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Duncan The Drinking Bird $10 + Free Shipping @ OzSale


Always wanted to get one of these after seeing it on the Simpsons. Maybe it might come in handy working from home so that it keeps refreshing my computer status from Away to Available.

Mod: Try using this link which includes the required parameters to get free shipping. Unfortunately it's too long for the main URL field.

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  1. Free shipping, I clicked through Ozsale page on Facebook app by going through anyone of the product links - https://www.ozsale.com.au/shop/sale/sheraton/s/f5sD4jRkEUKbzmSJXkAxRw?MORE-JUN20&sc=10&c=6&ca=FBPOST-SHERATONLUXURYQUILTSTOPPERSBLANKETS&MORE-JUN20
    Mod: Try using this link which includes the required parameters to get free shipping. Unfortunately it's too long for the main URL field.

  2. As some users have mentioned this is cheaper on Aliexpress but may take longer shipping.

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  • +6

    Tell me why we don't have a perpetual engine if this thing doesn't stop :p

    • +12

      The entire universe is a perpetual engine

      • +22

        The second law of Thermodynamics argues with you.
        However I have a friend, A Nigerian prince, who has developed a perpetual motion machine if you would like to invest?

        • +6

          I am speaking philosophically, but yes, hook me up.

          • @Gigiolo: Sign me up underneath you, this sounds like the perfect opportunity I've been waiting for!

        • dude, the second law hasn't really been fully ratified for the whole of the universe and perhaps even black holes. ;) I take your point though.

      • +1

        Technically it's not. The Universe is slated for a cold death in many many billions of years time.

    • +2

      Because this thing requires water as a fuel source.

    • +10

      It stops when it runs out of water.

      On this website we obey the laws of thermodynamics.

  • +26

    Going to increase my productivity when working from home, Homer Simpson style :)

    It's drinking the water….

    • +14

      hehe it's going back for more

  • +4

    just give me the drinking bird

  • Hi ne-us, Can you explain how did you get the free shipping. I have tried clicking shop now button from Facebook ozsale but still adding the shipping $10.99. Have you Facebook app or mobile browser or desktop browser.

  • +1

    Shipping is 10.99. Is there any code to get free shipping?

    • Me too, do I down vote?

  • +43


  • +5

    Got one with free shipping via Facebook app. Cheer OP you’ve just tripled my productivity!

    • +1

      On the OzSale FB page, where did you click to go to the store for free post? Tried on my phone and desktop but shows shipping.

      • Just click on any of the product links: https://……

        Then it should appear as Free Shipping

  • +11

    aliexpress $5.83 (green one) free shipping

    • +2

      I got some of these from Ali they are great fun. Ali shipping times are starting to come back to normal, but I think the delays are all coming from within Australia now according to items I have had tracked.

      • 1 week ive been waiting for aliexpress shipping to change from 'accepted by airline'

        • I've tried to order several items which were on offer from a number of sellers. I'm up to my third seller of the same item now as the first two didn't accept in time and Aliexpress auto-refunded me.

  • +7

    Y Y Y

  • +1

    I wouldn't pay $10 for one, if it's the same as the Chinese generics. All the ones I had eventually started looking a bit grotty like the red colour running off the fabric and stuff.

    • +3

      I want a genuine one, like Homer Simpson would have owned.

  • +2

    I remember reading somewhere that the drinking bird won't generate enough force to register a keystroke on most keyboards…if you're planning to buy it to keep your PC active whilst away! 😟

    • +17

      It might hit it a few times, but I bet if you walk away and do something else for a while the bird will just fall on its side, meaning the gas from the plant won't vent.

      • Your a nuclear safety technician too? 😁

        • +4

          I'm still looking for any key.

        • +5

          Your a nuclear safety technician too?

          Nuke-u-lar. It's pronounced Nuke-u-lar.

        • I'm no Supervising Technician, I'm a Technical Supervisor.

      • 15 seconds to core meltdown.

    • Use software called caffeine. It’s supposed to press F13 key on keyboard every so many seconds and keeps the screen active.

      • I wouldn't run the risk of installing any third party software on a work PC that may be monitored.

        Surely there has the something on the market though that mimicks a keystroke or mouse movement though?

      • Be careful using that if F13 is already bound to something important. /s

      • +5

        Just write a script for free! No software install either.
        If using Windows:
        - Right click in Windows Explorer in an appropriate place (Documents for example).
        - Select "New"
        - Then "Text Document"
        - Double click to open the file.

        Paste this code in:

        <job id="vbs">
        <script language="VBScript">
        set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"
        WScript.Sleep 5000
        WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"
        WScript.Sleep 7

        • Save it.
        • Rename it to something with an extension of .wsf (i.e. "keepalive.wsf")*
        • Double click the resulting file.

          • You have to have file extensions viewable or it'll stay as a .txt file and wont work.

        It'll apparently do nothing, but in reality every 5 seconds it'll hit "num lock" on and off. Keeps my screen from locking on my work PC. Doesn't need to be Num Lock - just Google "wsf sendkeys" for a few options.

        In Task Manager it should appear as something like "Microsoft Windows Based Script Host". Kill that process to stop the script. Or reboot.

        This script could in theory be used to severely annoy co-workers (hit backspace a few times every few minutes maybe?!) but naturally I would never do that, nor would I advocate such an evil use of technology.

    • I use one as a stand in on zoom calls for work. Nobody has picked me up on it yet. Might be because all my co workers are birdbrains.

    • For ppl looking to keep theirpc active, Theres an app called move mouse. Available in the Microsoft store. Its free. It moves your mouse cursor which avoids a pc going into standby.

  • +1

    These are 5 buck at Ali express

  • Didn't know this still exist.

  • OP - can you please share the facebook link from which you got free shipping? Otherwise the deal is unobtainable as shipping is not free. Thanks.

    • Thanks mod, I sent a reply with the link but it says Comment Unpublished.

      • Thanks I can see the link even though it was auto-unpublished by the system. However, it still doesn't give me free shipping. Are you a new customer to ozsale by any chance?

        • Yes, but I’ve placed another order through this morning and it still gives me free shipping.

          I just clicked through Ozsale page on Facebook app and any of the product links - https://…

          • @ne-us: Thanks, I've managed to get it to work now. I've edited your link slightly so that the system won't mark it as a referral link.

  • +1

    Maybe it might come in handy working from home so that it keeps refreshing my computer status from Away to Available.

    Next level thinking. So 2020.

    • Try Move Mouse

  • +1

    $5.50 on Aliexpress. Looks the same, different name.


  • +5

    I bought one of these once. Almost caused the nuclear power plant to blow up one day as I was working from home.

    • +1

      For once your arse PREVENTED the release of toxic gas

  • +2

    …and if you buy this drinking bird, you'll receive this free smoking monkey! Better cut down there smokey.
    Look, it's taking another puff!

  • People may also need to factor in a couple of dollars for another glass to use this with btw.
    The "belly" would always hit the side of a straight wall glass on the down swing so I ended up getting something like a martini glass from the $2 shop.

    • Take your bird to the local op shop and test every glass till you find one at the perfect height.

  • +1

    Great for clearing Slack's afk notification.

  • +2

    I've wanted one of these ever since I saw one "used" in the movie Darkman.

  • +1

    This bird is a piece of bad luck. My dad had a drinking bird on his long haul freighter. Returning from one of their drop offs, they got a distress call in the middle of nowhere. Went to answer it, a crew member got sick then all heck broke loose. They've all vanished.

    All because of that damn bird.

    • +2

      I've never noticed it but just read it's a recurring prop.

  • $5.90 with free shipping at AliExpress

  • +3

    Great for these work-from-home times. Now to get a mu-mu for comfort.

    • +3

      Might as well complete the ensemble… :D

      Newsboy cap

      • Mommas watchin' her stories.

    • +1

      I don't want to look like a weirdo.

  • Lol

  • +1

    For those having issues with Free shipping. Just open the FB affiliate link in incognito mode and search for the bird.

    • Legend

  • From memory, Dunk whole head in water (not just beak) for best result, . It's been awhile since using one. I think refrigerated water makes it go a little crazy as well.

  • +1

    +1 for the pan.. THANKS OP.. going to get my scrambled eggs on

    • +1

      Cool. Or you can use it to knock someone in the head PUBG style. :)

  • thanks OP! bought 10000!

  • +1

    This'll go great with my special phone dialing wand.

  • +1

    Stupid Bird! Never should have left you in charge.

  • +1

    This is the greatest invention in the world!

  • +2

    I would recommend people not to put the bird on a granite stone bench top / surface.
    I used to have one at work, someone managed to put it on one of the granite stone bench top and bumped it, The glass broke and the blue liquid inside got out. We've never been able to get rid of the colour off the bench top…

  • Hm, I wanted to put Birdy in charge but his rates were a bit pricey. I found was Mount Franklin available and now he performs his duties well.

    He requires a little set up.
    Open a blank note pad and press enter a few times. Turn off num lock and sit Franklin on 8, watch the cursor go to the top and then he's set!

  • +1

    I love to have a beer with Duncan, 'cause Duncan's me mate.

  • Don't leave it out in the sun: the liquid bleaches to clear.

  • Thanks op didn't need it but still bought it.