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Baccarat Sabre 9 Piece Knife Block German Stainless Steel $69.99 Inc Sharpener Delivered (RRP $399.99) @ Robins Kitchen eBay


Take care of your everyday meal preparation using the superior triple riveted and full tang German stainless steel Baccarat Sabre 9-Piece Knife Block!

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    My brother has these for 5 years now, Repaired the tip of 2 knives. He is likely just rough but thought I'd mention it.


    Has anyone actually ever paid $400 for these?

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      I would hope not.

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          OMG some poor person paid SIX NINETY NINE for these. Dear god in heaven people… NO NO NO.
          70 bucks for these maybe… but no, not even so much as $200.00 IMO.

          At best the are… acceptable for domestic use/users. They will 'get you by' and that's it.
          These are a step up from the cheap version of Scanpans… in fact I would say they 'might' be equal to or on par with Scanpan 'medium' range knives.
          Given a choice, I'd decide on the medium range of Scanpans or even (medium range) Wiltshires' over these.
          That 'Baccarat' name though… pretty catchy' where brand names are concerned. My advice - don't be too heavily swayed by it.


            @Chris Farley: Do you know if this Avanti set is any good? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224046101516

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              @Blackrose: I would say this set is quite good value, yes. They won't be extremely 'hard' so for domestic users they will be a little easier to sharpen or 'touch' up.
              'Pull through' sharpeners are predominantly very average at best and I haven't see very many who can sharpen well or properly with 'wet stones'.
              I personally believe that where knives are concerned a person needs to sharpen around 100 to 1000 knives before they have any idea of what is going on.
              So you have two choices IMO. Be prepared to 'really' learn or get someone who had done it hundreds and hundreds of times to do it for you.
              Just check their work after they've done them for you. It should effortlessly cut through an A4 piece of paper. effortlessly


    Mmmmmmmm, full tang, sounds delicious…… disclaimer: please refrain from running your tongue along the blade

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    I have had my set for 6 years and they are going great.

    Have sharpened them a few times but they cut well and get daily use.

    Have not had any rust issues like the others have noted.

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    The set I have are good quality. Had them for a while and still cutting my hands in the sink 😂