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  • I know guys rave about Step One but there's cheaper out there just as good imho. These for example:

  • +38 votes

    Refuse to buy these because of the fact their tv ads are extremely annoying

    • Same here

      Funny, advertising and celebrity endorsements do more for me not buying/wanting a product that it ever has for me buying one.

    • Same. The designs and colours are hideous too.

    • -19 votes

      I can ignore annoying ads. As long as a company doesn't align themselves with the Antifa I'm happy to buy, annoying ads or not.

      • +10 votes

        Please list these companies you think align with whatever you think 'antifa' is so we can also jump on your bandwagon :/

        • Anti-antifa means thinking for yourself. I'm not going to tell you what to think, I just ask that you think.

          • +7 votes

            @1st-Amendment: So that's a no….got ya.
            Not sure when being anti facist became a bad thing for democratic societies
            Its like those opposed to 'antifa' don't actually have a clue what they are talking about

            • @SBOB: You're not sure because you're confusing the name of the group with what they do. Antifa are actually fascists which is what makes them so pathetic, they don't even know what the name of their group actually means.
              But don't take my word for it, look up the dictionary definition of the word then look at their actions and see if they align. Spoiler alert, you're in for a surprise.

              Also I'm not the OP, so you didn't 'get' anyone…

            • @SBOB: As far as I've gathered, Antifa are a loose alignment of radical leftists. Many seem to believe in and wish to enact a communist revolution. Calling themselves 'anti fascist' is just a clever manipulation tactic. Nobody disagrees with anti-fascism, right? What are you, pro-fascism?

              • @Fappo: Fascism and communism are not the same. Youre confusing isms with dictatorships. They are both often dictatorships, and true enough of the well known examples at least so far.

                But fascism is far right, communism is far left. Dont let confusing use of terms like socialism and national socialism confuse you, they are polar opposites. The national socialists hated the communists. Those communists were our allies in WW2, and they endured huge losses (over 20 million people), and they accounted for the defeat of 2/3 of the German Army. Its just wrong to conflate them given their contribution to the ANZAC (and other allies) cause. You dont have to agree with their economic system to appreciate them, and their significant contribution.

                ANTIFA dont need to fake it, they are anti facist, just not necessarily anti dictatorship. But there is no single voice, theres no organisation ANTIFA, its just the new bash term from the right for anything left, even if centrist left, its no different to what "liberal" used to be. The term liberal as a derogatory term lost it mojo, so they found a new one.

                Funny, the founding fathers, the drafters of the Us constitution, the Bill of Rights, were all liberals. I guess thats what you get when your capacity for thought is reduced to memes.

                • @Tuba: I'm clear on the definitions of Socialism and Communism, and clear on the goals of radical leftists. Also, the death toll on Communists in WW2 pales in comparison to the death toll that Communist regimes have inflicted on their own people whenever their 'vision of Utopia' is put into practice, and I certainly don't think the modern day revolutionaries would do any better (well, maybe they'd do better with the death toll high score).

                  • @Fappo: Yeah, your post says otherwise. A Communist can absolutely be anti fascist by definition. What the economic system leads to is another issue.

                    What communist governments did to their people should never be used to defame the people that we called allies, and who carried a far larger share of the burden of defeating the fascists WE were at war with, and may or may not have been communists themselves.

                    • @Tuba: "A Communist can absolutely be anti fascist by definition."
                      Only if your definition is wrong. Can you name a single Communist regime that wasn't also fascist? You see that's the catch with Communism, it always ends in failure, so the only way to maintain it is through force and suppression of opposition.

                • @Tuba: "But fascism is far right, communism is far left."
                  Uh, no. Communism is a political ideology, Fascism is a method of rule, "forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism".
                  Antifa suppress opposition and criticism, they are the very thing they are pretending to fight but are too stupid to realise it.

                  • @1st-Amendment: No it isnt. Theres your problem. Youre confusing isms with DICTATORSHIPS. Its OK, maybe English is not your first language.

                    Ill give you a hint, the Italian word for fascism is a moniker coined by Mussolini… we got the word from them. Mussolini was opposed to socialism by this time in his life. He is the father of fascism, and his Italy was anything but communist. We fought them too. He was killed by Italian communists, aka partisans, not that all partisans were communists, but none were fascists. That is, some were left, some likely centrist, but none were right wing.

                    Oh, and if ANTIFA protest, they cant be fascists by your definition of fascists. Maybe the words youre looking for is they are both intolerant and demanding. But I dont care about ANTIFA its no more real than a meme. Apparently vegan is left, being gay or trans is left… but Im pretty sure youll find many of both on the right. Its a label used by Alt Right, like liberal, to lazily effect distrust of anything left. The alt right being the enemy of my ancestors, ANZACs

                    LEST WE FORGET.

                    • @Tuba: "maybe English is not your first language. Ill give you a hint, the Italian word for…"

                      We don't have to guess at this, I gave you the Dictionary definition of the word, and by that definition, the English definition, the language that we are all using here, Antifa are fascists.

                      • @1st-Amendment: You didnt give the dictionary version of the word, you cherry picked and ad libbed a version to suit your narrative. Second, I dont need to dictionary it, Mussolini INVENTED it. It is what he said it was. The word had NEVER been used in history, he took it from the Latin for a bunch of sticks. That Latin root with its ancient Roman origins to authority, sticks tied to an axe, symbol or power, the sticks could be used for dishing out corporal punishment. Symbols in that there is strength in the bunch, that is not found as individuals. You see the links right? Its jingoism, catchy, old world memes.

                        Dictionaries describe it thusly…

                        Fascism is a form of FAR RIGHT authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by DICTATORIAL power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe

                        Opposed to liberalism, Marxism, and anarchism, fascism is placed on the far right within the traditional left–right spectrum.

                        The only thing they have in common, is the DICTATORIAL part, which encompassed suppression of opposition. But if suppression of opposition was sufficient, then the UK, NZ, Aus and Canada are all fascist states, which is what some of the people you oppose are crying out loudly. Using your logic, this suggests youre ANTIFA.

                        Far right sunshine, which means a person can be a communist protestor with demands and a tendency to be violent in their pursuit, and opposed to fascism. This is a given, since communism is far left. That does not make them nice, or worth following, any more so than the alt right.

                        Its not that complex unless you can only think in memes.

                        • @Tuba: I think you might need a better dictionary. I note you never cited this incorrect definition.
                          Left/Right and Authoritarian/Libertarian are different dimensions on a political compass (but don't just take my word for it: ie Soviet Russia was a Fascist/Authoritarian state but they are Communist. China is a Fascist/Authoritarian state and they are also communist. North Korea are… oh wait…

                          Being Communist doesn't make automatically you fascist, ie Hippie communes are an example of Libertarian communism. But since no normal person ever volunteers for Communism, the only way it can be enforced on an entire nation is through force and suppression ie Fascism.

                          Groups associating as Antifa (ie that carry the flag and banners) have spent most of their time engaging in shutting down opposing views (cancel culture etc), therefore fascist in nature. Left wing and fascist.

                          I agree it's not that complex, but you really seem to be struggling with.

                          • @1st-Amendment: Lol, I didnt cite?, neither did you until now. More of that deflection tactic.

                            Left wing, and dictatorial. Again, if you think oppression of dissent is all it takes to be fascist, the west has always been fascist. Clearly that isnt so, so its more than oppression of dissent.

                            However, DICTATORSHIP covers oppression of dissent regardless of where a view sits in the political spectrum, left and right.

                            Conflating anything left let alone extreme, with the extreme right is a tactic of the alt right to distance themselves from their ideologies NAZI roots and ties, while also sullying anything remotely left. Its lazy, and works on those with little capacity for independent rational thought. Instead, spouting the revised history that bears no resemblance to the actual past.

                    • @Tuba: Mussolini was a Marxist. The fact he was instrumental in the fascist ideology doesn't help your view that fascism is only "far right". In fact, I would argue that fascism is distinctly left for the most part. Marxist ideology is not a benign economic blueprint for society. It has deep roots in expanding its ideology by force and ridding society of 'undesirables' (capitalists, Jews), the burning of books (cancel culture) and teaches that a 'D-Day' event will occur when the capitalists are overthrown by the working class in a bloody exchange.

                      Mussolini was an avid reader of Marx and was initially an orthodox socialist. He, himself, later identified as a nationalist socialist.

                      Ultimately, he felt that a military led interventionist strategy on a national level (led by government from any class), rather than a workers revolution (led by the working class), was a better way to achieve his socialist ideal rather than pure Marxist theory where the worker rises up against the upper class.

                      These principles formed the basis of Mussolini's political movement, the Fasci Rivoluzionari d'Azione Internazionalista in 1914, who called themselves Fascisti (Fascists).

                      For those that don't know, Karl Marx co-authored the "Communist Manifesto", where he radically criticised the upper class and called for an international cooperation of the working class > essentially a communist world order. The means to this end was war, hence the strong nationalist theme to these dictatorships of the time. The big difference between communist/marxist inspired dictatorships like Italy and Germany is they were expansionist due to wanting to spread the ideology globally. The 'spread' or 'revolution' is a tenant of Marxism that can't be escaped or denied and takes on a different flavour to say, Augusto Pinochet in Chile who was a pro-capitalist, free market dictator with no view to use the military to expand his ideology.

                      Nazism, Socialism and Communism tend to be placed on opposite ends of the spectrum, however they are similar if not the same. The addition of Nationalism seems to confuse the issue, but it shouldn't.

                      Adolf Hitler said in 1941 ‘Basically, National-Socialism and Marxism are the same’.*

                      *Adolf Hitler, Public Speech, Munich, November 1941. See: The Bulletin of International News, Royal Institute of International Affairs, XVIII, No. 5t, p 269.

                      Some things for you to consider.

                      • @avocado: Hitler could not lie straight in bed. The Nazis were never considered extreme left, they were in their day, and until very recently with the alt rights abuse of the term liberal, considered extreme right wing. Viewing them as anything but extreme right, is revisionist. Its a parallel universe to reality of the time. Mostly because the alt right links and roots in an enemy of western democracies.

                        Mussolini, once he returned to Italy, post WW1, was no longer Marxist in any shape or form. National socialists are not socialists, its just convenient use of a word, like the Australian Liberal party, that was made up of conservatives. In the modern contexxt, the liberal party of Aus is hardly of the mindset of what is considered to be a scurge in the US. Politics abuses terms all the time. From the start, I said, he was no LONGER even socialist. His lack of working class based ideas, makes him no longer socialist, the root of socialism is the working class, its not optional. Socialism is a flat system of hierarchy, equality, egalitarian, while fascists had a distinctly top down system, and distinctly anti egalitarian. They were closer to royalists or at least what they classed as new nobles with distinct classes, royalists with no birth right, usurped if you prefer. Goring was a rich, affluent member of German upper class society before Hitler came along.

                        Both were dictators, and fascists. And both hated communists. Socialists and communists were the national socialists earliest victims.

                        Point was simple, ANTIFA can be both militant communists and anti fascist. They might be dictatorial, sure. But thats not enough to make them fascist.

                        Again, force and oppression is what DICTATORS do, both fascists and communists among others use the strategy. That does not make them both left. They are opposites in the spectrum.

                        This is abuse of terms, like liberal, liberal was a bad thing, yet every founding father of the US, the writer of their constitution, bill of rights, was a liberal. The US was founded on liberal ideals, yet its a bad word now. Australian Liberal Party hardly fit wikh the alt rights version of that word. The alt right are Nazis in disguise, trying to defame and destroy the very things that gave the west strength, they are trying to win the war from behind. Using our own values against us, turning us against what made us us. Youre a victim of revisionist history.

                        The left is bad mmmkay, vegans are left, gay is left, trans is left, climate change is left… yeah right. Plenty of both on the right, and plenty on the left opposed to all of it. But the narrative today is all these things are lefty.

                        Anyone who speaks as such, is a either a puppet, or a perpetrator, of an enemy we paid dearly to defeat.

                        • @Tuba: You need to clean up your arguments. Lot's of contradictions that I don't have the time to point out. There in black and white for all to see.

                          • @avocado: No contradictions.

                            Your assertion is Hitler, and Mussolini were left, yet both had ties to monarchy, both courted their respective monarchs. The Kaiser in exile, revered Hitler. Both murdered socialists early on.

                            History does not support your revisionist nonsense. BLACK AND WHITE.

                            • @Tuba: Hitlers words were that national socialism and Marxism were the same. They aren't my words. If the man himself is quoted as saying it, how am I revising history?

                              Anyway…are you buying these ugly undies or not?

                        • @Tuba: "force and oppression is what DICTATORS do, both fascists and communists among others use the strategy."
                          Exactly my point. The so called 'antifascists' use fascist techniques of "forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism". Hence why they are a joke. Just like how BLM are fighting racism by creating greater segregation for blacks. It is laughable how pathetic these people are.

                          So we agree there.

                          "That does not make them both left."

                          Also agree. It also doesn't make them Right. You can be Left Libertarian or Left Authoritarian (fascist), and you can be Right Libertarian or Right Authoritarian (fascist). As I already mentioned above, Antifa are Left Authoritarian therefore fascist (and therefore massive hypocrites)

                          "They are opposites in the spectrum. "
                          Which is where you are going wrong. I think you're hung up on the Mussolini Fascisti, which for all intents and purposes is meaningless outside history books. The word 'Fascist' like 'Nazi' has evolved since WW2 to really mean Authoritarian. I'm pretty sure Antifa's goals are not to crack down on support for Mussolini's political party…

                          "The alt right are Nazis in disguise, trying to defame and destroy the very things that gave the west strength"

                          And herein lies the problem. As soon as you label your opposition Nazis, you effectively condone violence against them, you become the fascist you so despise. Because hey who wouldn't punch a Nazi right?

                          The reality is that there are lots of opinions on what makes our civilisation great. The solution to this is to discuss and debate with logic and reason, and try and land on solutions, not lose yourself to emotion then resort to violence against anyone who disagrees with you. That is what Antifa are right now. They are the fascists.

                          • @1st-Amendment: You keep failing to grasp the distinction. Fascist is right wing dictator, communist is left wing dictator, with us in the west the moderate middle, democratic. Ive been around too long to fall for revisionist nonsense.

                            Evolved, no. Misappropriated by the alt right to serve a right wing agenda, free of the stigma of their NAZI roots. Godwins law does not mean you cant call a Nazi a Nazi. When the NAZIS are no longer the extreme right wing, and instead are bundled into the extreme left, its not evolved, its misappropriated.

                            You can be left authoritarian sure, thats communist. Authoritarian is another good word alongside dictatorial to describe what you confuse with fascist. Ive described it once, socialists are working class, no class structure, its a flat system. Fascists have a strict class system, its top down, and distinctly based in the middle to upper classes. They are closer to royalists than communist. Both Hitler and Mussolini coveted their monarchs, in Hitlers case, the exiled Kaiser, thought Hitler was good for Germany. Endorsement, from a monarchy until it was clear, Hitler wanted to usurp and had by then, the role. He blamed the Kaiser for surrendering early in WW1 certainly, but he and the Kaiser both blamed the Jews for that. He never wanted to restore it, it wanted to usurp it. Communists killed their monarch and his family, alongside their upper class, without hesitation or mercy.

                            Violence? I did no such thing.

                            BLM, first up, they are likening the US to Mussolinis and the NAZIs example, to shame their western governments that have held themselves above those histories. So yes, they are kind of protesting Mussolini in his manifestation in the modern alt right US.

                            Most of the knockers of BLM keep citing matters of black on black crime etc, when the protest is about protection from the STATE, ie: police, ergo the claims the state is fascist. Its not, its racist if anything at all. Its not about laws, its about the Rule of Law which is a different thing. Its about the systems limits on government power over life and liberty. I dont know what you are referring too by BLM, but if its the name, you dont grasp BLM is inclusive by context. All Lives Matter says lets keep the status quo, which they are protesting. BLM doenst mean "just black" which is the alt rights focus on their insulting All Lives Matter rebuttal, and their jingoist followers. When it actually translates as BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO. Our and their (US) systems laws were written by white people therefore white people are already accounted for with its mere existence, if their society was not racist it would be correct to assume the law automatically provided protection for all lives from the state including blacks, but that is not how it appears to be working in the US at least. Which means stating black lives matter too, makes sense. Unfortunately people who oppose their equality pounce on the lack of TOO, and expose their true self in doing so. Thus, the reactions from those who get it, and got past the lack of TOO, from the outset. That is, whites who arent fragile, or feeling like victims.

                            If you mean the oddballs trying to create a city of no laws, chad or chaz or whatever it is, then yep, nuts. If youre worried about Basil Fawlty, talk to the BBC, BLM didnt request it.

                            • @Tuba: You seem to be falling into the trap of making many assumptions then arguing against those false assumptions. The classic strawman.

                              "BLM, first up, they are likening the US to Mussolinis and the NAZIs example"
                              Of course they are because that is the standard playbook. Anyone is we disagrees with us is a Nazi, just as you are doing here. Can you not see the pattern yet?

                              Answer me this, why do BLM persist with "hands up, don't shoot" lie about Michael Brown when it's been proven from multiple witnesses that this version of events never happened? After robbing a store he attempted to assault a cop and steal his gun, and got shot in the process, and this somehow turned into racist police brutality? Surely you're not that stupid?

      • I myself prefer to shop with supporters of fascism.

      • Someone drank the koolaid

      • Step one alligns woth antifa?

      • Wow…18 negs after being +7…no guesses who that was

      • Wow..18 negs after being +7…no guess as to who that was. And they call themselves anti-fascist hahaha

    • Tv ads? What’s that??

  • Anyone a first hand user? Couldn't bring myself to try them just yet, even though they use a different dude for their ads, they're all creepos.

    • +11 votes

      Extremely comfortable and long lasting.

      I bought 15 two years ago, and opened 7 of them. One pair has a hole, and the waist elastic has gone weird on one pair.

      I was about to buy another lot on this deal, but just realised I have 8 brand new pairs unopened.

      I reckon they represent great value at the 15 pair price. Go halfsies with someone to get best value for money with minimum outlay is my recommendation.

    • Got my first pair about a month or so back…too small so they sent me a larger pair for free. Ordered a second pair last week. Very comfy and they seem pretty solid and might be replace airisms as my go-to jocks. Haven't worn them in the hot weather though. If you do order then order a size larger than usual and only only open one pack JIC you need to send the others back for replacement.

    • I've had a few pairs for a couple months. Not bad. Nothing to rave about though. Comfier than the old bonds jocks at least.

    • Yep, rate them highly. For something you wear every day, the $100 odd outlay is worth every cent. Haven't picked a wedgie since.

    • They are awesome. But order one size up. They tend to split otherwise. But worth the money for sure

    • Threw out all my underwear and replaced with step one. Can't recommend highly enough. All the things they claim are true, for me at least. Don't ride up, breathable, etc. Sizing was fine with me. I'd suggest if you have particularly large quads (athletic) relative to waist then Purhaps go a size up. But first pair has a free exchange if needed so maybe just order one to begin

    • I bought some last year. They're okay but don't live up to the hype. They're just underpants! Mine ripped in the wash after a few washes too. I don't actually wear them anymore.

    • I wear nothing else.. i got 1 to try them out (knowing they can be replaced or refunded) the size was a bit small so got them replaced and since then have ordered 2 x 15 packs and love them .. have tried other big and small named brands and they feel uncomfortable now compared to these.
      With a sale on it is the best time to try them, shipping it fast and you can hopefully try the 1st pair before it ends and jump on more at a discount before the sale ends.

  • Anyone else In North Brisbane, interested going thirds in a 15 pack, $60 each?

    • I'm in, just for some of the new colours.

      • Cool, DM me your details.
        Just need one more person.

        • Going thirds in underwear.

          Covid has been tough for everyone…

          • @UncleRico: Reminds me of that Simpsons episode.

            “Martin Prince: How about this, guys? Bart can have it Mondays and Thursdays, Milhouse will get it Tuesdays and Fridays, and yours truly will take it Wednesdays and Saturdays.

            Bart: Perfect!

            Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about Sundays?

            Bart: (suspiciously) Yeah, what about Sundays?

            Martin Prince: Well, Sunday possession will be determined by a random number generator. I will take the digits 1 through 3, Milhouse will have 4 through 6, and Bart will have 7 through 9.

            Bart: Perfect!

            Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about 0?

            Bart: (suspiciously) Yeah, what about 0?

            Milhouse: Yeah!

            Martin Prince: Well, in the unlikely event of a 0, possession will be determined by rock scissors paper competition, best 3 out of 5, how's that?

        • PM me with where you are. I'm southside but pass through twice every second weekend.

    • You can't break a week into thirds. Unless you want to swap every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and leave Sunday as the wash day?

  • Anyone in Melbourne West want to go halfs on a 15 pack?

  • Buy 4 pairs, 20% off - $20 pair
    Buy 7 pairs, 25% off - $16.50 pair
    Buy 15 pairs, 30% off - $11.90 pair

    Maths does not compute…

    • That’s the first thing I spotted too. I’m assuming it’s a discount on the original bundle buy price which was already cheaper I’d you buy more, or it’s just bad math.

    • This is the table on their site:

      Qty RRP EOFY
      Buy 1 $29.00 ea $29.00 ea
      Buy 4 $25.00 ea $20.00 ea
      Buy 7 $22.00 ea $16.50 ea
      Buy 15 $17.00 ea $11.90 ea

      EDIT: table spacing goes all wonky when posted.

  • Very good from a fat dude. Thrown out all my other jocks.

  • Expensive but have never found anything else that comes close in comfort.

  • I’ve had some for about a month and LOVE them. I can’t stop raving about how comforted are, especially when waking exercising. Have been wearing various bonds styles over the years and they don’t compare.

  • Yeh another customer. Absolutely love these.

  • the $20 for 7 kmart undies also have 3d sewn pouch and except for waist band are cotton, even the bonds ….. these do look nicer for change room use though.

  • How does their sizing compare to bonds for those that have made the switch?

  • I got some perfectunderwear on their deal for 5 pairs for $70~ but this looks better going in thirds. Haven't worn them yet and was a month delivery but feel nice. Wondering how they compare and if step one are infact better…?

  • Also had these for nearly two years and no regrets. Still have the original 14 that I purchased, still going strong. I threw out all the pairs of bonds I had within a week of getting these, they don't even come close. Do yourselves a favour and take advantage of this offer. I believe you can get your first pair with a money back guarantee if you end up not liking them also.
    They usually have this deal at black Friday time too.

    • +13 votes

      Has anyone been able to conceive using these?

      These are undies, not condoms.

    • Take them off first.

    • Briefs and boxer briefs are pretty much the same in that regard. If you're worried then you'll want to wear loose fitting pants and loose fitting cotton boxers.

      Do you actually have a problem with low count? If not then your choice of underwear isn't going to be a factor.

      Fwiw, I wear the full elastine knicks every day (mostly Kmart alpha brand but some underarmor and other brands) and have two naturally conceived children - despite a fertility specialist originally saying that we wouldn't conceive naturally (due to other issues).

      • No I don't have any concerns or low count issues.
        My wife was just being a bit over the top so wanted to see.

        I agree, alpha and bonds are my usual but will give these guys a go

  • Standard price $30 each for something made in China. Your just paying for the marketing.

  • Nice - had been waiting for these to go on special. Grabbed a week's worth! Yep, that's right, 2 pairs. :D

  • Ivan's review on their website "As I’m approaching 50 I have noticed my balls hang lower, step one men’s underwear really support my balls." 🤨

  • When you purchase these, you are effectively paying for their extremely over the top level of advertising

  • These are great for fatties like me. Can't comment on pin legs.

    I bought 28 pairs previously. Still tempted to grab 14 to cycle in a few years time when current ones blow out.

  • Anyone in Perth wanna go thirds?

  • Been wearing these for years. Good value, say bye to rubbing thighs too if it's ever been an issue. Only negative is in summer, especially if you work in a hot environment prepare for a sweaty ass

  • Anyone in Melbourne CBD / Eastern suburb wanna go half on the 15 pack? Please let me know

  • Not sure if it's completely clear, you can buy MORE than 15 at the lowest price, I tested it and added 20 into the cart and it still showed $11.90.

    I bought 15 pairs though, that's enough for me :D

  • anyone in eastern suburbs of melbourne wanna go halves with me on the 15?