Nintendo Switch Neon Console $439 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon Australia have Nintendo Switch Neon 2019 consoles back in stock with fast delivery and an updated price of $439 delivered for Prime Members.

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU


  • Cheaper from The Gamesmen eBay with eBay Plus Membership, if you don't mind waiting a week - $409.66 Delivered

  • They’re just price matching Target. No deal here with Gamesmen eBay deal

  • I knew the other "deals" posted before at $469 weren't actual deals. Glad I waited. Thx for the posts.

  • how do you tell which one is the 2019 or 2020 model?

    • There is no 2020 model. The latest is 2019 (box with red background), which is better than the 2017/2018 version (box with white background).

      The 2019 is the only version you can buy these days (if they're new).

      • There is no 2020 model yet.

      • The old version is the only version you can run custom firmware right?

        • Oldest before the patch. There are in fact 3 versions unpatched, patched and longer handheld playtime.

          • @wtfnodeal: Yes this is correct but in simpler terms
            Switches made in 2017 and a bit throughout 2018 would fall under the unpatched category [highly sought after for gamers]
            During 2018 onwards they created a patched version [when Nintendo found out about the unpatch stuff they changed the hardware inside]
            Finally we have the v2 switches today's market 2019+ that have the same battery but the hardware uses the battery more efficiently

        • Not any more

          The 'Team Xecuter SX Core' hardware mod is now shipping via resellers. It's specifically designed for the patched (Tegra X1 Mariko) consoles.

          There's also a Switch Lite version about to ship.

          I have NOT attempted the mod yet, but I will say that you'll want to be proficient with hardware tinkering before diving in.

      • Good to know, but better how?

        • Mainly with battery life. Much more improved in the newer version. The older version maxes out at 6.5 hours whilst the newer one is around 9 hours.

        • Straight copy and paste

          "The new model will include approximately two extra hours of battery life, bringing the estimates of usage to between 4.5 and 9 hours. Nintendo's current Switch has an estimated battery life of between 2.5 and 6.5 hours."

          All I know personally was that there was a hardware change from the unpatched models to the patched models that prevents the installation of custom firmware.
          (Which is why certain group of dedicated gamers want these switches)

          There are talks about soldering on some chip in the works for all models but in the spirit of the community I won't talk any further information about it.

          Nintendo for the current model 2019+ sometimes dubbed "V2" of the switches did further hardware upgrade so that it uses the battery more efficiently when in handheld mode.

          Note that all switches uses the same battery capacity the difference is in the hardware with upgrades

  • ETA on $300 deals for this console?