for a sensor to connect to hub directly. I have Ikea motion sensor in my letterbox. It is connected to Conbee via garage light. It never missed the beat.

          • @harry2015: Your setup is what I had been planning. Have you found a way to get the Hues' power on behavior to restore previous state. I don't want lights coming on and waking young kids if there's a brief power outage during the night. I've got Ikea dimmers and remote, but perhaps my problem doesn't exist if I switched to Ikea bulbs?

            • @CacheHunter: I have never faced the power outage problem but my understanding is that if I toggle the power switch, both Hue and Ikea bulbs are turned ON. I assume this mimics the power outage scenario.
              Inface I have replaced my chandelier and garage lights to make use of this feature. I did not want to get dependent on the phone app or any wireless switch to turn the lights on. They are generally triggered via the motion sensor but during any unforeseen scenario, I can turn them on via existing physical switch.

              Having said that, I need to look into if there is an option available to preserve the previous state of Hue bulbs.

  • +1

    Sort of off topic, but does anyone know if the Chinese Aqara Hub mentioned in the OP works with Google Home? I can’t seem to get it to add.

    • +1

      This might help.

      • Thanks, I did find that page when I was looking up the issue, which made me think it was possible to add it to GH. I complete step 6, the account is linked with GH but no devices are added. Selecting the Aqara account then “Check for new devices” doesn’t find anything.

        I’ve tried resetting the hub a number of times and adding it through the Aqara app on US servers, Chinese servers, “Other Region” servers, I’ve also tried adding through the Mi Home app, and on both an iOS and Android device, all gives the same results, no devices are added.

        I had wondered if the Chinese version of the Hub is not compatible with GH, or if anyone has found a trick. It’s the only thing stopping me from buying these sensors.

        • +1

          I found this that mentions it has to be the US server for it to work. Seems to be quite a few posts on reddit about it.

          • @Clear: Thanks very much! That aqara.com link seems to imply it’s only the US/EU/UK hubs that work with GH. I went through all of the reddit posts and was about to give up hope, but someone was saying they got it working. I still haven’t yet but will await their replies. There’s hope!

  • So these will just work on their own with HomeKit?

    • +1

      It doesn't work with HomeKit directly. You'd need to have a HomeKit-enabled Hub.

      • Ok, thanks. Anything you’d recommend for using these and integrating them into HomeKit? I’m new to Zigbee stuff etc

  • +1

    Too bad Aqara doesn't work with Google home :( It keeps returning an error however hard I try.

    • I’m also having issues (see post above) what error do you get?

      • Confirmed with Aqara that the chinese version does not support Google Home.

        • Ah damn!

          • @Hargain Bunter: Oh well, at least it's not officially supported. If you find a way to get it working, let me know please!

            • @nosrad: Will do!

              • @Hargain Bunter: Did you find a way to make it work?

                • @nosrad: I couldn’t get the hub to appear as a device in Google Home. I did find that the scenes from the Aqara app imported to GH though, so I was able to use Google Assistant to control the hub through the scenes. I also just receive a delivery of door sensors from another of Clear’s deals. The door sensors appeared in Google Home as soon as I checked for new devices on my Aqara account.

                  • @Hargain Bunter: Interesting. Are you using Apple HomeKit/ Mi Home App at the same time? Or just Aqara App + Google Home?

                    • @nosrad: I’m using HomeKit, Aqara App and Google Home.

                      Not using the Hub with Mi Home moment as I was reading that it could only be added to the Chinese server and I’ve got other gear on the “Aus” server.

                      I might try to add it to Mi Home again at some point but I’m pretty sure you can only have it added fully to either Aqara or Mi Home app.

  • +2

    Need body sensors and more yeelights Clear :}

  • +5

    Please do a deal on the other aqara sensors (Motion and Door sensor)

  • Can you please have a deal on the Aqara Wireless Mini Switches ?

  • Does this work directly with Alexa ? Or would I need a hub?

    • +2

      Need a hub.

  • grabbed 2 x 2 packs, had to run them through in two transactions as the $ discount is apply as a total cart not item level. I have a zwave/zigbee hub at home to get temp read outs for $13 a sensor is nice and cheap.

    Will put 1 outside, 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs, not sure about third. The smart home will use RGB to indicate if its colder/warmer outside in otherwords turn off heating & open the doors. Will also use as part of solar management for turning on/off heating.

  • +1

    If I want to use with Mi app only, as I don't have a hub currently.
    Will it work?
    Do I have to select the China server in the app settings or any other server(Singapore) would be fine?
    I am asking as my other two devices are linked to Singapore sever in the app, I don't like to switch servers to access another device.

  • Is this just me or the Item has been removed? Can't seems to find it, giving "404 error"!

    • +2

      Yeah, not just this item… any item I click on.

    • Thanks. I've just notified GeekBuying

  • Site is still showing 404 error for any item

  • that u tracy

    • It sure is!

  • will this work with Google Nest Hub?

  • Page and coupon are working again. Thanks OP.

  • ordered 10x but had to process 5 transactions. Hope I will receive them :)

    • Won't be a problem. Coupons are 1 per order so multiple are fine.

      • yes there wasn't any problem about the transactions. I saw someone's comment about the delivery who didn't received the item for a long time. That's why I said hopefully I will receive them. Never bought anything from this website. First time.

        • +1

          Did you choose the AU priority shipping? That'll arrive in 1-2 weeks after shipping.

          I now try to make all my deals have free priority shipping due to the delays COVID has had on economy shipping.

          • @Clear: I have chosen the second option which was for Australia instead of registered.

            • +1

              @wrx5: Yep Australia Priority Line. That'll be fine.

  • Thanks for that. I've ordered.
    Looking forward to it connecting to my Xiaomi gateway (I hope it connects right? It's the same brand so I just assumed).

  • Any way we can use wheel spin coupons with these promo codes? (Or promo prices really).

    • Afraid not sorry. Coupons don't stack and if something is on a flash sale it'll revert to full price before applying the discount.

  • +1

    Any motion sensor deal?

  • Thanks OP. Any deals on xiaomi buttons coming up?

    • +3

      I'll see if I can get something organised for next week.

  • Ordered 2 pairs on 23rd June, still not shipped out.

    • 2-7 business days for orders to be shipped.

      • not really happy with this purchase. It was my 1st purchase and the outcome is not really satisfied.
        Just contact customer service to give an update regarding my order. they said: still waiting the stock from supplier.
        (If lucky)it will be arriving this weekend.
        then I still need to wait again for 5-8 business days to receive the item.
        Oh well.. I wont't never deal with this online company anymore.
        Order number: 5264945

        • Still hasn't been 7 business days since the deal was posted though. There was a public holiday in China from 25-26th too.

          • @Clear: is 7 business days based on your personal advise or company policy?
            according to your website: https://www.geekbuying.com/help/Shipping_Delivery/how_long_w...
            (average) processing time: 1-3 working days.
            You must update it to 7 working days then?

            as per my case:
            23/06/20: item purchased
            24/06/20: 1st day of processing time
            25/06/20: your public holiday
            26/06/20: again your public holiday
            29/06/20: 2nd day of processing time
            30/06/20: 3rd day of processing time.
            And my item hasn't been shipped.
            Even your customer service advised if the stock will come on this weekend.
            Ok let say it happen so - it means so
            03/07/20: will be 6th day of processing time
            and it is over the average processing time

            What do you say about this?

            • @denxz: As I'm not a GeekBuying employee the best I can do is pass on your concerns and see if it can be shipped faster.

    • Got shipping notification for one of my orders last night, still waiting on second.

  • OP. I tried entering the code NNNDBTWS200 for the Edifier TWS200 but it is still charging me for Priority shipping (not free). Can you please help?

  • Would anyone who ordered the TWS200 (when received) mind commenting on them compared to others you've tried?

  • 2 orders finally shipped out

  • +1

    Same. Pretty pathetic effort to have to wait 7 business days just to ship it out. Last time I ordered something from them it shipped out next day. I have my reservations about ordering from them in future.

  • Coupon not working for Aqara temperature sensor. Can you please provide working coupon code?

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