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Samsung Galaxy A51 $0 on a Telstra $65/Month over 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


JB are advertising another instore only deal for a Samsung Galaxy A51 at $0 on the Telstra (Belong) $65/month plan.
The deal is in their banner and links to their in-store deals page, but no further details are provided.

This is only available to customers on other networks (ie. excludes current Telstra, Belong, and Boost customers). However, I suspect this will be fine for those who port their phones off to another network.

I'll confirm in-store tomorrow and report back.

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    do they still have the P30 $0 deal?

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      No more, I did ask in store yesterday.

      • sad face :(

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    Phone has poor reviews and RRP is low.

    Probably there worst deal.

    • GF bought an A51 from Officeworks a couple of days ago as a price match for $390 (JB had it 'on special' for $549. Anyway, she's loving it (coming from an iPhone 6s).

      Camera, battery, screen good. Doesn't play games so Exy processor seems fine.

      So base your numbers in the phone being high $300's (which I guess this deal works out at).

      • Hey can you let me know who officeworks price matched? Thanks

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          • @tunzafun001: Officeworks price matched a single sim phone with a dual sim? You got lucky I'm thinking.

            • @MS Paint: I thought that, but I got the recommendation from someone else on here who also got a price match at Officeworks. Alternatively, get the A51 from Teco buy as it is dual Sim and has 8gb Ram (vs 6gb here) for $6 more.

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                @tunzafun001: Definately lucky - went to 3 different OW stores today. All 3 refused the price match because 'it is the international version' on tecobuy. 👎

  • Usually is it's S20+ advertised with these JB 12 month plans, what's the chances of them including a Note 10+ with one of these plans ?

    • Absolutely zero. If you see an s20+ it's always going to be with a big upfront payment, not $0 like this deal. Also with these deals they have never offered any flexibility in choice of phones, it's whats in the deal or nothing.

      This deal is not the best, I think I scored well with s10e + galaxy buds for $0 on $65/12m plan. But you're insane if you think you're getting s20+ or note10+ for $0.

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    on the Telstra (Belong) $65/month plan.

    What does the belong part mean?

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      Belong Mobile, uses Telstra's wholesale network

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        I'm with belong mobile but since when are jb selling belong deals?

        The advert implies that you are joining telstra ie. the full network

    • It's not Belong, it's Telstras normal network.

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    If i'm already on the $65 plan on Telstra, could I port away and then port back to Telstra to get the deal?

    • Might need to a few days to a month before you can port back in.

    • You need to port out for 30 days before coming back. It used to work previously that you can immediately port back, but after their system update, even if you port out, you number keeps showing in their system till 30 days.

    • Someone else on here signed up to a fresh number, then called up, moved their number across and cancelled their now old out of contract plan. My other half didn't want to risk it, but I can't see it being an issue.

    • I think its $390

  • Do Telstra ever do deals for existing customers?

    • Never

    • I once called Telstra to see if I could get at least the same price & inclusions of the current plans at the time. I was getting 30GB for $45 and there was a plan at the time for 40GB for the same price (not a sale, just a new regular offering).

      The regular support line said they couldn't do a thing for me and I would need to add a new device to get the extra data… no thanks.

      10 minutes with the complaints department and they matched it and apologised. If you're paying more and getting less than the currently available deals, give the complaints line a call.

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