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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm $279 Shipped (with Coupon) @ Kogan


Hey there, was looking at getting the Amazon deal for $309. Just recieved an email from kogan this morning with a code in it for 20% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm which is $349 and free shipping on their website. Works out to $279.

Australian stock with 2 years local samsung warranty.

One use code, so keep an eye out for it in your email if you're interested!

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  • Target + Kogan= double crap

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    Bought one myself few weeks back after receiving a 20% off code but even though it states it's Oz stock with warranty I received the SM-R800 model which after some careful investigationing (aka googling) appears to be the international version. It did come sealed with an Oz plug/adapter inside but pretty sure Kogan is trying to pull a swifty here. Just thought I mention that.

  • Can anyone please tell me the 20% off Coupon Code?

    • It's a one time use targeted code, you'll have to check your email

    • Log in to your Kogan account, add the Galaxy watch then after a bit remove from cart and log out. You should hopefully receive a code few days later. That worked for me.

  • Be aware new version will be announced very soon.

    • Thanks for the info Circly.

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      Galaxy Watch 3 pics have been leaked.

      "Previous leaks have suggested that the Galaxy Watch 3 could come in 45mm and 41mm sizes, with 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch displays. Other expected features include a blood pressure sensor, a heart-rate sensor, ECG measurement, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. It’s also said to run Tizen OS 5.5."

  • This or Huawei Watch GT2 46mm?

    • Would prefer GT2 in My personal opinion, battery life on the galaxy is really bad,heard lot of good things about gt2 battery life that exceed one week.

    • Definitely this. The Huawei GT2 is just an expensive fitness tracker and nothing more. Yes good battery life and that's because it's doesn't really do much compared to the Galaxy watch. The battery on Galaxy is OK and it does so much more. Galaxy watch all day everyday.

  • There was a email from Zip saying "EOFY Special: $20 Zip Credit Back" "*Offer valid on single purchases of $200 or more using Zip.
    Offer valid between 23/06/20 - 30/06/20"

    So I believe you can get further $20 as credit back using zip as well. :)

  • This might be a basic question but i hadn't any smart watch befkre, Can i play music through it? To my ear buds? Looking for something to stream/store songs to play while running…and of course don't want to be running with my mobile..

    • I believe it holds 4GB of music and can connect to Bluetooth ear phones.

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        Do note that the system software and adding a few other apps like Spotify etc takes up around 3 gigs so you're left with only around a gig for other stuff.

        • Thanks man, you've been real helpful this post 👍

          • @Twirlypiglet: No worries champ 1 gig still holds around 150+ mp3s for me so not too bad I guess. Also it doesn't allow flac files so had to convert to mp3s. The Bdroid team audio converter app worked quite well if that helps anyone. Just make sure to move the converted mp3s to your phone's Music folder otherwise won't show up in the Galaxy wearables app.

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  • I have had one for about 6 months and i was getting 4 days battery life , after the last update i now get 7 days , so only charge once a week.

  • How is it terms of comfortability. I'm on a xioami band 4 atm..

    • Depends on your wrist size. If you have smaller wrist and are not used to wearing larger watches like G Shock, this will take a while to get used to.

    • In terms of thickness it's a bit chunky but it's light so no issues with comfort. Great piece of kit for mine probably the only downer I would say is Bixby which is pretty much useless apart from the super basic stuff.

  • Comfort is fine , i was a bit worried as it's big on my wrist but like every watch i have owned you don't notice it.

  • Alright bad news guys, just recieved it and can confirm that it's a European model.

    Contacted Samsung Australia and they said it's not valid for warranty.

    I actually emailed kogan before they shipped it and asked if it was genuine Australian stock with Aussie warranty and the customer support officer confirmed that it is, so I should be covered for it.

    Needed the watch for a party tomorrow though so a bit pissed off about that.

    Anyone know what action/s I can take? Wouldn't mind just keeping the watch if Kogan can guarantee replacement for 2 years.

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