Where to Buy a Small Radiant Heater? Like 500 Watts

I have an old 2 bar radiator where I can switch either bar on or off. One bar has failed and it's a bit shabby so I have been unsuccessfully looking for something similar.

For winter I use a small study and using one 250W bar is plenty to keep it warm enough. I don't want a fan heater.

Any ideas where I can get one?


  • https://www.kmart.com.au/product/radiant-heater/2920808 is the cheapest from the usual suspects (Kmart, Bigw, Kogan, Bunnings, etc), has two selectable heat settings.

    Manual here: https://www.kmart.com.au/wcsstore/Kmart/pdfs/42834717_Manual...

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    250w sounds woefully low. I don’t think that would heat much. Are you sure it wasn’t 2,400w?

    And what’s your budget. We have some workshop heaters here that I would recommend, but may be way outside the budget…

    • You can get small bar heaters, not all that common.

      I've got a 600/1200W and a 300/600W heater (somewhere), something like this: https://au.banggood.com/220V-600W-Portable-Mini-Electric-Hea...

      300W is enough to keep your feet warm.

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      Pretty sure my old R9 Fury GPU lets out about 250w of heat without the need for a heater.

  • Every store that usually sells appliances will be selling heaters right now. Small oil column heaters are good as they're silent and hold the heat so use less power once they're up to temp. The downside however is I've never seen one as small as 500W. The smallest one I can recall seeing is 1500W. Shouldn't matter that much though as it's not always using that much.

  • Look for a low wattage radiant panel heater.

    This one at Catch is 400w - Devanti Metal Panel Heater

    Aldi usually have one on offer each year, but I think that deal was back in May.

    Alternatively you could get a higher wattage panel heater with an adjustable thermostat control.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Price is not the issue although I would find it hard to shell out a lot for something with such low power.

    The room is very small, so once warmed up, 250W does fine. The Kmart one is similar to what I want but way too powerful. I already have a 3 x 800W bars one that looks much the same. The Devanti would be OK but I was hoping for a radiant heater.

    I like radiant heaters because of the instant heat, but if I can't find one, maybe I will try my small oil filled one. Set the thermostat on low and put it on a timer to start an hour before I go in there.

  • Have you thought about infrared panel heaters?