[PC] 2020 Steam Summer Sale: Up to 75% off & $8 off for Purchases over $45 + 68 Points Every $1


The Steam Summer Sale is finally here! Some good games on sale like:

Also you earn points based on how much you spend which you can redeem for profile backgrounds, emotes and the ultimate GOLDEN profile for 30 days to show your wealth off to your friends
Have fun and praise to lord Gaben

26/6, 3:17AM: I think Steam is down :(
26/6 3:27AM: Steam is back up!

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  • Praise Lord Gaben.

  • I'm digging the new default theme. I can finally see my background image.

  • Looks like their server is dead…

  • Wish this sale came a bit earlier, quarantine is essentially over here.

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      I see your not from Victoria

    • Huh? The whole country is effectively quarantined - we can't leave the country. Not to mention WA/QLD residents who can't even leave their state.

      • You may be surprised to learn just how many people never leave the state or country normally.

      • There's a difference between quarantined in your country and in your house… one gives you much more time to go through your steam backlog

      • Not to mention WA/QLD residents who can't even leave their state.

        That's just to keep out any cross-contamination from NSW/VIC (and everyone here is for that) as we've been been virtually unaffected in any meaningful way from the pandemic. WA is effectively reopen and back to normal now. I've been going into work uninterrupted since January along with many other people.

      • Here in WA quarantine is essentially over. Work has resumed almost back to normal, we can eat out and see friends. Starting from tomorrow venue restrictions are abolished apart from the 2sqm rule. Basically everything except large music festivals will be allowed. Sure I can't leave the state but I usually only do so once or twice a year.

  • Redeeming for profile backgrounds and emotes. Makes me feel sad this is even a thing

  • I misread Summer Ale $8. Time to sleep.

  • Thanks OP, got Half-Life: Alyx for $55.71

  • Methinks that the Epic Sale was so much more epic than this Steaming pile of crap.

  • "Have fun and praise to lord Gaben"

    I wish he'd bring us HL3 already.

  • GTA V $23.97 - 50% off

    Will it ever lose it's value? Surely R* make more from shark cards.

    Terraria - $7

    Remember when the steam sales were actually sales and you could scoop this up for $2.50.
    Ever since refunds were introduced the sales have lacked substantially. I suppose we can't have two good things.

    • Terraria doesn't get deep discounts anymore because the game is significantly larger than it was in 2014.

    • Yep. A fair few games on my wish list were cheaper on Steam previously. Early access games I can understand, but Fable Anniversary?

      Current best:
      A$ 12.48
      -75% at Steam

      Historical low:
      A$ 6.91
      -85% at Steam 6/24/2016


    • I'm glad Epic gave GTA V away for free a few months ago, no need to buy it on Steam anymore

  • I am glad I didn't grab Alyx when I got my Quest last night!!

  • Does anyone know if I want to buy 3 games for myself and 1 game for my partner, can I buy them in the same transaction to get the $8 off $45 spend?

    • Yes, as long as your total reaches $45 in your cart. Do note it's only a one time discount. If you purchase another item that's $50 it won't get discounted anymore.

    • Only as long as you partner uses the same steam account as you (or family sharing) as they will be all tied to your account. Steam no longer provides giftable copies of games, unless it's a multi-pack for co-op or such. You have to gift directly to the other account at purchase and cannot split gifting/buying for yourself in one transaction. I found this out today trying the same thing…

      • Dam that's what i was worried about, I don't really want $45 worth of games just thought i'd add another in to get the 45 :(

  • I just discovered that flash sales and daily deals haven't been a thing for 4 years
    Where the hell have I been lol

    • Pondering over your unplayed 1000 game steam backlog wondering when it will end.

      • Like with some things in life we build not for the now but for the unexpected future.

        Project at least that's the lie I tell myself every time I do an impulse buy "I'm somehow now a collector" or "This will definitely be useful in my future when I'm (fighting zombies/aliens/the infected lol/random natural disaster/old age/disabled/stuck somewhere with only a computer and the internet lol/need to flex my way out of a steam game library stand off/insert lesser chance than winning the lotto event here)" yeah I'm totally not wasting my life by not focusing my money, time and efforts on a life changing project for humanity right now be it humanitarian or technological etc.

        Although our waste management system could do with some major changes and or upgrades.

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    Custom list for your viewing. Shows all current deals that are 50% or higher discount and Rating of at least 80% or higher, Games only, AUD Currency.
    You can fine tailor the settings and filter as you like. You can change it to whatever discount min/max or Rating/Steam Reviews min/max and other settings like
    Operating System, Type of Product and Tags/Genres.
    This website will also show you if its currently the best deal it has ever been or has been lower before / comparison price to if it was ever lower.
    I also HIGHLY recommend you login to your Steam Account on Steams website, say Google Chrome or Firefox etc, to purchase games. The Steam client is laggy and takes longer. You can also sync your account to Steamdb and Hide games/dlcs/other items you already own.
    Happy Steam Sale. :)

  • Is there a way we can have "Related" tab for this one?

  • Doom eternal for 50% off is good

    • It's ok but 75% is nicer and if you a 0.01% there are other legitimate ways but it just takes time.

  • Thanks. Got Halo collection for approx $12 (dont ask how :))

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