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G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MT/s CL16 DDR4 for $99 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Based on the timings I can almost certainly say this is Samsung C-die. Commonly misreports as Samsung B-die in Thaiphoon Burner, so if it says B-die it's C-die as the timings are nowhere near B-die. For non-overclockers this is a great kit, for overclocking it's pretty meh and doesn't scale past 1.35V doing 3800CL18. It was $329 so… you're getting roughly 70% off!

It seems G.Skill are starting to mostly use Samsung C-die now in their 3200C16 kits, I have yet to find one on the market that isn't. The main identifier is the 16-18-18-38-56 timings, but also the model number if info is available.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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  • $116 on staticice, far cry from $329

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      It's a joke. SE says that it was $329.

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    Wow nice prices. Will prices go high again with ram? Oddly volatile.

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      Was that pun intended?


  • Free shipping?

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    My OzBargain side is screaming out in pain seeing the cpu and ram (combined) is near $100 less than what I paid a month ago. So tempted to grab these to make it 32Gb even though I'm not filling out 16GB yet

    • I've been going crazy over the last week watching RAM deals get posted and not knowing whether to bite the bullet on them.
      Going into the rabbit hole of RAM timings and compatibility with Ryzen 3000 series chips is making me go mental.
      I was looking to get 3600MHz CL16 but looking around suggests that 3200MHz should be fine and I probably won't even notice the difference.
      Just gotta make sure XMP profile is set.

      I'll grab these and stop thinking about it.

      • There's a good chance this kit will do 3600c18 maybe 3600c17.

        • I've done 3600C17 on the C-die at 1.34V and also 3200C15.

    • Your IMC will probably suffer anyway with 4x8GB and be unable to do 3200MT/s.

  • Can I use this in conjunction to another 16GB C16 3200Mhz but different brand?

  • I wish there was free shipping ;(

  • I have this same ram. Can confirm what you said about overclocking (or lack thereof). It does report as b die but it won't post with the typhoon settings.

    • I believe in DRAM calculator it is "Samsung OEM". I've never used that though, and I don't intend to as I can get wayyy higher overclocks doing it myself.

  • Man I haven't built a PC in a very long time and I have literally no idea what you're talking about in the description but with the new 34 inch Ultra wides I'm getting tempted

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      believe me the 34 inches tempts a lot of ladies and ladyboy types

  • I'm kinda noob… how do I mark as sold out rather than expired?

    Edit: Fixed it.

  • hotness kinda ram cal wishy washy frozen layer

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