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HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 Bundle (+ Wireless Charger) - Wireless Earphone with Intelligent Noise Cancellation $188 Delivered @ Amazon AU


HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 Bundle(+ Wireless Charger) - Wireless Earphone with Intelligent Noise Cancellation (Kirin A1 Chipset, Ultra-Low Latency, Fast Bluetooth Connection, Quick Wireless Charging), White

White and Black

Chipset Revolution: The Kirin A1 chipset, high-performance antenna and optimized encoder guarantee fast and stable Bluetooth connection and anti-interference capabilities even in complex environments
Ultra-low Latency: HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 powers a dual-channel synchronous transmission system to reduce latency, for immersive, synchronized audio while gaming or watching videos
Intelligent Noise Cancellation: With class-leading audio processor delivers precise environment noise reduction that optimizes in real-time, capturing and cancelling background noise as it changes
Studio-Quality Sound: The high-precision, high-sensitivity 14 mm dynamic driver has been carefully tuned to allow every note to be restored to it's original brilliance. Louder, stronger and punchier
Smart charging: Except for using the USB Type-C charging set, you can simply lay down the case on a wireless charging mat for quick wireless charging, or use HUAWEI smartphone for reverse charging

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  • Huawei - the only earbuds that listen to you.

  • is this Earphone any good?

  • Almost similar to airpods 1 n 2 for its ergonomics. Noise cancellation is good enough. Of course those with rubber tips is better for NC. For this price is a great alternative.

  • The name is tricky. I was excited for a moment when I just read the Free-Buds bit. I thought, great freebie but tured out it's just a name.

  • I have a pair of these… below are my thoughts:
    I am comparing some of the features to Samsung Galaxy Buds+

    - Sound Quality is really good, i found it better than Galaxy Buds+, even with NC turned off (More on that below)
    - Compact Case (Same as SGB+)
    - Wireless Charging (Same as SGB+)
    - Battery Life (Same as SGB+)
    - Call Quality (Better than SGB+)

    - While it works with any android. You'll really need a Huawei phone to unlock all of its features.
    I'm using them with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the auto pause feature doesnt work.
    - Limited touch control features. You can only control one thing on the earpods- play/pause/next or volume. There is no previous song feature if you want to listen to your favourite track again. Usually have to control volume through your phone.
    - The NC feature is OK. Not great but my biggest issue is that its not always on by default. You have to turn it on every single time you take the earpods out of the case. I didnt realise NC wasnt on until i opened the app to realise this.

    • Nice review! I agree with this. Although I like NC off by default haha ;-)

    • For the NC. If you pair with a laptop. How do you then on NC? Have to open the mobile app?

      • Havent paired them with a laptop but you can program one of the earbuds from the app to turn the NC on and off by double tapping.

        • oic but it turns off every time? thats kinda annoy too.

          last question, would you buy it again?

    • how about long-wearing comfortableness?

      • I find Freebuds better for wearing them longer because i dont like silicone/rubber tips, especially when i'm out for a run and i can hear the rubber tips squishing with each step i take or keep pushing them back in my ears as they keep getting loose with each bump. Could be just me though….

    • So just as a counterpoint, I actually like the fact that NC is turned off by default. I find you don't need it for a lot of environments, so I'd rather have it off to save battery. In noisier environments I can then choose to turn it on.

      Great mini review too.

    • Call quality better meaning mic better - ie better from the point of view of the ppl listening to you?

  • Bougth fromm Mobi Citi ebay fo 164$ with code a few days ago - should be delivered today - out of stock now.


    seller was allphones_online


  • Good reviews, too bad they dont have rubber tips.
    Once you have tried rubber tips, you never want to go back