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Quorn Range (Frozen Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers $4) @ Coles


Quorn Hot & Spicy Burgers Vegan are a source of protein and fibre, and cholesterol free.

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  • For anyone in VIC, NQR are selling the battered fish-free fillets for $1 less. The ones I bought today had a best before date of 31/12/2020. They also sell the gourmet burgers, possibly cheaper as well, but I thought they were disappointing. Maybe the hot and spicy burgers are better.

  • Hrm, hoarded heaps of TVP from Aldi specials already

  • This used to be my fav but now I prefer the Morningstar ones.

  • The Quorn crumbed fish is the best vegan fish so far.. :)

  • What would you recommend for someone who wants to cut down meat intake but doesn’t want to eat something that tastes like cardboard? I tried a vegan “chicken” nugget once and it put me off for a while. I don’t necessarily want something that tries to mimic the real deal, but rather just a nice tasting alternative to meat protein.

    • Try the Fry's nuggets, theyre great with an aioli.

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      Legumes. Dhal, channa massala, etc. Loaded with protein and yummy. Not like these mock-everything-meaty full of additives and fully processed.

    • I'm the same man, it's a lot about the type of dishes you cook, so for dishes where the meat is more about added texture than flavour (ie with chicken) then tofu is an easy swap. Asian dishes are easy here stir frys, fried rice, curries etc. There's like a vegan dry mince soy thing too that's perfect for tacos, like you buy a taco kit, and use that instead of meat, and it's easy and tasty. Lunches like ham/chicken and cheese sandwiches, where the meat is just texture, try a vegan slice alternative, that's a straight swap or using a spread like ajvar.

    • Meat tastes "good" because it naturally comes up salt, fat and a flavor profile. With plant based diets you have to build the flavour and texture up with spices and healthy oils.

    • Quorn chicken is decent.

      If you want burgers there are plenty of non cardboard options at the supermarket these days.

    • mushrooms. deep fried, bbq, jerky. all kinds.

  • I've been switching to a plant centric diet and tried a few different products.

    These Quorn are my least favorite they taste weird to me.

    The Coles vege burgers are better imo and great value $3.50

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      I've tried the quorn stuff years ago and can't bring myself to touch it again. It was just bland and disgusting. Even tried frying it , nope. That said it was a long time ago.

      The coles vege burgers aren't a fair comparison however as they will not likely have the same protein density as this quorn stuff.