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Wolf Watch Winder (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Watches) from US$195 + US$50 Shipping @ Drop.com (RRP $1000+)


For all the mechanical watch friends out there.

Not a traditional deal though came across this in my weekly email from Drop.com. I’ve never come cross them before at such a low price locally, even though it’s in US dollars. I’ve grabbed the two-watch winder with storage for $US259 + $US46.41 Shipping to Vic (metro).

My understanding of Drop.com is that they mostly work directly with the manufacturers to sell a minimum quantity of products at a reduced price (usually audio, keyboard, watch, outdoor and stationary products). I’ve personally purchased a variety of items from Drop.com, shipped from the states and never had an issue.

Sign up is required (to see the price as well I believe) but it is at no cost to do so.

Single Winder: $US149
with storage: $US159

Double Winder: $US239
with storage: $US259

Triple Winder: $US359
with storage: $US459

4-Winder: $US559
6-Winder: $US709
8-Winder: $US1009

(all plus shipping)

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  • Winder for 2 watches is app $70 on ebay.

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      True, plenty of winders out there. Wolf are often reviewed amongst the top and often four figure prices.

  • Nice share OP. The WOLF winders are really good quality. I've got the 2 winder with storage and it is really nice. Tempted to get another one.

    • Care to elaborate please?

      I find the cheapo on ebay working quite well. At the end of the day, it is the rotational movement - and usually the same?

      • My cheapos from eBay worked well too but after 2-3 years, the motors stop spinning so they are just used for display. My WOLF winders are still spinning. For example, my WOLF Cub Winder is still going after 5+ years.

        • +1

          Aside from that? I would expect the same for a winder that cost 3x more, to last 3x longer.

          Edit 5x more (just saw USD infront).

          • +3

            @DisabledUser141524: key words "still going". Might last 20 years…

          • @DisabledUser141524: Other benefits including being able to adjust the rotational speed or something like this, to match the rate of that of your watch. It’s said high end watches ($5-10k+, I’m thinking of a Jaeger) benefit from this. Happy to try and provide the info where I once saw this.

    • Thanks 😊

      • I think it is on Wolf's own site. A bit silly unless if the owner's wrist can also be adjusted too.

  • hey just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for which model if i have 4 automatic watches thanks also what are the pro's and cons to using a winder or just let them run out and when i need to use them just give it a few winds and change the time, Thanks

    • 2 arms and 2 legs. :)

    • +1

      2 school of thoughts, leave it sitting still will cause oil to dry and clumps, if continuously wound up will increase wear and tear. I think both are myths, watch synthetic oil don’t clump or dry and automatic watch are made with over wound protection. Either way regular annual service will take care of that. I just have because i dont want to reset it in the morning when i am already running late :-) as for which model, choose one that match your furniture you going to put it on.

      • the 2 points you mentioned is exactly what i wanted to know, i was worried about durability and service period, but read that if you let it sit there too long the oils can dry or clump like you mentioned so not sure what to believe though i think it might be more case by case in regards to the brand and movement

        • One Panerai not self wind anymore. Sat still for 2 odd years and not serviced during that time.

          Personally would use a winder. Lesson learnt. (Tho might not be related).

  • +1

    cant have a winder that cost more than my seiko

    • Which Seiko have you got?

      • Orange monster. I paid under $200.

        • Nice! That would look really good on an blackops MN strap in orange. I've got an SXK007, thinking of modding it, and eventually getting a Snowflake.

          • @amo: It’s orange with a black dial and i got an orange NATO strap.

          • @amo: That blackops MN strap cost 1/2 of the orange monster!!!!

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    I wind my watch every night when I watch p*rn ;)

  • Good deal Wolf make some quality products I suppose if you care enough to have a good automatic watch then you might care about the winder …

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