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ILVE ILBV905 90cm Natural Gas Glass Cooktop $1251 (RRP $2,299) - $1,125.90 after 10% Cashback from ILVE @ Appliances Online


Found this great deal on this ILVE Cooktop. The brand is regarded as high as ASKO and considered better than the mid-range brands such as Bosch, Westinghouse, Electrolux, etc.

The Advertised price is $1,271 and you get $20 off by using code "EOFY2020". If you buy by 30th June, you will be eligible for the 10% cashback from ILVE.

The cooktop is currently out of stock and is on back order for mid-july delivery. ILVE has confirmed they will honour the cashback offer as long as it is paid for in full bu 30th June and you take delivery as soon as stock is available.

PS - There are other ILVE cooktops in different sizes, colour, etc. that are eligible for the offer. Full list and T&Cs here -


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  • Not sure about the configuration. 4 on the left pretty much means left 2 you will need to hold the pot's handle using left hand as it doesn't give you the option of orienting the handles for right hand pick-up.

    The wok burner to the right is usually situated in the middle to give people this open around handle orientation as most people would use this one alot less than the other 4 burners.

    If you are a big wok burner fan then this would be good since it gets it out of the way if you use large woks.

    With large woks on a centre configuration it often can block all 4 burners. In this case it would just block 2 burners.

  • Created an account just to comment on this.

    We have 4 ilve appliances and quality is not good.

    In 4 years we have had 2 ovens replaced, one microwave replaced, range hood electrics failed and needed a sparky to fix. Our dishwahser buttons are now randomly failing.

    Steer clear.

    Not in any way related to appliances online, bought stuff from them before and they have been great.

    • After having spoken with three different reps at Good Guys, I was under impression that this brand was pretty reliable and regarded as well as Asko. Given TGG does not stock these, they would not upsell however I couldn't find enough reviews on the net to validate. It is good to hear from people who own this brand.

    • Interesting, I was always under the impression that Ilve was a good brand, and was looking into their range of products for my kitchen Reno. Luckily we found some good prices on an AEG cooktop and Westinghouse oven.

    • Agree with this, I have a ILVE gas cooktop and small parts seem to fail frequently, eg flame ignition buttons

    • Me too. ILVE are as reliable as an Alfa Romeo.

  • ILVE make terrible products. Don't buy.

  • I have to agree with comments above. ILVE products are terrible. They were provided as part of my package with Boutique Homes. In 3 years:

    • dishwasher has broken down 2 times. Had warranty people come out 6 times wasted so much time. Couldn't even diagnose the issue. Ended up being a faulty pump. I forced the 6th visit guy to replace as was so fed up with my time being wasted. I had asked for it to be replaced before coming out the first time …
    • microwave light is broken
    • rangehood is broken and making weird noises

    No issues with my oven but I heard awful stories.

    Stay clear. Dealing with them through warranty was a PITA too. They make it so difficult and they try to squirm out of helping you with anything.

    Finding parts is also a nightmare in my case for the dishwasher when the pump broke outside of warranty … I feel like ripping out all my ILVE appliances and putting them out for hard collection. Everytime I go into my kitchen I get random fits of rage.

    • By the time we were requesting our second oven to be replaced, ilve obviously didnt believe us and thought it was user error so tbey sent a rep out with a beef roast to cook. 10 minutes in they realised oven was failty wished us good luck and left. Then we requested a completely different model for third oven.

      All very strange. Maybe i should start a "free roast delivered to door with ilve" ozbargin post. Just complain your POS oven does not work and ilve will send someone to cook a roast for you.

      Same builder as horrorstory, Boutique must know this stuff is rubbish and keep installing it. It shows how little they care about their quality of builds.

  • I'll provide a counterpoint: my ilve ove has been going strong 2 years with heavy use (sometimes running nearly the full weekend). No problems at all. I can't remember why I went for ilve over the other brands.

  • This is a beautiful cooktop, would definitely be the feature of the kitchen.

  • Can I hijack this thread:

    What’s a good brand and/or model of oven to buy? Looking for a 90 cm model with a very decent wok burner and really excellent quality. Happy to pay more if I don’t run into issues all the time.

    • Do you need oven or cooktop? I don't have a recommendation for you but someone will need to know which it is you want

    • ASKO Ovens are one of the best, not sure if they do them in 90cm.. They are a little pricey but worth it as they last years.. If you were looking for something in the middle range, Bosch Series 8 is pretty decent too.

  • If I was in the market to replace my cooktop, I'd make sure it's induction instead of gas! The former being far superior, in both efficiency, control, speed, and operating cost.

    • Likely need to install a 20A amp PowerPoint installed. Dont just plug it into the PowerPoint that was put there for the gas starter and it is 10A.

      There is good and bad on both technologies. Also needing to replace all your cookware to work on induction.

      There is still a reason why pro-cooks and restaurants still use gas and haven't switched to induction yet.

  • ILVE are the Alfa Romeo of stoves. Great looking, form over function, great marketing. If you let your heart rule your head and don’t mind things breaking/catching fire go for it, but never at full price.

    • I've never had a alfa romeo but ilve ain't great. middling at best - agree only buy very cheap