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[PC] Doom Eternal (50% off) $41.95 ($8 Discount In Cart) @ Steam


Part of the Steam sale.

Cheapest it's been from Steam.

Still not sure if I'll pull the trigger myself..I wonder how long it will be till we get a 75% sort of deal 8-)

[PC] 2020 Steam Summer Sale: Up to 75% off & $8 off for Purchases over $45 Original Deal

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  • Don't you mean $41.95, as you save $8 on any purchase over $45? That's 58% off.

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    Note this isn't as good as the 2016 Doom :(

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      in your opinion

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        i was one of those who keep saying 2016 was better, until i realize how good eternal is and how bad my skill is to appreciate its beauty.

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      … is what people who didn't get more than an hour into Doom Eternal say.

      Both Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal are great in their own way; and in Doom Eternal's case, particularly so if you're not going into it with the mindset of expecting the exact same game as its predecessor. The whiny critics of the sequel probably just hated realising how bad they are at seriously challenging, old-school twitch shooters with Doom Eternal's harder sections making Doom 2016 look like a COD campaign in slow motion by comparison.

  • Good point…just updated this!

  • how do you get the extra $8 off?

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      Save an additional A$ 8 on a purchase of A$ 45
      Discount applied at checkout

      • Are you able to multiple times?

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        Discount applies to your first purchase during steam sale

  • Have they removed that "spyware" from it yet?

    • Spyware?

      • Yes the anti cheating software was removed

        • Denuvo isn't anti cheat software.

          • @Tacooo: Denuvo also have anti-cheat software

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      Short answer, yes.

      Long answer, it never had spyware. They introduced Denuvo anti-cheat software as part of the install, which can often be flagged by anti-virus software as spyware. It's a strange and unpopular move to add new software to the install after launch, so id apologised and removed it from the install.

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        Great. Thanks for the detailed response.

  • Borderlands 3 is also on sale in Steam.

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