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Google Nest Protect $107 @ David Jones


Picked on up from Officeworks yesterday, just showed them the ad from David jones.

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David Jones
David Jones


  • I was thinking of getting one … anyone here have any feedback about this smoke alarm?

    • We had some very over sensitive smoke alarms and they drove us insane. I replaced one with these and with a few weeks had my eye out for a 2nd.
      Just the fact that it warns you before loosing its mind over some burnt toast is awesome.

    • I bought one for the kitchen about six months ago, best investment ever, can snooze the alarm if your cooking is smokey, it gives you a verbal warning before going crazy, and the app will tell you when the smoke is clearing.

    • I have 2 and they've been great, warns when there is smoke and you can silence the alarm (i use my phone, not sure if it can be done via voice) and also sends a phone alert when the smoke is dissipating.

      Another feature I like is that it has a proximity sensor and emits a faint light which is just bright enough so you can walk around at night without head butting a wall but not enough to hurt your eyes.

      I have a Nest Thermostat E and it is linked to my Nest protect so if there is a fire it will turn off my ducted heating so it won't spread the smoke throughout the house.

    • I have three, and all work well. They also have a motion sensor which we use to illuminate a set of stairs at might. Great price!

  • Cracker of a deal!
    I have two and I’m very chuffed with them.

  • Honest question: why do you need to spend so much to get this when you can get cheaper ones from Bunnings

    • I have several of these. Some of the features i like are that it is also a CO alarm, it gives voice warnings before full alarm level for CO and fire, it doesn't give false alarms from humidity (via a setting) which happened all the time with our previous alarms, it self tests including self testing its own alarm and voice warnings via a mic if you let it, it notifies your phone (with pictures of the appropriate room if you have nest cams) in case you're out.

      But more importantly for me if one activates or sends a warning in the house, then all alarms in the house activate or send the warning. Useful if you have kids and sleep with the doors closed or have a big house, where a single fire alarm at the other end of the house or other storey wouldn't wake you at night or be heard by everyone in the house. A fire alarm/warning in the granny flat can also alert ppl in the house and vice versa.

      Oh it also acts as a night light, if all the lights are out and it detects motion.

      • They are good as a smoke detector, but they were so much better before Google in true form killed off "Works with Nest" and ruined all the smart home functionality.

        With this functionality removed, imho the normal price should be sub $100.

        • Yup, Zwave equivalents are about $60 from amazon. I would have gone with those if I hadn't invested in Nest. Fortunately come across some very cheap units but losing Hassio integration was very disappointing.

      • As long as you have power and your wifi router is still working…

        • They don't use wifi to communicate with each other, and the hardwired version has battery backup.

  • Username checks out.

  • +4 votes

    Great price.

    A set and forget alarm that tests itself and gives you confidence it won't just die without alerting you.

    With monoxide detection, night light and ability to silence the alarm when cooking, it's a no brainer in my eyes.

  • Out if stock?

  • Out of stock so Officeworks won't price beat

  • Can we change battery after 10 years or is it should be disposed after 10 years.

  • David Jones website doesn't say out of stock, I just told Officeworks Available at Physical shop without any problems.

  • Mains powered version also available $97.00
    Seems might be limited to a few stores in Sydney. Hay St Mall being one of them?

  • Tried all the store here in WA Seems to me out of stock

  • Yeah was only available in one particular store (Hay Street…Perth?), and now even that's sold out it seems.

    Good luck getting price match from anywhere now with it being out of stock.

    Damn..was a great deal. :(

  • I got some off the Kmart deal @ $60

    I love the night light feature.

  • thought it was a wifi mesh device…

  • Can someone please post a receipt

    (Pref for the wired)

  • OP, can you share your receipt please? Officeworks doesnt want to match online.

  • Got this. Don't put this in your kitchen… When I open my dishwasher and the steam escapes, triggers the Google Nest. It can't distinguish between steam and smoke…

  • Can’t see an option on the DJ site to add these to the cart - anyone else facing this issue?

  • I managed to pricematch with Officeworks Cannington. They have 2 left for both battery and mains powered.

    I didn't want to push my luck for $97 so went for $107 as that's what's showing on the website for both.


    whats the difference between $100 smoke alarm and $10 smoke alarm? they do the same work, don't they?

  • lasts for up to a decade

    so this has been in development for more than 10 years?

  • I went to David Jones Ringwood who apparently don't do tech, but the lovely lady found that there was one at Chadstone and gave me a receipt to prove it. The cost had actually come down to $97 I assume as it was the last one.
    I didn't want to go out to Chadstone so tried the price match at JB Hi-fi but was told their at cost was $173 and couldn't go lower so made my way to Officeworks Ringwood who sold it to me for $101.65

    Hopefully the share link works
    Receipt from Officeworks and docket David Jones gave me showing Chadstone had one


    • Thanks for the receipt AshCloud. Managed to snatch the last one at Minchibury store this morning.

    • Thanks Ashcloud. Seems you're local to me. I used your receipt and got Chirnside Park to price match this morning. Got 2 of them,they had 1 left on the shelf, think it was a battery powered model.

  • Just picked a couple of the mains powered ones from OW Ferntree Gully (Vic). They have 2 more in stock and a couple of the battery powered ones for anyone interested.

  • I had JB price match the battery version yesterday, he was aware that DJ are clearing Google products and checked the DJ website and was (I think) considering denying due to no cart availability, but it was still showing the price and not saying sold out, he checked his system and said he could do it..
    At $189 rrp, its too much, but at the $100ish price point its reasonable.

  • Just a reminder - be mindful that these only have a useful life of 10 years which is from the production date, not from the date you install it. I had issues buying stock from The Good Guys late last year as they gave me stock from 2017 and when I complained, swapped it for newer stock.

    I picked up one from Officeworks today and low and behold - it was stock from 2017. You can tell without opening it by the serial number on the box. Look at the last six digits/characters of your serial number on the box - example 18047S on mine. This means that it was manufactured in April 2018 and once you open the box and look at the unit, you will see a sticker on the bottom of the unit confirming this. Worth thinking twice as there's still 2016 and 2017 stocking kicking around the place. My Officeworks only had 2017 and 2018 stock so I had to settle for 2018. Old stock is annoying for the battery models but you can put up with it but it's downright infuriating for the mains powered models as you have to pay for an electrician to install/remove it so it's worth ensuring that the stock is as new as possible.

    The box design of the 2019 stock is also different with the mains connected mnodel having a completely different box design with Google branding printed on it and the battery model having a slightly different box design with a Google sticker slapped on it.

    • Just a small correction - the serial number on the box actually has the year and the week manufactured. So to correct the info above - the battery Nest I just purchased from Officeworks has a serial number on the box ending in 2418047S. The position of the 18 is the year manufactured (so 2018) and the 24 before it, refers to the week of manufacture (in my case the 24th week of the year - June).

    • Well i was kind of lucky then.. mine is October 2019… if i had of known, i would have checked the box's..

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