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ALDI Specials 8&11 July - 7kg Heat Pump Dryer $599, 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $379, Marble Side (2pc)/Console Table$69.99


A good one this week! I've been wondering if/when the heat pump dryer would be back. Appliances Online sell what I think is the same one with different branding for $682 on sale for the rest of today only though they have free shipping. Kogan sell a similar(?) 8kg model for $799.99 plus shipping, though it's a presale shipping in August. I'm not aware of other comparable cheap heat pump dryers.

7kg Heat Pump Dryer $599 (11th July)
  • 16 dying programs
  • Child lock
  • Anti crease function
7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $379 (11th July)
  • 23 Programs
  • Child Lock
Marble Side Tables (2pc set) $69.99 (8th July)
  • Powder coated metal frame and marble top
  • Table set nest inside each other, small is 41x44x43cm, large is 46x46x48cm (LxWxH)
Marble Console Table $69.99 (8th July)
  • Powder coated metal frame and marble top
  • size is 100x30x80cm (LxWxH)

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    16 dying programs

    Doesn't sound very safe to me

    • +92

      "you have selected slow and painful"

      • +12

        Just in time for school holidays

        • +1

          picked this one back in feb when covid restrictions came in, can confirm slow and painful

          • @Jazza2400: How long does it take to dry bath towels and bed linen?

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        I've never understood this complaint about heat pump dryers. If it's using half the energy surely it's worth the extra drying time? I don't do more than one load in a day so I don't see an issue in setting a load and walking away. I don't even know how long mine takes because I'm not exactly waiting for it.

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          Some like to do more than one load per day. But also, I believe it's handy to take shirts out of the dryer shortly after it finishes so that creasing is minimised. So for this reason it does pay to keep track of the dryer and be there when it finishes if you can get away without needing to iron some shirts. Having that in the back of your mind for longer is a bit more mental effort, and can mean you can't do some other things in that time. It could also be the case that you forgot to put your clothes from the washing machine into the dryer and it's night time and you don't want the dryer to be still running while you're trying to sleep. Being quicker is definitely better than being slower. Using less electricity is also better, but different people will weigh up convenience and dollars differently depending on their circumstances.

          But when buying a dryer, the other thing to keep in mind is that the heat pump ones can be a whole lot more expensive, and if appliances only last a short space of time these days compared to older appliances, that can mean that the electricity cost savings potentially don't add up with all things considered for some people.

        • … this complaint about heat pump dryers …

          Yes and in my case also include why a tumble dryer at all? Just to ruin delicate items quicker? Just to force ironing?

          Most common to me is something that looks like a dryer cabinet.
          Where you actually hang items inside.
          With hangers and small/short cloth lines with pegs.
          Then you just close the cabinet door.
          Next (day?) your clothes are dry and almost ironed.

          Worked before. Why not now?

          • @LFO: We renovated our house 21 years ago and moved the washing machine and dryer out. In the new laundry we never did install the dryer and although it sits in the garage it has never been used. At the time I had 4 and 8 year old boys and a husband who wore business shirts most days. We installed a replica Edwardian drying rack that can be pulled up and down on ropes and sits out of the way close to the ceiling. I would dry sheets by hanging them over a standing aluminium rack sometimes placed over heating ducts. In summer I dried things outside on a line. During this time I was not in paid employment and yes, for others more time poor, the convenience of a dryer would be more important. But, just agreeing with you people should not assume that they must have one.

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      Good thing there's a child lock!

      • +33

        to keep them in.

        • +1

          You, sir are a terrible person

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    Fyi, I've got the one that looks the same from Appliance Online $700+ and it's been awesome over a few winters now. Would jump on this Aldi one if I ever needed one.

    If anyone has the Aldi steam station iron ($79.99 one) from previous years, could you please comment on quality?

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      If only they delivered and disposed of old machine ;-)

    • I've got the ALDI one a year ago, awesome dryer

      • How long does it take to dry bath towels and bed linen?

    • +2

      If you're asking after the one with the separate water reservoir with the 'hose' connection, then ours is still running perfectly a year or more later in a hard water area using Puratap filtered water. Apart from the 2 - 3 minute delay waiting for it to heat up, the slow cool-down before packing away and finding cupboard space to store it, I can't think of anything to say against it. I doubt $200-300 models do any better, so we're very happy with it.

      • Sounds great, thanks. I’ve got a really old Philips which is starting to play up.
        Does the Aldi one allow reservoir to be removed and refilled, without long wait times for it to be continually used?

        • +1

          Yes, the reservoir just slides in and out with hardly any drips. We've never done so much ironing all at once that we've had to stop and top it up. It maybe uses half a tank doing a decent pile of ironing, I'm guessing 1.5 hrs/1 movie's worth, running on max steam. It often gets put away with plenty in the tank for a couple more ironing sessions sometime later.

  • Warranty on alternate heat pump dryers is 2 years, so assume the same for ALDI one?

    A bit worried about early breakage on these heat pump dryers… hoping for them to last at least 4-5 years.

    • +2

      They would be expected to last 4-5 years imo. Read up on the consumer law because you can use that expected time on the grounds for a replacement.

    • +3

      Aldi one is 3 years in-home warranty. It's on the top right of the image.

  • good deal. If I could work out how to get it into my apartment (3 stories high with no lift), I'd get the dryer. Good deal for those who can get it to their house easier.

    • Maaaybe if you are desperate you could hire a trolley from bunnings $30~.

      But you'd have to strap it in well and its a bit of a slog doing it by yourself.

    • Do you have sofa? A dryer is so much compact and smaller than a sofa - you could buy a trolley if you need to help it up/down the stairs.

    • +4

      I'd hire a couple of guys from Airtasker or Gumtree, $50 would get the job done.

    • +2

      Surely you have a friend or two who could help you take it upstairs? Dryers generally aren't very heavy anyway.

      • +2

        Heat pump dryers around the 47-57kg

        • There you go, had no idea.

          • +2

            @EFC94: Dryers aren't that heavy,condenser dryers are heavier and heat pump dryers are Fn heavy

    • +1

      Has anyone have the idea about the weight of the washing machine? I'm living on the 2nd floor.

      • +20

        The 2nd floor should be able to take the weight.

        • (lol)
          I concerned about carrying the machine up the stairs

        • LMAO

        • Pro tip: Drain the water out before lifting.

      • +1

        Most washing machines I imagine are around 60kg??

        Just a guess, but I have successfully carried a front loader with my brother going back. It's manageable with two reasonably strong people.

      • 72kg

  • +7

    “16 dying programs” - 2020 is really hitting different.

  • +2

    I’m hearing only 2 per store due to the size of the boxes
    Should be like there fridges order instore for free home delivery

  • Dumb question. Can these be stacked with just any front loaders or do they have to stand on the ground?

    • Ground or strong bench only.
      Generally heat pump driers are way too heavy to stack.

      • You couldn't have a washer/dryer stacked? Maybe if they were the same manufacturer by design.

        • +3

          heat pump dryer is heavier than vent dryer

      • I believe in the manual it talks about a stacking bracket.

        • Usually the brackets are for matching washers and dryers. These may have some multifit bracket though.

    • +1

      Mine is stacked, different brands. Just get a non-slip mat and put in between.

      • Any recommendation for a stacking mat?

        • To be honest I just have a towel, been fine for a year.

      • Is yours a heat pump or just old-style vented one? The weight of each is vastly different.

        • Mine's this one, super heavy. Still fine.

      • Does the dryer go on top while washer stays at the bottom?

    • I built a simple frame out of MDF and painted it white. It leaves a 10-20mm gap wither side and above the washing machine. It does the trick perfectly and looks great.

      • Is this for a heat pump dryer (50kg) or a normal dryer (less weight)?

  • +4

    Thanks OP for always uploading full catalogue for the last few weeks. Much appreciated

  • +2

    I want the dryer, but not sure how to get it home… Does anyone know if I'll be able to fit it in the back of an outlander? I'm guessing not.

    If I have to hire someone to pick it up for me, I lose much of the savings from buying it from appliances online. Not to mention it's going to be annoying to arrange as I don't know if I will be able to grab one in the mad rush. I like the extra year warranty though.

  • What are the dryers dimensions from those who own it? Have a space above the washing machine I'd like to put it for rainy days like today in QLD.

    • +1


      • 595mm(W)850mm(H)620mm(D) !


        52kg !!!

        It will protrude 2cm (20mm) in my laundry bench … :-(

    • Dimensions are in the link, click on it and see it right there.

  • Washing machine just packed it in tonight so, wondering if this will prove a good or bad replacement. Had mixed results on Aldi Appliances before. Have they had these before? Any idea of the brand?

    • +1

      If it's Stirling brand, I'd be wary. We bought one of their 8kg front loaders and the door seals were really warped. Returned it, and got another. Had the same issue, so we got a refund. Didn't want to risk water leakage. I'd say give it a go, but it's such a pita to unpack it and get it back to the store if there's an issue.

      • +1

        Yeah, have just returned Sterling kettle and toaster set after a year of being unhappy with them so I'm wary, very poor materials selection & design for high use components. The Aldi Bhaun 65"tv has been a great buy for the last 4 years so it's not always bad. Might just double the budget and buy better on this one. Thanks for the reply.

    • ALDI gives 60 days return warranty.
      So try and then decide.

      Or buy a branded from HNorman/etc one for "only" ~$300 more.

  • Hey, I can’t find this console table? Can someone tell me where it is in the catalogue please

    • +2

      Page 5 (3rd image in OP link) bottom-right corner.

  • Bought a condenser dryer from also about 2 yrs ago - wish I would trade it in for a heat pump at this price instead!

    • Sell your old one on gumtree and get this one.

  • It looks like it is the same heat pump heater as I bought yesterday from Appliances online for 682. Happy with the price and it has great reviews. Interesting that the brand is different

    • +1

      Chinese generic, same model branded differently and reselled by many, eg: Esatto

    • Yeah a few people have sold it. Kogan used to sell it under a different brand again which is why I checked them, but they seem to have switched to a different generic model now.

  • +4

    Until now, I still don't get why people would classify aldi's appliance as "deal"? Mostly it's not even that cheap for some unknown beans. Are they really built well? Or just like the kmart hype?

  • Thanks for posting OP!

    I wonder why this catalogue isn’t on Aldi website yet?

  • +2

    This looks identical to my Esatto EHPD7 machine. Got it May 2019 from Appliances Online for $580.50 which included a discount (can't remember what it was). Has worked flawlessly. Don't listen to any bad reviews saying the clothes come out damp etc. It takes longer than a normal dryer but it's set and forget - we use the Auto mode exclusively. And small pipe is plumbed to the laundry sink. Just clean the filters on the front regularly.

    4.4.stars out of 5 on product review.

    • Thanks for sharing! It's interesting to know, as I do have Esatto appliance at home and honestly couldn't fault it especially for the price! Got a dishwasher for around $380 5 years ago and it never fails and still does a very decent job.

    • I bought that one yesterday for 680, I thought that was a great deal thank you for the review. They are saying it will be delivered tomorrow if they do they deserve 5 stars for service.

    • Hi pumpkins,

      how long does your dryer take to dry 7 kg clothes on Auto mode?

      I just bought it from Appliances online and it takes a bit over 2 hours to dry. Other dryers I've tried are quicker but are different style. So wondering if this is normal.

      • +1

        Mine takes similarly long. But I don’t mind since it’s set & forget, plus much more energy efficient.

      • +1

        Agree, about 2hrs if it's full. Also depends what spin speed you wash your clothes with. As kacak has said, it's set and forget like a dishwasher so you're not constantly having to check on it, so you tend to not notice the time it takes. Plus it goes into Anti-crease mode once it finishes, so spins the clothes a bit every 5mins or so to prevent creases.

        Only time the drying length is an issue is when you need something dried fast. But in that case you just do a specific small load.

  • +1

    Don't forget to use EOFY2020 for $20 off if you purchase from appliances online. Brings it down to $662.

    • Thanks, just used that code to get the Esatto, which I regret not getting in December for $549.

  • I was planning to get the Bosch WTW87566AU @ $1675 tomorrow. Now I don't know if I'm getting my money worth for that $1000+ extra…

    • Me too but was $1720. Where is it for $1675?

      • Through a work connection. Can get another 5% off to 1591.25 if I bother to get discounted gift cards beforehand.

  • aldi specials item only limited to while stock lasts right ? not avail all year ?

    i want that 2.5L mini air fryer a month ago

    • aldi specials item only limited to while stock lasts right ? not avail all year ?

      Hmm… no comment.

  • +1

    I'm never trying to get an ALDI special item again after going to three different ALDIs to try and get a 20 dollar pasta maker and all of them being sold out

  • A friend bought a fridge or washer from Aldi and after a couple of years it broke and the Aldi repairer said they don't stock the parts after a while. I would ask Aldi in writing how long spare parts are available for, as these are special once only imports. Might be different now but I wouldn't buy a $600 if there are no spare parts after a couple of years, when white goods should last ten + years. Our fridge and freezer are about 25 years old each.

    • +1

      I think the fact that your fridge and freezer were made 25 years ago is probably why they lasted so long. I'd hang on to those as long as possible, because it seems like new appliances last a tiny fraction of that time, by design.

      I see this is a true environmental issue that people don't seem to care about too. Everyone "upgrades" to a new appliance thinking it's the green thing to do since it'd be more efficient, but when you end up throwing them in landfill every 7 years it really doesn't seem more environmentally friendly to me. I reckon the old days of things being built to last forever, and easily repairable is more green for sure.

  • How much cheaper would this be to run over a 3 year old cheap as chips dryer?

    Think it was about $300 on sale and its a 5kg one…

    • +2

      Not just cheaper to run, but quieter and no moisture in the air.

    • +1

      Depends how much you use it, but a heat pump dryer uses about half as much electricity as a regular dryer. The standard usage estimate for this dryer is 160kWh/year (for one full load a week I think?), or about $60/year at regular Melbourne prices. That means it would be about $120/year for a regular dryer, or about $60 saved per year.

    • As mentioned - some savings depending on how much you use it but it's also more gentle on your clothes. I set mine to low temperature. It senses when the clothes are dry (some condenser models may do this too - and the Aldi may even not have this feature so it's worth confirming) so it won't over-dry anything. The main difference between a typical dryer and a condenser is the fact it extracts the moisture from the air. The heat pump does this but also recycles the heat rather than expelling it into the room and wasting it.

      • +1

        My vented dryer has the sensor to detect when to stop as well.

  • Rumours only 2 dryers per store?
    Can anyone confirm?

    • I've been to 3-4 Aldi stores around my area and could never spot those heat pump dryers. :(

  • Given I couldn’t find the stainless steel clips what are the odds on finding these? We should be calling out these deals for lack of stock.