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Yaxell Mon 8" Chef Knife $116.85 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Ya knife enthusiast boi came across another noteworthy deal.
Even cheaper than Kitchen Warehouse's Global G2 for 40% off.

Similar to the previous Yaxell deal I posted, these knives are:

Steel: VG10 Super, cladded stainless on both sides.
Construction: Full Tang with hamon line
Handle: FDA Approved Micarta
Made: Handmade in Seki, Japan

Good if you are KEEN for just a single chef knife.
Price for quality is superb.
Should cut just as well as Tojiro DP3's, but feel much more comfortable in the hand.

Edit 26/06/2020: Cashrewards now has 8% cashback that covers "kitchen" goods. Not 100% sure but might be applicable to this.
Price went up by ~$1

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    you call that a knife….? this is a knife


    what happen with all knife deals recently? do i miss something?


      Probably partly because of CoVid, all the retailers are ramping up sales. It also coincides with EOFY so i think a lot of stores are trying to liquidate as much as they can.

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      Better knives than guns :-)
      Joking aside - if you spot a deal for something most people use and somewhat pursue them that they can do it better with a better tool - then you got all those people hyped. Many of them looking for similar deals and posting them which makes the other wonder what is going on and jump on the train too :-)
      In many cases it is for the good - better use Eneloops than single use battery. Better to have one kitchen knife which will last you 20 years or a lifetime than buying a rubbish one every second year and put the old into a bin. I am definitely not a fanatical ecologist, but still prefer to see things being used for longer period of time or being re-used rather than tossed away.
      Just my view of it


        Definitely agree with this line of thought, unless you become like me and buy too many knives that you would use in a day…

        Then you just become a collector lol


    What's the RRP tho?


      …a gaziliion dollarey doos


      Around $130, or $150 RRP.
      Sells in the US for about $80 USD so seems about right.

      The Tojiro DP3 (similarly specced VG10 knife) costs around the $150 mark RRP, so it seems like this is the new "standard".

      Yaxell handles and fit and finish is more comfortable to me though. Buyer discretion required.

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    The Yaxell Mon santoku is around the same price from kitchen warehouse


    How to they compare to the Shun?

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      Depends on what you're comparing.
      Cutting performance of all VG10s should be more or less the same, and edge retention.
      I just received my Yaxell Zen set today, and the fit and finish is superb. Edges are rounded nicely in the areas where it counts.
      Quality should be on par. Yaxell have been making knives decades before Shun and Global, and they have some of the best master sharpeners in the industry (including guy who used to work at Miyabi)
      They have a lifetime warranty.

      The only thing that Shun offer that Yaxell don't, is that they don't offer free sharpening service. No big deal to me, I like sharpening knives.


      Here is a picture if you are interested


    Knife also includes lemon lime tang if I’m reading it correctly


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